Prince Charles lavish spender, says book

London , March 23

An unauthorized new biography of Prince Charles says his lavish spending reveals a monarch utterly divorced from the life of ordinary people, a media report said on Friday.

Improve yourself with these amazing self-help offerings

New Delhi , March 23

Across the globe, there has always been a substantial interest in self-help books. We present four from the genre that have just hit the stands. A book that tells you about the significance of food in our lives; a simple "how to" guide to create a life that you desire; a timely tutorial on nurturing your adolescents in modern times; and, finally, expert opinion on becoming the greatest salesman in the world.

Respect for others was a 'cultivated' way of life in Lucknow

New Delhi , March 22 Mutual respect was a "consciously cultivated way of life" in Lucknow, and this "magic formula" helped the city and the Awadh region around it to prosper. Alas, this is not the case any more, says journalist and author Mehru Jaffer, who has just published a book on the city where she has her roots.

Two-day colloquium on Mohiniyattam from Saturday

New Delhi , March 23

A treat for lovers of renowned dance form Mohiniyattam awaits the capital for two days beginning on Saturday. It will be presented by gurus of all sampradayas from Kerala as well as regions from outside the state.

27 antiques retrieved from abroad in 3 years

New Delhi , March 22

In the last three years, 27 antiques have been retrieved from foreign countries out of which 11 belong to Tamil Nadu, Minister of Culture Mahesh Sharma told the Lok Sabha on Thursday.

Sahitya Akademi celebrates World Poetry Day

New Delhi , March 22

Eminent poets representing 24 Inddian languages participated in an All India Poetry Festival was organised by the Sahitya Akademi here to commemorate World Poetry Day.

Thinking the unthinkable: This novel sees a Sino-Indian nuclear war over water

New Delhi , March 22 A recent novel, "Radius 200" by author Veena Nagpal, has two facts at the centre of the fictional narrative that she weaves. "Impending water scarcity and the very real danger of an Sino-Indian conflict over this precious resource," says Nagpal in the context of her book that was launched with much fanfare at the Jaipur Literature Festival in January.