Health News Headlines

Wearable health devices key for safe space tourism

New York , Oct 31

At a time when several firms are developing spacecrafts to take ordinary citizens on short trips into space, scientists have outlined the risks and challenges involved in human commercial spaceflights.

Popular mosquito catcher in Japan uses human odour as bait

Tokyo , Oct 31

A novel mosquito trap that lures its prey using human scent and other smells favoured by the critter is creating a buzz as Japan frets about the spread of dengue fever.

Young heart can heal itself faster

Washington , Oct 31

The heart holds its own pool of immune cells capable of helping it to heal after injury, finds research, adding that the harmful immune cells from the bone marrow disrupts this process in adults.

Syria ensures medicine supplies for chronic diseases

Damascus , Oct 31

Despite the nearly four-year crisis and the suffocating economic sanctions against Syria, the health sector in war-torn country is still able to secure medicines for the chronic diseases free of charge, health officials said Thursday.

Need to end TB, not only reduce burden: Harsh Vardhan

New Delhi , Oct 30

Concerted action has already caused a discernible decline in tuberculosis (TB) rates and all those involved in the war against the disease should try to not only merely reduce its burden, but also end it, Health Minister Harsh Vardhan has said.

Healthy diet for infants prevents obesity later

New York , Oct 31

If you do not want your baby to grow up into an overweight adult, make sure you feed him or her healthy diet from the very first year, a study suggests.

How genes affect Ebola patients

New York , Oct 31

The Ebola virus affects different people differently, say researchers, adding that genetic factors could be behind this mild-to-deadly range of reactions to the virus.

Kenya steps up Ebola prevention efforts

Nairobi , Oct 31

Kenya's cabinet Thursday announced elaborate measures as part of a contingency plan for Ebola preparedness and response to ensure the east Africa nation remains free from Ebola.

China's aid to fight Ebola arrives in Ghana

Accra , Oct 30

Chinese medical supplies and equipment to aid Ghana's fight against the outbreak of the deadly Ebola Viral Disease arrived at the Kotoka International Airport in Accra late Wednesday night.

World Bank pledges more funds for Ebola flight in West Africa

Accra , Oct 30

The World Bank announced Thursday an additional $100-million support package in its Ebola response activities for three West African countries ravaged by the epidemic.