Wafa to Wynter - 58 girl names starting with 'W', to help you with your baby name search. If you prefer names which start with 'W' for your baby girl, choose from this list of girl names given below.

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Name Meaning Religion
Wafa Muslim Faithfulness Muslim
Wafa Muslim Faithfulness Muslim
Wafaa Muslim One who is faithful ; devoted Muslim
Wafeeqa Muslim Successful Muslim
Wafiqah Muslim Successful Muslim
Wafiya Muslim Loyal, faithful Muslim
Wafiyyah Muslim Loyal, faithful Muslim
Wahibah Muslim Giver, donor Muslim
Wajeeha Muslim Eminent, distinguished Muslim
Wajiha Muslim One who is distinguished ; eminent Muslim
Name Meaning Religion
Wajihah Muslim Eminent, distinguished Muslim
Walidah Muslim Newborn Muslim
Wallis Christian From wales Christian
Wanetta Christian Pale face Christian
Warda Muslim Rose Muslim
Wardah Muslim Rose Muslim
Waseela Muslim The name is of Arabaic origin meaning 'means for being closer to Allah'. Muslim
Wasila Christian Healtly Christian
Wateeb Muslim Heart Muslim
Waverly Christian Quaking aspen-tree meadow Christian
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Name Meaning Religion
Waynette Christian Wagon maker Christian
Wednesday Christian Born on a wednesday Christian
Wenda Christian Signifies fair. Christian
Wendelle Christian Wanderer Christian
Wendi Christian One who is fair ; of the white ring Christian
Wendie Christian Friend Christian
Wenndy Christian One who is fair ; of the white ring Christian
Weslee Christian A form of wesley Christian
Whaley Christian Whale meadow Christian
Whisper Christian Whisper Christian
Name Meaning Religion
Whitnee Christian A form of whitney Christian
Whitney Christian White island Christian
Whitni Christian A form of whitney Christian
Whitnie Christian A form of whitney Christian
Whittley Christian From the white meadow Christian

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