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Name Meaning
Saam God has heard
Saamir Entertaining companion
Sabastian The revered one
Sachiel Angel of water
Safford Willow river crossing
Sage Wise
Sagiv Mighty, with strength
Salim Safe, whole, flawless
Saloman Peaceful
Salton Manor town; willow town
Sam To hear
Samiir Entertaining companion
Sammuel God has heard
Sampson Child of the sun samuel - his name is god
Samson As bright as the sun ; in the bible , a man with extraordinary strength
Name Meaning
Samuel In Hebrew, the meaning of the name Samuel is 'Name of God; asked of God; heard by God'.
Samuell God has heard
Sanborn Sandy brook
Sander A short form of alexander
Sanders Son of sander
Santino Sacred
Savio Saint's name
Sawyer Wood worker
Sax A short form of saxon
Saxon Swordsman
Scot A form of scott
Scott From scotland
Scottie A familiar form of scott
Scotty A familiar form of scott
Searle Armor
Sebastiaan The revered one
Sebastian The Latin origin name means 'Revered','Vulnerable'.
Sedgely Sword meadow
Seeley Blessed
Seff A wolf

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