Need passionate teachers in India: Educator-activist

Mon, Dec 3 2012 20:18 IST | 2 Views | Add your comment
New Delhi, Dec 3

Social activist and educator Shaheen Mistri Monday said the country needed a large number of passionate teachers to resolve the current educational crises in India.

"In urban India today, four percent (eight million) of children never start school, 57 percent (74 million) don't complete primary school and 90 percent (172 million) don't complete school," Mistri told IANS.

Mistri was speaking at the 2nd Learn Today lecture on 'An Education for All Children' at the Vasant Valley school here.

Mistri is the chief executive officer of NGO 'Teach For India' which is working towards eliminating educational inequity in India by teaching slum dwellers in five Indian cities - Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad and Pune.

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