This baby astrology chart given below shows the birth details of a new born baby. The astrology chart shows the Zodiac Sign of the baby, Chinese year of birth, Birth Stone and the Sun Sign or Nakshatra.

Zodiac and Birth Details for Oct 4, 2015

Given below is the Janma Nakshatra and other astrology related information for the date Oct 4, 2015 [ Change ].

Weekday Sunday Zodiac Sign Libra
Nakshatra Ardra
Start Time : October 03 21:42 End Time  : October 04 22:14
Nakshatra Pada 2 First Syllable Gha
Chandra Rasi Mithuna Soorya Rasi Kanya
Chinese yearSheep Birth StoneRuby
Place : Ashburn, Virginia, United States Lat/lon : 39° 2' N, 77 ° 29' W Ayanamsa : Lahiri Date : Oct 4, 2015 Time Zone : EDT (-04:00)

The Nakshatras can be classified into Andhandha, Madhyandha, Mandhandha and Sulochana Nakshatras regarding the theft, losses of valuables etc.
Ardra is classified as Madhyaksha Nakshatra. It is very difficult to get back the lost articles for the nakshatras under Madhyaksha Nakshatra.

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