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Hindu Baby Names - Hindu Boy Names with Meanings

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Aaban Name of the angel Boy
Aabheer A cow herd Boy
Aadarsh Ideal Boy
Aadesh Command Boy
Aadhan Be first Boy
Aadhira Moon Boy
Aadi First; most important Boy
Aadidev The first god Boy
Aadinath The first god Boy
Aadir Origin, beginning Boy
Aadit Peak Boy
Aaditeya Son of aditi Boy
Aaditya The sun Boy
Aagam Coming, arrival Boy
Aagney Son of fire Boy
Aagneya Son of the fire Boy
Aahan Good morning Boy
Aahlaad Delight Boy
Aahva Beloved Boy
Aakaar Shape Boy
Aakaash Sky Boy
Aakar Shape Boy
Aakarshan Attraction Boy
Aalap Prelude to a raga Boy
Aalok Light Boy
Aamil One who is invaluable Boy
Aamod Pleasure Boy
Aanand Joy Boy
Aanandswarup Full of joy Boy
Aandaleeb The bulbul bird Boy
Aanjaneya Son of anjani Boy
Aapt Trustworthy Boy
Aaraadhak Worshipper Boy
Aarav Peaceful Boy
Aarhant Protector from enemies Boy

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