Kailash Kher's Kailasa, Vishwa Mohan Bhatt mesmerise Pushkar

Pushkar (Rajasthan) , Nov 23 An exotic set-up at the sand dunes and the alluring music of Kailash Kher's band Kailasa, Pandit Vishwa Mohan Bhatt's Mohan Veena and Sino-French duo Yom and Wang Li enthralled bedazzled spectators here on the second day of Shree Cement The Sacred.

Spirituality is strength of India's humanity: Kailash Kher

Pushkar (Rajasthan) , Nov 23 Singer Kailash Kher, who has enthralled music aficionados the world over with his euphonious voice and meaningful lyrics, reflects upon the spiritual essence of India, saying the country's art and culture makes it different from the rest of world.