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90 percent of Hindi voters sealed Indira Gandhi's fate

New Delhi , July 4 "If the majority rule were to apply, the crow should be our national bird, not the peacock". A quote attributed to the Tamil leader C.N. Annadurai during a protest speech in 1962 against the imposition of Hindi as a national language, 13 years before the imposition of emergency by Indira Gandhi. Annadurai went on to become the chief minister of Madras in 1967, galvanising support through the anti-Hindi movement, defeating the Congress party in Tamil Nadu for the first time and forever.

LG G4 review: Near perfect flagship

New Delhi Remember the time WWE superstar Rey Mysterio became world champion? Can you deny the electricity the Mayweather-Pacquiao contest generated? Well, a David-Goliath battle is being fought at camp Android. LG's newest smartphone - the G4 - is the best example. The electronics major released the phone at Rs.51,000 ($805) in an attempt to gain the title of the best Android smartphone brand that is currently held by Samsung. Here is our analysis but spoiler alert - it is breathing down on the neck of the competition:

DNA repair method prevents disease

Moscow , July 4

A team of Russian researchers has discovered a mechanism of DNA repair that will help prevent and treat diseases in the future.

Prabhudeva to soon produce a Tamil film

Chennai , July 4

Filmmaker Prabhudeva is all set to produce a yet-untitled Tamil actioner featuring actors Jayam Ravi and Vijay Sethupathi. The film will be directed by Lakshman of recent hit "Romeo Juliet" fame.

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Dhaka to open more diplomatic missions in northeast India

Agartala , July 3

Bangladesh will expand its diplomatic presence in India's northeast to improve trade, people-to-people contacts and cultural ties with the eight states in the region, of which four share a common border with it.

Lack of football culture harming India's growth: Indian coach Stephen Constantine

Mumbai , July 3 Indian football team coach Stephen Constantine has cited the absence of a thriving football culture in the country as a major impediment in its quest for its first World Cup appearance - despite a rich football history and a population of 1.2 billion people.

We're changing the face of Indian cuisine globally: Chef Gaggan Anand

New Delhi , July 3 Expect out of the ordinaire when you enter this restaurant. The chef here wears protective glasses and wields a blow torch, while gases fume through the kitchen doors. For Kolkata-born chef Gaggan Anand - whose restaurant 'Gaggan' in Bangkok has been ranked the best in Asia and 10th best in the world by a ratings website - "a progressive path was necessary to change the face of Indian cuisine globally".

Action in southern cinema gets international touch

Chennai , July 3 Action in the southern film industry is no longer about the hero versus an army, or about flying Sumos. Thanks to foreign stuntmen, southern filmmakers are able to deliver the international touch to racy action thrills - much to the delight of audiences.

No intention to surround India in 'string of pearl' bases: China

Shanghai , July 3 It's not possible for China to surround India in a 'string of pearls' bases as has been stated by some commentators, according to a top PLA naval official.

Will the Dalai Lama ever return to Tibet?

New Delhi Book: H H the Dalai Lama XIV: My Appeal To The World; Compiler: Sofia Stril-Rever, Publisher: Hay House; Pages: 400; Price: Rs.399

Rajinikanth rejected 'Drishyam' remake due to two scenes

Chennai , July 4

Superstar Rajinikanth rejected an offer to star in the Tamil remake of Malayalam blockbuster "Drishyam" because he feared two particular scenes in the film would not have gone down too well with his fans.

Hema Malini discharged from hospital

Hema MaliniHema Malini
Jaipur , July 4

Film actress and BJP MP Hema Malini was on Saturday discharged from a hospital where she was undergoing treatment after a car crash in which a two-year-old girl was killed, hospital officials said.

Why education does not interest child workers

New Delhi , July 3 A study by a rights group shows that 8,044 children (aged five to 17) are estimated to be working in the garment industry in eight wards of the National Capital Territory of Delhi.

Blind rage directed at Britons on Tunisian beach

New Delhi

Systems of revenge and vendetta are part of cultures among the tribes of Afghanistan, clans of Somalia, Sicily, Arab lands, Latin America and part of the world not in our regular focus.

Of mystery, compassion and other human emotions

New Delhi

Take some time off this weekend for some self reflection on compassion. Read a gripping tale involving delivering justice to someone a lawyer has hated. Indulge in a mystery of unlocking a bundle of letters with a coded key. Also to read is a rare portrait of Assam. Check out the weekend fare the IANS bookshelf has to offer.

Regional autonomy in Tibet fully guaranteed, says top Chinese official

Lhasa (Tibet) , July 3 Regional autonomy has been fully guaranteed in the Tibetan Autonomous Region (TAR), which has grown economically with the aspirations of the people of all the ethnic groups in the area, a top Chinese official has said.

The male diet is under threat from zombie steaks

New Delhi

This is "The Guy Way" to prepare a healthy, raw vegetable dinner. 1) Take raw vegetables from fridge. 2) Throw them in the bin. 3) Go out for a steak.

Eat tree nuts, stay slim

New York , July 4

Including tree nuts in your daily diet could be an easy and inexpensive way to stay slim and fit, suggests a research.

Facts belie minister's immunisation prediction

J P NaddaJ P Nadda
New Delhi , July 2 Health Minister J.P. Nadda sparked scepticism when he declared on June 30 that India would reach the universal immunisation target, or 95 percent of all children, by the end of 2016.