Health News Headlines

Government committed to improve medical infrastructure: Rajnath Singh

Lucknow , Dec 20

Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh Saturday said the government was committed to improving India's medical infrastructure while stressing the need for an integrated healthcare system.

Cells that facilitate tumour growth identified

Washington , Dec 20

A recent study has identified the population of white blood cells that tumours use to enhance growth and suppress the disease-fighting immune system.

Quicker food choices driven by taste

New York , Dec 20

If you want your diet to be healthy, take time in deciding the food you are about to pick, suggests a study, noting that quicker food choices are driven by taste and not health.

Ebola, jihadis main threats for Africa in 2015

Nairobi , Dec 20

Outbreak of the Ebola virus, jihadi attacks and other humanitarian and health-related crises will be the major threats to political stability and economic progress in sub-Saharan Africa, in 2015.

Heart harvested in Bengaluru, transplanted in Chennai child

Bengaluru , Dec 19

The heart of a brain dead one year and 10-month-old infant was harvested here and flown to Chennai Friday by a special aircraft to be transplanted in a two year and eight-months-old child, in record time, thanks to the 'green corridor' the city traffic police opened up for the emergency operation.

UN chief assures support to Sierra Leone Ebola fight

Freetown , Dec 20

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has assured the government and people of Sierra Leone of the UN's commitment to help Sierra Leone's fight against the Ebola disease.

Lost memories can be restored: Scientists

New York , Dec 20

In a new ray of hope for patients in the early stages of Alzheimer's disease, researchers have found that lost memories can be restored.

Certain antidepressants safe for pregnant women?

New York , Dec 20

Use of certain antidepressants during pregnancy can lead to life-long changes in anxiety-related behaviour in their offspring and protect them from anxiety-related disorders when they turn adults, research has found.

Nigerian Ebola patient cured in the Netherlands

The Hague , Dec 19

The Nigerian UN peacekeeper infected with Ebola has been cured after treatment in the Netherlands, it was announced Friday.

Health ministry intensifying drugs treatment programme

New Delhi , Dec 19

The health ministry is intensifying the drugs treatment programme on the evidence of United Nations's Methadone Maintenance Treatment (MMT) Programme, an official said Friday.