BJP MP Sanwar Lal shifted to AIIMS

New Delhi , July 27

BJP MP Sanwar Lal Jat, who went into a coma after a cardiac arrest on Saturday, was on Thursday shifted to the AIIMS here in a semi-conscious condition, hospital authorities said.

Talking to yourself may help control emotions

New York , July 27

Feeling stuck in negativity? Talking to yourself may help you control emotions without taking any additional mental effort, researchers say, adding the talk has to be in third person.

Pregnant women with Hepatitis C have 90% chance of infecting their newborn

New Delhi , July 27 The parents of 31-year-old Naina Bharali are worried since their only daughter has been diagnosed with cirrhosis (liver cancer) -- caused by the Hepatitis C virus. She is four months pregnant and they fear the new born will also get infected by the blood-borne viral disease.

Lucknow's 90% people suffer from protein deficiency

New Delhi , July 27

Despite the government's emphasis on proper nutrition, Lucknow is the most protein deficient city with 90 per cent of its population suffering from protein deficiency, revealed a survey on Thursday.

BJP MP Sanwar Lal Jat shifted to AIIMS

New Delhi , July 27

BJP MP Sanwar Lal Jat, who has been in a coma after a cardiac arrest last Saturday, was shifted to AIIMS on Thursday, his staff confirmed.

Scientists identify link between calcium, cholesterol

Toronto , July 27

Researchers have found that calcium -- usually identified with strong bones and teeth -- also plays a key role in moderating cholesterol, a discovery that could pave the way for new ways of treating high blood cholesterol.