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Hands up, please, thank you

New Delhi

Here's an idea for thoughtful people. Aways carry around a large number of prosthetic limbs, so if you're assassinated the guy who does the chalk outline will be able to create a fascinating piece of conceptual art. Of course, it's obviously better if one doesn't get knocked off, but it's important to be considerate, right?

Death is a touchy subject, but still has a lighter side

New Delhi

Once I worked in a country where officials angrily denied rumors that the premier was dead by announcing that: "His health is normal for a man of his age." So I pointed out in my column that the normal state of health for a 93-year-old was "dead".

Ishrat Jahan case: Flashback to a police shootout

New Delhi , Feb 11
File photo of Ishrat Jahan who was named as a suicide bomber for the terror outfit Laskhar-e-Taiba by David Coleman Headley during his video-link deposition at TADA court in Mumbai on Feb. ...
The controversial Ishrat Jahan shootout, which once sent current BJP president Amit Shah to jail for months, is back to cause ripples in India's political landscape after David Coleman Headley, a Pakistani-American Lashkar-e-Toiba (LeT) operative, on Thursday named her a member of the terror group.

Gujarat didn't wait for Headley, reinstated tainted cops

Ahmedabad , Feb 12
Former IPS officer of Gujarat D G Vanzara addresses a press conference after David Headley`s deposition expose Ishrat Jahan; in Mumbai, on Feb 11, 2016.

Pakistan-American terrorist David Coleman Headley may now have said that young Mumbai women Ishrat Jahan was an LeT operative. But the Gujarat government did not wait for his claim before reinstating the police officers accused of killing the 19-year-old and three others in an alleged 2004 shootout.

Attracted to complex, history-changing characters: British author Ben Macintyre

New Delhi , Feb 12
British historian and author Ben Macintyre
An American prince in 1830s Afghanistan, the notorious but unlikely double agents of the Second World War and the Cold War, a corpse that deceived the Nazis, a famous German philosopher's sister trying to set up a colony in 19th century South America - it is some extraordinary, history-changing stories that Ben Macintyre has brought into limelight, from his penchant for "complex characters".

'Indian DJs needn't play only Bollywood mixes for survival'

New Delhi , Feb 12
DJ Nucleya at Rongali, Assam's destination, culture and
harmony festival.
Udyan Sagar aka DJ Nucleya has done it all - reintroduced classic Bollywood songs like "Dum maro dum" and "Disco dancer", fused South Indian street and folk music with his signature bass heavy sound, and even experimented with nursery rhymes.