Health News Headlines

Can aspirin save from cancer?

New York , April 17

Elderly people are increasingly turning to aspirin to protect themselves from heart ailments and cancer, reveals a new survey.

House cleaning keeps the elderly healthy

New York , April 17

Older adults who take the trouble to keep their household clean and tidy tend to feel emotionally and physically better than those who lead a sedentary lifestyle, suggests a new research.

Tooth cavities increase heart disease risk

New York , April 17

Taking better care of your teeth can also help you lower the risk of heart diseases, suggests a new study.

Delhi government forms '28 patient welfare committees'

New Delhi , April 16

The Delhi government on Thursday constituted "28 patient welfare committees" aimed at providing proper medical facilities and treatment to the patients in its hospitals.

Suspected Ebola case found in Slovenia

Ljubljana , April 16

A Slovenian citizen, suspected of being infected with Ebola, was admitted on Thursday to the Ljubljana University Medical Centre (UKC).

Sugary drinks hamper body's normal stress response

Washington , April 17

Do you always pick up a soda can from the refrigerator every time you feel a little stressed? This could be because sugary drinks may relieve stress in humans by disrupting the body's normal response to stressful situations.

Playing flute lowers sleep apnoea risk

London , April 17

If snoring is ruining your sound sleep, learning to play the flute can do wonders. Indian researchers have found that playing wind instruments lowers your risk of developing the sleep disorder obstructive sleep apnoea.

Four under-weight babies die in Tamil Nadu hospital

Chennai , April 16

Four newborn babies lost their lives at the government medical hospital in Villupuram, Tamil Nadu, and not eight as reported by some media, a senior official said on Thursday.

12 kids land in Delhi hospital after deworming medication

New Delhi , April 16

Twelve students of a government school here were admitted to the city's Hindu Rao hospital on Thursday after they were administered deworming medication as part of the government's deworming campaign.

Behavioural disorder more common in sexually abused kids

Toronto , April 16

Adults who have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) are more likely to report sexual and physical abused before they turned 16 than their peers, says a study.