Woman achieves motherhood after 14 miscarriages

Wed, Mar 7 2012 18:33 IST | 95 Views | Add your comment
London, March 7

A British woman who suffered the heartbreaking loss of 16 babies over more than a decade, has finally managed to give birth to a healthy girl.

Maria Pridmore, 32, endured 14 miscarriages, a stillbirth and the death of her tiny son over 13 agonising years, the Sun reported.

"This is like a dream come true," said the overjoyed mum as she cuddled her seven-week-old Mia Shannon.

Maria had her first miscarriage when she was 19. Thirteen more followed over the years.

She and partner John Foran, 35, had nearly given up on their dream to have a family.

Maria said: "We had decided not to try anymore, so the pregnancy was a surprise."

Mia weighed 4lb (about 2 kg) when she was born by emergency caesarian section in January.

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