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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Farhad Boy Muslim Wise boy muslim
Farid Boy Muslim Unique, matchless, precious. boy muslim
Farookh Boy Muslim Sprout, shoot, young (bird). boy muslim
Neena Girl Hindu gracious, full of grace;Ornamented;Darling or Dear girl hindu
Saja Boy Muslim A pleasant face, eloquent. boy muslim
Sakha Boy Muslim Generosity, liberality. boy muslim
Sakhan Boy Muslim Obedient. boy muslim
Samah Boy Muslim Saying, promise. boy muslim
Shaaz Boy Muslim Unique, One in many boy muslim
A'dab Girl Muslim Hope and need Girl Muslim
Name Meaning Gender Religion
A'idah Girl Muslim Visiting, returning; reward Girl Muslim
A'li Girl Muslim Exaulted, noble, highest social standing Girl Muslim
A'mal Girl Muslim Hopes, aspirations Girl Muslim
Aaban Boy Hindu Name of the angel Boy Hindu
Aabha Girl Hindu One who shines Girl Hindu
Aabheer Boy Hindu A cow herd Boy Hindu
Aabid Boy Muslim The name is of Arabic origin meaning 'worshipper', 'one who worships Allah'. boy muslim
Aabidah Girl Muslim The meaning of the name Aabidah is Worshipper of Allah. Girl Muslim
Aadab Girl Muslim Hope and need Girl Muslim
Aadam Boy Christian Of the earth Boy Christian
Name Meaning Gender Religion
Aadan Boy Christian Of the earth Boy Christian
Aadarsh Boy Hindu Ideal Boy Hindu
Aadavan Boy Hindu In Sanskrit, it means 'the sun'. It is also the name of Vishnu Boy Hindu
Aaden Unisex Christian One who is fiery ; little fire Unisex Christian
Aadesh Boy Hindu Command Boy Hindu
Aadhan Boy Hindu Be first Boy Hindu
Aadhik Boy Hindu The greater boy hindu
Aadhira Boy Hindu Moon Boy Hindu
Aadi Boy Hindu In Sanskrit,the name means 'the beginning' ,'the first' or most important boy hindu
Aadidev Boy Hindu The first god Boy Hindu
Name Meaning Gender Religion
Aadil Boy Muslim Justice Boy Muslim
Aadinath Boy Hindu The first god Boy Hindu
Aadir Boy Hindu Origin, beginning Boy Hindu
Aadit Boy Hindu In Sanskrit, it means 'peak' 'first', 'lord of the Sun' Boy Hindu
Aaditeya Boy Hindu Son of aditi Boy Hindu

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