Kids..the gifts of God. The duty of every generation is to build up a better generation to succeed them. This duty starts from the time of pregnancy and go till the time, your young ones reach a safe position. Lets observe some of the normal behaviors expected from kids at different ages and analyze your part in making it better.

There are some special approaches mentioned at each level that can give additional boost ups for the kids character development.

A child's character development can be divided into the following 6 stages. These are the stages when a child's character gets moulded and therefore need the maximum attention.

True, that you may be able to physical;y note the growth and IQ level of your child. But how far are they really healthy? Are they following the right diets? Are they free from from infections and diseases that arise from viral fevers, monsoons and any epidemics that may spurt out suddenly? There are a lot of factors that are connected directly and indirectly to the entire development of child from the time he or she is born. Would you not want to get yourself educated about it? Learn more on parenting here.