Poverty hampers children's brain development

Washington , Aug 31

Growing in severe poverty can adversely affect children's brain development, thereby putting them at a disadvantage for academic achievement, new research has found.

New drug to treat apathy linked to schizophrenia

London , Aug 31

An investigational drug may provide effective treatment for the negative symptoms associated with schizophrenia such as social withdrawal, lack of emotion, and apathy, show results of a phase-three clinical trial.

Vehicular air pollution increases heart attack risk

London , Aug 31

Even short term exposure to particulate matter and nitric dioxide (NO2) air pollution, that originate predominantly from the combustion of fossil fuels such as emissions from industrial plants or vehicles increases risk of severe heart attacks, research has found.

Model to enhance human lifespan developed

Hong Kong , Aug 30

A leading ageing expert has teamed up with a biotech firm to prepare a model that can help defeat age-related diseases and increase one's life span in years to come.

Teen suicides jolt Kashmir

Srinagar , Aug 31 After her wake-up knocks at Mohsin's (name changed) door in the morning got no response, the worried mother called her husband. The door, locked from inside, was then broken open and the 19-year-old was found dead in the room.

Operation ‘Ruchi’ a success, says Kerala Health Minister

Thiruvananthapuram , August 31

Health Minister V S Sivakumar has branded Operation Ruchi, a plan of action conceived by the State Government with the aim of ridding Kerala of pesticide-laced vegetables and adulterated food items, a grand success.

Coffee puts BP patients at heart attack, diabetes risk

London , Aug 30

If you are young and suffering from mild hypertension, it is time to shun your love for coffee. According to a research, coffee drinkers - especially those who drink over four cups a day - are at an increased risk of heart attacks and other cardiovascular events.