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Lady Gaga portraits auctioned

Lady GagaLady Gaga

New York , July 29 Pop star Lady Gaga's "video portraits" raised over $1 million at an auction at Watermill Center here.

Rise of the fringes: Modi government faces acid test

Narendra ModiNarendra Modi

New Delhi , July 27 Are the fringes pulling at the centre from many directions? Is the NDA government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi facing its first major political challenge, not from a depleted opposition, but from its own ranks? Or is it just a political ploy of the Hindu right, led by the RSS, to push its nationalist agenda through a government it considers its own?

Winds of change in offices: Minister saab is watching

Narendra ModiNarendra Modi

New Delhi , July 27 Most officials are reporting for work on the dot at 9 a.m. and, those who get delayed, especially those coming from outside Delhi, have to perforce take the day off as "minister saab", Information and Broadcasting Minister Prakash Javadekar, is personally keeping a strict tab on the punctuality of his ministry staff.

India tops in South Asia's human trafficking: UN official

United NationsUnited Nations

New Delhi , July 27 India has emerged as the top destination for human trafficking in South Asia, a top UN official has said.

Congress in crisis: Leadership challenged

Rahul GandhiRahul Gandhi

New Delhi , July 27 It has not been an easy time for the Congress since it went down to its lowest tally in the Lok Sabha elections two months back. While the party is witnessing internecine battles in many states, it is also facing competition from some regional parties to hog the opposition space in the Lok Sabha.

Tripura to get rice from Andhra Pradesh via Bangladesh Thursday

Agartala , July 28 Rice from southern India to Tripura via Bangladesh is likely to reach here Thursday, bringing to fruition a three-year-long diplomatic and strategical endeavour between New Delhi and Dhaka.

Goa tries counselling to deal with student stress, suicides

Panaji , July 28 Educational pressures, fear of failure, emotional problems and social inequalities were pushing a growing number of students in Goa towards substance abuse, gambling and even suicides, according to a top education official.

Delhi wants to scrap 9,000 flats for the poor

New Delhi , July 27 Here's another lofty project that's crumbling: Realising that it could not meet the deadline set by the Narendra Modi dispensation of building houses for the poor, the Delhi government wants to drop the construction of 9,000 flats.

On Eid eve, sellers dictate prices in Srinagar

Srinagar , July 27 Despite appeals for austerity by religious and social groups, frenzied Eid shopping started Sunday here two days ahead of the festival, with sellers dictating the prices.

'Akhilesh playing politics of vendetta against BJP'

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)

Lucknow , July 27 He is possibly the only one from the Bharatiya Janata Party in Uttar Pradesh to have the ears of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Accredited with the groundwork for the party's unprecedented success in the Lok Sabha elections where it won 71 of the state's 80 seats, Laxmikant Bajpayi is an angry old man.

Benevolent 'Raja Saab' always game for charity - but some take advantage

Shimla , July 27 The circuitous road meandering its way to the Jakhu Hills of Shimla, once the summer capital of British India, touches a long-standing bucolic tea stall where something more than the beverage brews.

Goa school's stand-off on HIV students drags

Panaji , July 27 The media circus has moved on from South Goa's Fatima High School, but the standoff between the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) and the school management over the status of 23 students, all of them orphans and suspected by the parents of being HIV+ve, continues.

Despite ban, mining deposits continue to pollute Goa's water: CAG report

Panaji , July 26 Two reservoirs, including Goa's largest water catchment facility that caters to more than half a million residents, are choked with manganese-laced mining deposits, according to the latest Comptroller Auditor General (CAG) report.

Indian techie will drive solar-powered auto to Britain

Bangalore , July 28 An Indian techie will soon embark on a trans-national expedition riding on a self-built solar-powered autorickshaw to Britain to promote a sustainable low-cost alternative transport solution and check air pollution in towns and cities across the country.

'India will take at least 40 years to eliminate leprosy'

New Delhi , July 28 India's leprosy elimination programme has not been "successful" and it will take at least 40 years to completely eliminate the disease from the country, an international expert has said.

Is mobile wallet a distant dream in India?

New Delhi , July 27 Despite a huge unbanked population and 700 million cell phone connections, the concept of mobile wallet will take some time to become popular in India as people are still unaware of its larger benefits like financial inclusion, even as the standards to make it functional are yet to be in place, experts maintain.

'Crimes against children: Time to break conspiracy of silence'

New Delhi , July 27 A three-year-old boy was kicked and assaulted by her tutor in Kolkata, a six-year-old girl was raped by her skating teacher in Bangalore, blind children were caned in Hyderabad while from Uttar Pradesh, the country's most populous state, there have been many reports of child molestation, rape and murder .

To improve nation's health, first improve ours: Government docs

Chandigarh , July 27 Doctors in the government health sector want the country's health facilities to improve. To achieve this, they want their own working conditions to improve first.

Gondi language: A bridge to Maoist heartland?

New Delhi , July 27 Conventional wisdom has it that economic development can overcome the Maoist challenge. Now there's another powerfull and emotive method - through the Gondi language spoken by the tribals in much of the Maoist corridor that runs across the country. What if all stakeholders involved in dealing with the rebels could speak and understand the Gondi language?

Modi works on ushering in 'acche din' for Varanasi

Narendra ModiNarendra Modi

Varanasi , July 26 Having elected Prime Minister Narendra Modi to parliament, the ancient city of Varanasi is all set to see 'acche din' (good days) promised during the election campaign.