Month 1: This period is very important and prime importance is to feed the baby healthy so as the baby acquire immunity to live in this world.This period,the baby may look at mother's face.

Month 2: The baby start smiling at mother's face.Its too low an age to start an approach.Just what you need to do,smile back,keep the baby in smile.

Month 3: This period,the baby begin to firm the neck.The baby lift up the head in balance and starts responding to direction of sound heard. Make sure of the hearing abilities by making sounds and watching his response.

Month 4: Baby begin to turn and face down.Semisolid food can be started at this age.The baby start making meaningless sounds.Try to make the baby continue with it. Go close to the face and make the baby watch your lip movement,when you say some words.

Month 5: Baby starts looking to the direction of sound.A better analysis of audition can be done at this age.

Month 6: Your baby start reaching hands towards articles.This is the age when the baby begin to concentrate on things with both eyes.Watch the eye-ball to check for any abnormalities.Its also the age when the baby start to understand objects.This is the apt time to begin with your specific approaches.Show articles,go close to the baby and make lip movements about it's name,take the article to different directions and watch the response.Minor abnormalities at this stage can be corrected with ease.So don't forget to go for analysis while you are happy about the acts of baby.

Month 7: The teeth starts its growth at this time.The baby has a tendency to take articles into mouth.This can some time cause light fever,stomach ache etc. Keep a watch on this issues.Sometimes,plastic and rubber toys are given to kids for their bite-practise. This may or may not be promoted. The baby also start recognizing people and when called by name,baby respond to call.It is mandatory to make use of this as making the response without flaws help the child to learn further things better.Helping your child to become a genius, start by making the foundation strong.

Month 8: Baby can sit without help.Now,it is wise to call the child to come near you.It provokes child to move of its own.

Month 9: Baby can now stand without help.Probably,this is the age when the baby start moving on knees.The baby can also lift light weight things with fingers.You can make use of walker if needed.Recommended that nothing goes better like the try from parents.

Month 10:The baby can move a few steps around,while holding on a chair.Help the baby to walk,holding your hand.At times,leave your hand and encourage to continue.

Month 11: This is an important stage.Because this is the age ,the baby start speaking words.Most often,the baby start with calling pet names for mother and father. This is not the case always and some babies take more time to start uttering words.Analysis can be done on your baby's vocal abilities.

Month 12: This age show perfection in all activities which the baby began in the preceding stages,except in speaking.