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Malaria parasites in Southeast Asia resistant to key drug

Phnom Penh , July 31 The malaria parasites in Southeast Asia are becoming resistant to a key drug, a study warns.

Alcohol kills 15 Australians everyday

Canberra , July 31 Alcohol causes 15 deaths and hospitalises 430 Australians every day with the numbers rapidly increasing over the past decade, a new study released Thursday said.

App that pays you for exercise

New York , July 31 Will you miss your workout if you had to pay for it? If money motivates you more than fitness, an app is here to either reward or punish you.

China to punish those growing or selling GM crops

Beijing , July 31 In a move to prevent illegal sales and growing of genetically modified (GM) crops, which are prohibited in the country, Chinese authorities have vowed zero tolerance and harsh punishment against offenders.

EU boosts funding to fight Ebola epidemic

Brussels , July 30 The European Union Wednesday allocated an additional 2 million euros ($2.68 million) in aid to tackle the Ebola epidemic in West Africa.

'Fat' jokes linked with anti-obese attitude

New York , July 31 Despite being considered to be in bad taste, jokes on fat people are widespread in movies or TV shows, research shows.

3D-printed organs for transplants a reality soon

New York , July 31 Producing tissues and organs via 3D printing has the potential to address the shortage of organ donations in near future, scientists hope.

'Ebola could be a threat to Britain'

London , July 31 The fatal Ebola virus, which has killed hundreds of people since February, could be a threat to Britain, Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond said.

Kenya to manage blood banks electronically

Nairobi , July 31 Kenyans will soon be able to ascertain about their blood donation suitability via an electronically generated short message, as a blood agency is preparing itself for a digital mechanism to monitor its blood banks.

Antibiotic-fed poultry harming consumers: Study

New Delhi , July 30 Large scale, indiscriminate use of antibiotics in the poultry industry has led to antibiotic resistance in Indians who are falling prey to many otherwise curable ailments, said a new study released here Wednesday.