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Name Meaning Religion
Padma Hindu Lotus, goddess lakshmi ( padmaja = born from lotus ) Hindu
Padmaja Hindu Born from lotus , lakshmi Hindu
Padmakali Hindu Lotus bud Hindu
Padmakshi Hindu One with lotus-like eyes Hindu
Padmamalini Hindu Goddess lakshmi Hindu
Padmarekha Hindu Lotus- like lines on palm which are considered to be sign of good luck Hindu
Padmaroopa Hindu Like a lotus Hindu
Padmavasa Hindu One who resided in lotus ( goddess lakshmi) Hindu
Padmavati Hindu Goddess lakshmi Hindu
Padmini Hindu Lotus plant, also famous queen of chittaud Hindu
Name Meaning Religion
Paige Christian Young child Christian
Paiton Christian Warrior's town Christian
Pallavi Hindu Bud;Bloom hindu
Pallavini Hindu With new leaves Hindu
Paloma Christian Dove- like Christian
Pamella Christian A woman who is as sweet as honey Christian
Pammela Christian A woman who is as sweet as honey Christian
Panchali Hindu Doll, also draupadi, the wife of pandavas Hindu
Pankaja Hindu Lotus Hindu
Parajika Hindu A raagini Hindu
Name Meaning Religion
Parama Hindu The best Hindu
Parameshwari Hindu Goddess durga Hindu
Paramita Hindu Wisdom;Prowess hindu
Paravi Hindu Bird Hindu
Pari Hindu The name means 'abundantly, fully, successively, fully content' in Sanskrit. Hindu
Paridhi Hindu Realm Hindu
Pariis Christian Woman of the city in france Christian
Parineetha Hindu Expert, Complete, Knowledge, Married woman hindu
Parinita Hindu Expert, married woman Hindu
Parmeshwari Hindu Goddess durga Hindu
Name Meaning Religion
Parnavi Hindu Bird Hindu
Parni Hindu Leafy Hindu
Parnika Hindu A small leaf, parvati Hindu
Parthivi Hindu Sita Hindu
Parul Hindu Name of a flower Hindu

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