Kolkata Literary Meet to be a star-studded affair

Kolkata , Jan 24

The sixth edition of the Tata Steel Kolkata Literary Meet that begins on Wednesday will see the presence of Hollywood actress Ashley Judd, Booker prize winner Paul Betty, JNU students leader Kanhaiya Kumar and sports legends Sunil Gavaskar and Abhinav Bindra, among over 100 other star participants.

The spicy secret of New York's birth

Jaipur , Jan 24 The birth of what is now the world's most cosmopolitan city is the outcome of a "spicy" conflict over four centuries ago where one man's bravery in defending a small island growing a precious commodity against daunting odds so galvanised his countrymen that they tried to retake it, and when this proved unfeasible, exchanged it for another island on the other side of the world - that of Manhattan.

Governments snooping on you on internet, phones, warns Wikileaks, Snowden journalist

Jaipur , Jan 24 Internet and mobile phones, smart and otherwise, may have made communications and information access to information instant but also left users vulnerable to surveillance from state agencies, warns a British journalist who had a role in publicising both Julian Assange and Edward Snowden's explosive revelations of US government secrets.

Theatre research need of the hour: M.K. Raina

Aligarh , Jan 23

Noted theatre and film personality M.K. Raina on Monday said a university is a safety valve for a democratic system "where there is a space for youngsters to create ideas and work on innovations".

New book of quotes evokes passion and creativity

New Delhi , Jan 23

A self-explanatory book that teaches us to build a life of passion and nourish relationships and cultivate innovation of colours and creativity has just been launched here recently.

Walls only lead to fall of civilisations, empires

Jaipur , Jan 24 US President Donald Trump has called for a strong barrier on the country's southern border, the British government wants a "hard Brexit" with full immigration control, but history teaches us that civilisations only flourish with free movement of people and walls eventually lead to the downfall of even powerful empires, says a British academician.

Protest against Taslima Nasreen's presence at JLF

Jaipur , Jan 24

After a protest by a Muslim group here against the participation of controversial writer Taslima Nasreen at the Jaipur Literature Festival, the organisers on Monday said they will consider their request not to invite her again.

Naqsh Lyallpuri was least recognised poetic genius: Bhansali

Mumbai , Jan 23

Filmmaker Sanjay Leela Bhansali says Urdu poet and lyricist Jaswant Rai Sharma, known to the world by his pen name Naqsh Lyallpuri, was the least recognised poetic genius among all the great poets who wrote during the golden era of film music.