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Searching for a Muslim Baby Name for your new born baby girl or baby boy? Browse through our collection of Muslim names. The alphabetic listing of Muslim Boy Names and Muslim Girl Baby Names will help your find the perfect name for your baby.

1000's of Muslim baby names and Muslim name meanings to help you choose the best name for you baby. Muslim names for boys and girls. Search and find the perfect Muslim name for your baby boy or baby girl. Select a meaningful Muslim name for your baby from the list of Muslim boy baby name and Muslim girl baby names given below.

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Muslim Baby Names • Muslim Boy, Girl Baby Name Meanings

Muslim Baby Names and name meanings. Search through the A-Z list of Muslim names to find the best name for your baby. Islamic Boy Baby Names and Girl Baby Names. Meanings of names from Koran and other muslim holy books.

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A'dabHope and needGirl
A'idahVisiting, returning; rewardGirl
A'liExaulted, noble, highest social standingGirl
A'malHopes, aspirationsGirl
AadabHope and needGirl
AaishaLively ; womanlyGirl
AaliaExalted; highest social standingGirl
AaliyaHigh; tall; towering; excellentGirl
AalliyahAn ascender ; one having the highest social standingGirl
AamaalHopes; aspirationsGirl
AaminahPeace and harmonyGirl
AamiraA princess ; one who commandsGirl
AamirahA princess ; one who commandsGirl
AanisahGood natured oneGirl
AarizRespectable man,intelligentBoy
AasmaaExcellent; preciousGirl
AbaanOld arabic nameBoy
AbanOld arabic nameBoy
AbbasDescription of a lionBoy
AbdallaA servant of godBoy
AbdallahA servant of godBoy
AbdalrahmanServant of the merciful oneBoy
AbdelServant (of allah)Boy
AbdellahA servant of godBoy
AbdulServant of the forgiverBoy
Abdul-AlimServant of the omniscientBoy
Abdul-AliyyServant of the most highBoy
Abdul-AzeezServant of the mighty,the powerfulBoy

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