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Name Meaning Gender Select
Nirbhik Fearless Boy  
Nirdhar One who holds water ( cloud) Boy  
Nirek Superior Boy  
Nirijhar Waterful Boy  
Nirish Free, without any owner Boy  
Nirja The Sanskrit origin name is derived from the word 'niraj', meaning 'born out of water' or 'Lotus' in Sanskrit Girl  
Nirmal Pure, clear Boy  
Nirmala Clean, virtuous Girl  
Nirmalya Pure Boy  
Nirmanyu Free of anger Boy  
Name Meaning Gender Select
Nirmay Pure Boy  
Nirmayi Without blemish Girl  
Nirmit Created Boy  
Nirmitha Created Girl  
Nirmohi Unattached Boy  
Nirupa A decree, command Girl  
Nirupam Without comparison Boy  
Nirupama Unique;Incomparable Beauty Girl  
Nirvan Liberation Boy  
Nirvana Ultimate bliss Girl  
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Name Meaning Gender Select
Nisarg Boy  
Nischal Cool Boy  
Nischith Fixed Boy  
Nish Boy  
Nisha Night Girl  
Nishad Seventh note of the octave Boy  
Nishakant Husband of night ( moon) Boy  
Nishakar Moon -lord of night) Boy  
Nishanath Moon Boy  
Nishant Dawn Boy  
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Name Meaning Gender Select
Nishar Warm cloth Boy  
Nishat A tree Boy  
Nishchal Unmovable, unshakable Boy  
Nishesh Moon Boy  
Nishi The ancient Sanskrit word means 'invigorating or exciting'. Girl  

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