Mumbai, March 24

YouTube artistes like Bhuvan Bam, Shirley Setia and Zakir Khan feel that it is challenging to keep creating new and creative content for their audience.

Going live on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube has become a trend.

Asked if that helps to gain visibility, Bam of YouTube series "BB Ki Vines" fame told IANS here: "It is a trend and we are all following that. Yes, it helps to create visibility, but only going live does not help to do anything. We have to create content, which is relevant in the present time. It is challenging."
Agreeing with him, Setia said: "Being a singer... whether I am doing a cover or an original song, it has to be engaging because there are thousands of options on the digital platform."
According to stand-up comedian Khan, since there is a pressure of creating something new and engaging every time, at times, he feels a "creative constringe".

"The fact is that the digital platform goes by no formula. So when you are about to believe that you know the game and this is the style you will follow, it surprises you with something new. If people accept, that becomes a trend."
Sharing how unpredictable the digital medium is, Setia said: "Once I uploaded a mash-up video of the 1990s' song on my YouTube channel. It got some decent views and likes but was not viral. Now, after six months, someone downloaded the video and posted on Facebook. The video went viral!"
"So, you never know which video will do well on the digital platform. At times, you can get response immediately and try to do the same thing to cater your followers, sometimes, it happens later. The trick is to keep on going."
They also agreed with the fact that consistency and elements of current affairs are the two important factors to maintain visibility on the digital platform.

Bam, Vidya Vox, Setia, Being Indian, Kabita's Kitchen, Technical Guruji, Nisha Madhulika, Tanmay Bhatt of AIB are some of the artistes who will perform on Friday at the Fourth YouTube FanFest here.


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