Yaa to Yutika - 71 girl names starting with 'Y', to help you with your baby name search. If you prefer names which start with 'Y' for your baby girl, choose from this list of girl names given below.

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Name Meaning Religion
Yaa Muslim He who supplants Muslim
Yaasmeen Christian Resembling the jasmine flower Christian
Yachne Christian Gracious Christian
Yadira Christian Friend Christian
Yael Christian Strength of god Christian
Yaffa Christian Beautiful Christian
Yafiah Muslim High Muslim
Yahvi Hindu Heaven; earth hindu
Yajna Hindu Worship Hindu
Yakira Christian Precious Christian
Name Meaning Religion
Yakootah Muslim Emerald Muslim
Yakshini Hindu The feminine form of the Yaksha means 'mysterious or supernatural'. Hindu
Yamha Muslim Dove Muslim
Yamika Hindu Night Hindu
Yamilet Muslim Beautiful Muslim
Yamilex Muslim Beautiful Muslim
Yamin Christian Right hand yana - he answers Christian
Yaminah Muslim Right and proper Muslim
Yamini Hindu Night Hindu
Yamuna Hindu The jamuna river Hindu
Name Meaning Religion
Yamya Hindu Night Hindu
Yareli Christian The lord is my light Christian
Yarelli Christian The lord is my light Christian
Yaretzi Christian You will always Christian
Yarkona Christian Green Christian
Yas Muslim Jasmine Muslim
Yashawanthi Hindu With great fame Hindu
Yashawini Hindu Successful lady Hindu
Yashila Hindu Famous Hindu
Yashoda Hindu Successful, lord krishna's mother Hindu
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Name Meaning Religion
Yashodhara Hindu Wife of gautama buddha Hindu
Yashomati Hindu Successful lady Hindu
Yashvi Hindu Fame hindu
Yasirah Muslim Lenient Muslim
Yasmeen Muslim Jasmine Muslim

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