New Delhi, Jan 29

The trial of those accused in the gruesome Delhi gang-rape case will continue in the capital as the Supreme Court Tuesday dismissed a petition for its transfer out of Delhi, preferably to Mathura or Coimbatore.

The apex court bench headed by Chief Justice Altamas Kabir dismissed the transfer petition upon the receipt of the sessions judge's report that the accused, on whose behalf the transfer petition was moved, does not want to be represented by advocate M.L. Sharma.

Rejecting the transfer petition, the court said that the advocate has no locus standi to appear in the matter on behalf of one of the gang-rape accused, Mukesh.

In the course of the last hearing of the case, the apex court had asked the sessions judge, trying the Dec 16, 2012, gang-rape case, to ascertain as to whom the accused would like to engage as his counsel.

The situation arose after another advocate, V.K. Anand, told the court that it was he who actually represented the accused before the trial court.

The sessions judge, in his report to the apex court, which was opened Tuesday in the court room, said that the accused wanted to be represented by advocate Anand.

Anand, in the course of the last hearing, said that he was not seeking any transfer of trial outside delhi.


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