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Name Meaning
Babithra (Tamil) Pure young female child
Zinal A loving and beautiful person
Yoshika (Indian) Beautiful Princess,One who is Successful,Very Cute
Yami (Sanskrit) Light in Dark;Twinkling Star
Ilakiya (Tamil) Skilled

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Name Meaning
Aabha   106 One who shines
Aadya   58 The Sanskrit girl name Aadya means 'excellent and the first or primeval'. Another meaning of the name is 'mother earth'.
Aafreen   40 Encouragement
Aakanksha   30 Desire
Aanandhi   3 Always happy
Aaradhya   18 Worshipped,Blessing of Lord Ganesh
Aarushi   30 First ray of the sun
Aaryah   6 One who is noble and honored
Aaryana   9 One who is noble and honored
Aaryanna   10 One who is noble and honored
Name Meaning
Aashirya   5 From The Land Of God
Aashna   6 Beloved ; Cherished
Aastha   10 The name Aastha means 'belief or hope' in Sanskrit.
Abha   0 Shine
Abhati   4 Splendour , light
Abhaya   6 Fearless, goddess durga
Abhidha   2 Literal meaning
Abhidhya   10 Wish , longing
Abhilasa   12 Desire , wish
Abhilasha   2 Ambition, desire
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Name Meaning
Abhinithi   2 That which is already been performed , friendship
Abhiprithi   1 Full of love
Abhirathi   1 Pleasure
Abhiri   1 A raagini of indian music
Abhisri   5 Surrounded by glory , shining , powerful
Abhithi   0 Fearlessness
Abishta   0 Lady of the house
Aboil   3 The name of a flower
Achala   0 Earth, steady, mountain
Adarsha   0 Ambition; Aspiration
Name Meaning
Adhira   5 Quick, lightening
Adhya   2 First Power or The Beginning
Aditha   2 The first root
Aditi   22 Free and unbounded
Aditri   2 Highest honor, goddess lakshmi

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