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Name Meaning Religion
Laasya Hindu Dance Hindu
Labangalata Hindu A flowering creeper Hindu
Labiba Muslim Having great wisdom ; one who is intelligent Muslim
Laboni Christian Graceful Christian
Lacci Christian Man from normandy ; as delicate as lace Christian
Laci Christian Lacy ; lace-like Christian
Ladonna Christian Lady Christian
Lael Christian Of god Christian
Laila Night
Lailaa Christian Dark beauty Christian
Name Meaning Religion
Lailie Christian Born during light Christian
Laina Christian A form of lane Christian
Lainey Christian Bright light Christian
Lajja Hindu Modesty Hindu
Lajjawati Hindu A sensitive plant ; modest woman Hindu
Lajvanti Hindu 'touch me not' plant Hindu
Lajvati Hindu Shy Hindu
Lajwanti Hindu Modest, humble Hindu
Lajwati Hindu Modest Hindu
Lakeesha Christian Joyful or happy Christian
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Name Meaning Religion
Lakeeshia Christian Joyful or happy Christian
Lakendra Christian Son of henry Christian
Lakeshia Muslim Alive Muslim
Lakessha Christian Joyful or happy Christian
Lakia Muslim Treasure Muslim
Lakken Christian From the still waters Christian
Laksha Hindu White rose Hindu
Lakshmi Hindu Goddess of wealth, wife of lord vishnu Hindu
Lakshmishree Hindu Fortunate Hindu
Lalana Hindu A beautiful woman Hindu
Name Meaning Religion
Lali Hindu Beloved darling girl Hindu
Lalima Hindu Morning red in the sky Hindu
Lalita Hindu Variety, beauty, goddess durga Hindu
Lalitha Hindu Elegant hindu
Lallie Christian Babbler Christian

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