Baani to Buthaynah - 210 girl names starting with 'B', to help you with your baby name search. If you prefer names which start with 'B' for your baby girl, choose from this list of girl names given below.

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Name Meaning Religion
Baani Hindu Goddess saraswati Hindu
Baasima Muslim Smiling Muslim
Babbi Hindu Babi Hindu
Babby Hindu Brightness Hindu
Badi'a Muslim Unprecedented, admirable, unique Muslim
Badia Muslim An elegant lady ; one who is unique Muslim
Badra Muslim Full moon Muslim
Badriya Muslim Resembling full moon Muslim
Badriyyah Muslim Resembling the full moon Muslim
Bageshri Hindu Name of a indian music raaga. Hindu
Name Meaning Religion
Baheera Muslim Dazzling, brilliant Muslim
Bahira Muslim Dazzling, brilliant Muslim
Bahiya Muslim Beautiful, radiant Muslim
Bahiyaa Muslim Beautiful; radiant Muslim
Bahugandha Hindu One with lot of scent, bud of champa flower Hindu
Bahula Hindu A Star hindu
Bailee Christian A form of bailey Christian
Baileigh Christian A form of bailey Christian
Bailey Christian Bailiff Christian
Baili Christian A form of bailey Christian
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Name Meaning Religion
Bailie Christian A form of bailey Christian
Bailley Christian From the courtyard within castle walls ; a public official Christian
Baillie Christian A form of bailey Christian
Baily Christian A form of bailey Christian
Bakula Hindu Nagakeshar flower Hindu
Bala Hindu Young girl, ear- ring Hindu
Baleigh Christian A form of bailey Christian
Balqis Muslim Name of the queen of sheba Muslim
Bambi Christian Little girl Christian
Banan Muslim Delicate, finger tips Muslim
Name Meaning Religion
Bandhura Hindu Pretty Hindu
Bani Hindu Goddess saraswati Hindu
Banmala Hindu A garland of 5 types of flowers Hindu
Bansari Hindu One who is musical Hindu
Bara Christian To choose Christian

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