BJP municipal bodies not working: Delhi minister

New Delhi , Aug 30

Chikungunya and dengue are on the rise in Delhi because BJP-ruled municipal bodies have failed to provide fogging and sanitation services, Delhi Health Minister Satyendar Jain said on Tuesday.

AI can help predict breast cancer risk faster

New York , Aug 30

Researchers have developed an artificial intelligence (AI) software that reliably interprets mammograms, assisting doctors with a quick and accurate prediction of breast cancer risk and thereby helping them do away with unnecessary breast biopsies.

Tapeworm drug could cure Zika virus infection

New York , Aug 30

Researchers have found some existing drug compounds -- including one already used as a treatment for tapeworm infection in humans -- that have the potential to both stop Zika from replicating in the body and from damaging the crucial fetal brain cells that lead to birth defects in newborns.

Singapore fights Zika as cases spike

Singapore , Aug 30

The Singapore government on Tuesday intensified efforts to destroy Aedes mosquito breeding habitats in a southeastern suburb as the number of confirmed Zika cases rose to 56.

Modi wants to destroy Delhi: Kejriwal

New Delhi , Aug 30

Upset after two key bureaucrats in Delhi were transferred, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Tuesday said Prime Minister Narendra Modi was "hell bent" on "destroying" the capital through the Lt Governor.

Hong Kong records 188 new HIV cases

Hong Kong , Aug 30

A total of 188 new cases of HIV infection were reported in Hong Kong in the second quarter of 2016, health officials said on Tuesday.