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Name Meaning Religion
Oceana Christian Ocean Christian
Oceanna Christian From the sea Christian
Odalys Christian Wealth Christian
Odathi Hindu Refreshing Hindu
Odeda Christian Strong Christian
Odelia Christian Little wealthy one Christian
Odella Christian Wood hill Christian
Odera Christian Plough ofira - gold Christian
Odetta Christian Wealth Christian
Odette Christian Wealth Christian
Name Meaning Religion
Oditi Hindu Dawn Hindu
Ohawna Christian God's gracious gift Christian
Oindrila Hindu Name for the wife of indra Hindu
Oja Hindu Vitality Hindu
Ojal Hindu Vision Hindu
Ojasvi Hindu Bright hindu
Ojaswini Hindu Lustrous Hindu
Ojeeta Hindu Born in the month of falgun Hindu
Oksana Christian Hospitality Christian
Oksanna Christian Hospitality Christian
Name Meaning Religion
Olena Hindu Light hindu
Olichudar Hindu Brilliant Hindu
Olikodi Hindu Brilliant Hindu
Olimani Hindu Brilliant Hindu
Olivette Christian Elf army Christian
Olivia Christian A form of olga Christian
Olivia Christian In Latin, it means, 'peace','Olive tree'. The name is a feminine form of the name Oliver meaning ‘elf warrior'  was used first in the Shakespeare's play Twelfth Night. Christian
Oliyarasi Hindu Brilliant Hindu
Olla Christian One who is precious/ giver of life ; well- being / a relic of one’s ancestors Christian
Olle Christian The remaining of the ancestors Christian
Name Meaning Religion
Ollive Christian Olive branch ; symbol of peace Christian
Ollivia Christian Elf army Christian
Olympia Christian From mount olympus ; a goddess Christian
Olyvia Christian Elf army Christian
Omaira Muslim Red Muslim

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