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Are you all set to welcome your baby girl in the next few months, but still confused about the perfect name for her? Here is a collection of some of the best girl baby names to help you choose the right name for your beautiful princess. Find baby girl names that you'll love, your friends & family will love. Most of all, find a name that your daughter will love and thank you all her life.

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Browse this set of girl names and see how easy it is to master the art of baby naming. Database with 1000's of baby girl names - pretty names, modern / traditional names, unique names etc., all for your baby girl.

Girl Names • Baby Girl Name Meanings

Given below is the list of baby girl names and its meanings. List includes Christian girl baby names, Hindu girl names & Muslim girl names. Use the search box to customize your girl name search.

A'dabHope and needGirlMuslim
A'idahVisiting, returning; rewardGirlMuslim
A'liExaulted, noble, highest social standingGirlMuslim
A'malHopes, aspirationsGirlMuslim
AabhaOne who shinesGirlHindu
AadabHope and needGirlMuslim
AaishaLively ; womanlyGirlMuslim
AaliaExalted; highest social standingGirlMuslim
AaliyaHigh; tall; towering; excellentGirlMuslim
AaliyahHigh exalted, to ascendGirlChristian
AalliyahAn ascender ; one having the highest social standingGirlMuslim
AamaalHopes; aspirationsGirlMuslim
AamandaOne who is much lovedGirlChristian
AamaniOne who is peaceful / one with wishes and dreamsGirlChristian
AamberResembling the jewel ; a warm honey colorGirlChristian
AaminahPeace and harmonyGirlMuslim
AamiraA princess ; one who commandsGirlMuslim
AamirahA princess ; one who commandsGirlMuslim
AamiyaNectar ; delight amlan unfading ; ever brightGirlChristian
AanaA woman graced with godGirlChristian
AanisahGood natured oneGirlMuslim
AanyaA woman graced with godGirlChristian
AariaA beautiful melodyGirlChristian
AarianaResembling silver / one who is holyGirlChristian
AariannaResembling silver / one who is holyGirlChristian
AarielA lion of godGirlChristian
AarielleA lion of godGirlChristian
AarushiFirst ray of the sunGirlHindu
AaryahOne who is noble and honoredGirlHindu
AaryanaOne who is noble and honoredGirlHindu
AaryannaOne who is noble and honoredGirlHindu
AasiaResurrection / the rising sun ; in the koranGirlChristian

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