London, Feb 25

Troubled actress Lindsay Lohan feels a "connection" to Dame Elizabeth Taylor, who she will play in a TV movie, because the late actress gave her a ring before she died.

The 25-year-old, who will portray the iconic actress in the TV movie "Liz and Dick", was given the piece of costume jewellery with a motivational letter from the screen legend before she died and is delighted to have a "connection" to her.

"I treasure it. It came with this beautiful note handwritten by Elizabeth Taylor, which was very encouraging about my work - and that work is something I should concentrate on,” quoted Lohan as saying.

"It's a costume ring. It has cognac-coloured stone with precious stones set around it. After I was sent it, I put the ring and the letter in a safe place so I wouldn't lose it. But I took them out recently when I was asked to portray her. It's a tiny connection to her,” she added.

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