Bonham Carter to learn tap dancing

Syndicated from IANS | Published on Mon, May 7 2012 1:03 IST | 9 Views | Add comment

Actress Helena Bonham Carter has signed up for tap dance classes.

"The great thing about our job is that it makes us do stuff we're naturally too lazy to do. I'm proud of myself that I'm finally doing tap lessons. That was a New Year's resolution. I thought, 'Just do it! When are you going to make the time?" quoted her as saying.

In her free time, she tries to balance both - her classes and spending time with her children.

"In my free time, I learn to tap dance. Do something with children. Bond. Remind them, 'Hello, I am your mother.' The free time is spent with the children."

"I think if you've got a child, you've got to show them how to love life and what the good things to do are. I love that. And I love what I get back from them, which is imagination and play," she said.

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