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Name Meaning Religion
Daana Christian Woman from denmark Christian
Daania Christian Woman from denmark Christian
Dadhija Hindu Daughter of milk Hindu
Dae Christian Day Christian
Dafne Christian Laurel Christian
Dahab Muslim Gold Muslim
Dahlia Christian From the valley ; resembling the flower Christian
Daija Christian Already Christian
Daijah Christian Already Christian
Daina Christian A form of dana Christian
Name Meaning Religion
Daisey Christian A form of daisy Christian
Daisha Muslim Alive Muslim
Daissy Christian Of the day Christian
Daisy Christian Eye of the day Christian
Daja Christian Already Christian
Daksha Hindu A brilliant man dakshah Hindu
Dakshakanya Hindu Able daughter Hindu
Dakshata Hindu Skill Hindu
Dakshayani Hindu Goddess durga Hindu
Dakshina Hindu A donation to god or priest Hindu
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Name Meaning Religion
Dalaja Hindu Produced from petals Hindu
Dalal Muslim Treated or touched in a kind and loving way Muslim
Dalee Christian Valley Christian
Dalena Christian A form of dale Christian
Dalia Christian A branch, to draw water Christian
Damali Muslim A beautiful vision Muslim
Damaris Christian Calf Christian
Damini Hindu Lightning Hindu
Danah Christian A form of dana Christian
Danee Christian God is my judge Christian
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Name Meaning Religion
Danelle Christian God is my judge Christian
Dani Christian My judge Christian
Danica Christian Morning star Christian
Daniela Christian God is my judge Christian
Daniella Christian A form of dana, danielle Christian

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