Hidden belly fat may be killing you: Expert

New Delhi , Nov 25

Visceral or "belly fat" stored within the abdominal cavity can do more harm to health than subcutaneous fat (fatty tissue lying directly under the skin), says an expert.

Jolie surgery raised breast cancer awareness among women

London , Nov 25

Researchers at a breast cancer prevention clinic have observed an increased uptake of preventative double mastectomies since May 2013 when Hollywood actor Angelina Jolie announced that she had undergone the procedure.

Promising new melanoma drug in the offing

New York , Nov 26

Scientists have discovered a new compound that shows promise for treating deadly skin cancers like melanoma that are resistant or unresponsive to leading therapies today.

Kolkata hospital orders probe after infants' death

Kolkata , Nov 25

The authorities have set up a probe panel following allegations that two babies died of overheating in a radiant warmer used in the state-run Medical College and Hospital Kolkata, an official said on Wednesday.

Overweight? Lose kilos, not hope with proper BMI screening

New Delhi , Nov 25 When 49-year-old Veena Gandhi came to Dr Tarun Mittal, a laparoscopic and obesity surgeon at Sir Gangaram Hospital in the capital, she had difficulty walking with shortness of breath and acute pain in her joints. The culprit: obesity.