Social isolation driving online infidelity in India

New Delhi , May 29

Internet infidelity or involvement in sexual and romantic conversation online with someone other than their own partners is on the rise in India and social isolation is one of the primary factors responsible for it, says a study.

Facebook makes us sad, unhealthy: Study

New York , May 29

People who check their Facebook profile all the time are likely to be more sad and unhealthy than those who use it sporadically, a new study has revealed.

Gene linked to female urinary incontinence identified

London , May 29

Raising hopes for a new effective treatment for women experiencing urine leakage, researchers have found that a gene involved in the ability of the bladder to contract may be linked to female urinary incontinence.

Sugary diet may up risk of cancer: Study

New York , May 29

Love to eat a sugar rich diet? Beware, it may fuel various forms of cancer by giving them the much needed energy to multiply, researchers say.