Health News Headlines

Growing up with smokers doubles fagging risk

New York , May 24

Researchers have found that that growing up in a home with a regular smoker nearly doubles the chances of a child becoming an adult smoker.

Childhood nightmares give rise to adolescent psychotic disorders

London , May 24

Researchers at the University of Warwick have found a significant link between the presence of persistent nightmares in childhood and psychotic experiences in adolescence.

Indian eateries chant organic food mantra

New Delhi/Chennai , May 24 Hotels and restaurants in the country are going out of their way to use organic produce in the food they dish out to ensure healthier and more nutritious meals. These products are naturally grown and no chemical fertiliser or pesticide is used to aid their growth.

British man survives after head ripped off in accident

London , May 24

A British man who had his head ripped off from his spine in a car crash has survived, a media report said on Sunday.

PGIMS medicos strike work for second day

Rohtak , May 23

The functioning of OPDs and emergency wing of the state-run Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences (PGIMS) here continued to suffer for the second day on Saturday as a section of medical staff pressed on with their strike.

How to tackle dengue? Nix mosquito females!

Washington , May 24

Only female mosquitoes bite because they need blood for developing eggs, and researchers believe that a higher ratio of males could reduce disease transmission.

Surgeons re-attach British man's head to spine

London , May 24

A team of surgeons has helped a British man survive after his head snapped off from his spine in a car crash. They re-attached his skull to his spine in a rare surgery, a media report said on Sunday.

Faster heart rate indicates higher diabetes risk

New York , May 24

People with faster resting heart tare are at an increased risk of developing diabetes, warns a new study.

More research needed in nano-technology: Experts

Thiruvananthapuram , May 23

Experts from various fields of medicine on Saturday spoke on the need for more research in areas of nano-technology and integration between the various systems of medicine.

Encephalitis claims first victim in Bihar this year

Patna , May 23

A child has died due to the deadly mosquito-borne disease Acute Encephalitis Syndrome (AES) in Bihar's Muzaffarpur district - the first in the state this year, an official said on Saturday.