Eadda to Evvie - 228 girl names starting with 'E', to help you with your baby name search. If you prefer names which start with 'E' for your baby girl, choose from this list of girl names given below.

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Name Meaning Religion
Eadda Christian Wealthy; successful Christian
Eadmund Christian A form of edmunda Christian
Eadwine Christian A form of edwina Christian
Earlene Christian Noblewoman Christian
Earna Christian Eagle Christian
Earnestyna Christian A form of ernestina Christian
Eartha Christian Earthy Christian
Earwyn Christian A form of erwina Christian
Earwyna Christian A form of erwina Christian
Easmatara Muslim Muslim
Name Meaning Religion
Easter Christian Easter time Christian
Eathelin Christian Noble waterfall Christian
Eathelyn Christian Noble waterfall Christian
Ebbony Christian A dark beauty Christian
Ebonii Christian A dark beauty Christian
Ecchumati Hindu A river Hindu
Eddith Christian Rich gift Christian
Edelburga Christian Noble protector Christian
Edeline Christian Noble; kind Christian
Edeva Christian Expensive present Christian
Name Meaning Religion
Edha Hindu Sacred Hindu
Edhitha Hindu Progressed, increased Hindu
Edie Christian A familiar form of edith Christian
Edilburga Christian Noble protector Christian
Edina Christian Prosperous fort Christian
Edith Christian Rich gift Christian
Edlen Christian Noble waterfall Christian
Edlyn Christian Prosperous; noble Christian
Edmanda Christian A form of edmunda Christian
Edmunda Christian Prosperous protector Christian
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Name Meaning Religion
Edna Christian Pleasure, delight Christian
Edrea Christian A short form of edrice, edrianna Christian
Edria Christian Mighty Christian
Edrice Christian Prosperous ruler Christian
Eduarda Christian A form of edwardina Christian

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