Ra'idah to Ryllie - 300 girl names starting with 'R', to help you with your baby name search. If you prefer names which start with 'R' for your baby girl, choose from this list of girl names given below.

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Name Meaning Religion
Ra'idah Muslim Leader Muslim
Raaida Muslim Leader Muslim
Raaina Christian A queenly woman Christian
Raakhi Hindu Symbol of protection ;full moon in the sravan month Hindu
Raawiya Muslim Transmitter (of ancient arabic poetry) Muslim
Raaya Christian A beloved friend Christian
Rabab Muslim White cloud Muslim
Rabeea Muslim Garden Muslim
Rabi'ah Muslim Garden, springtime Muslim
Rabiah Muslim The Arabic origin name means 'firmly set in place' 'stable'. Muslim
Name Meaning Religion
Rachael Christian Innocent lamb Christian
Rachana Hindu Born of the creation Hindu
Rachel Christian In Hebrew, it means Ewe (Female Sheep) Christian
Rachell Christian The innocent lamb ; in the bible , jacob Christian
Rachna Hindu Construction, arrangement Hindu
Racquell Christian The innocent lamb ; in the bible , jacob Christian
Radeyah Muslim Content, satisfied Muslim
Radha Hindu Lord krishna's lover, also means prosperity, nature Hindu
Radhana Hindu Speech Hindu
Radhani Hindu Worship Hindu
Name Meaning Religion
Radhika Hindu Radha, lover of lord krishna;Prosperous hindu
Radhiya Muslim Content, satisfied Muslim
Radhiyaa Muslim Content; satisfied Muslim
Radhwa Muslim A mountain in medina Muslim
Radwa Muslim A mountain in medina Muslim
Raegann Christian Born into royalty ; the little ruler Christian
Raeleah Muslim Rays of sunshine Muslim
Raesha Muslim Resembling a young gazelle Muslim
Raeven Christian A form of raven Christian
Rafa Muslim Happiness; prosperity Muslim
Name Meaning Religion
Rafa Muslim Happiness, prosperity Muslim
Rafia Muslim An exalted woman Muslim
Raghd Muslim Pleasant Muslim
Ragine Christian A form of regina Christian
Ragini Hindu A Melody hindu

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