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Srinagar gets season's first snowfall

Srinagar , Dec 12

Srinagar city received season's first snowfall on Tuesday as higher reaches both in the Jammu region and the Kashmir Valley received moderate snowfall.

Global cues, caution ahead of macro-data subdues key indices

Mumbai , Dec 12

Broadly negative Asian markets, along with rising crude oil prices and caution ahead of macroeconomic data points release pulled the key indices of the domestic equity markets lower during Tuesday's early morning trade session.

Bhai Boolchand, the unsung Indian who launched trade with Ghana

Accra , Dec 11 Not much is known about him, but it has now emerged that trade relations between Ghana and India were started by Bhai Boolchand, the first Indian to arrive in the Gold Coast -- Ghana's colonial name -- in 1890. That's some 67 years before the British colonial government granted the country independence, research by the Indian Association of Ghana has found.

'Promoted content can't sell the unsellable on social media'

New Delhi , Dec 11 Social media has fast emerged as a market of its own where selling and buying are both easier and more practical. But there has been a slow and steady rise of "promoted content" on such platforms, where one can increase the reach of one's content manifold by simply advertising. In such a scenario, where start-ups run into existing big players with huge resources, has the magic wand of social media lost its purpose?

My Padmavati: Rajasthan's shame and a community's misplaced valour

New Delhi

My Padmavati is a four-year-old in rural India, possibly in the desert state of Rajasthan. She is lucky to be alive. She has escaped sex-selective abortion and female infanticide. But her fight has just begun. As she enters her teens she will face the outlawed menace of child marriage, dowry demands, domestic violence and honour killing (in case she dares to select her life partner).

Reading replays: How some books always remain on our mind

New Delhi There are many habits of fervently compulsive readers that can bemuse people around them, but among the most puzzling for their parents and friends would be to see them unwilling to let go of rising stacks of old favourites, in which they again get engrossed with the same level of enjoyment. Book readers, on the other hand, cannot understand why anyone should be perplexed.

Did Koyna quake set trend of opposing hydro projects?

New Delhi December 11 is the 50th anniversary of the Koyna earthquake. The tremor claimed 199 lives and caused minor damage to the Koyna dam in Maharashtra and some houses in its vicinity -- but it is an event that affected science, society and engineering. Till the Koyna earthquake, peninsular India was considered quake-free and most big civil engineering projects were constructed under this assumption.

Rural-urban divide over Hardik Patel among Patidar youth

Amreli (Gujarat) , Dec 10
Anamat Andolan Samiti (PAAS) leader Hardik Patel. (File Photo: IANS)
Patidars, whose movement for job reservation has created a stir in Gujarat in the last few years, are a divided lot with youth in the rural areas appearing to be providing strong support to their leader Hardik Patil, while those in urban areas may not be that enthusiastic about him.