EU to hold education fair in Delhi

New Delhi , Sep 23

The European Union (EU) is going to hold an education fair here to help Indian students who are looking to go to Europe for higher education.

Video games can beat tutors in improving math skills

New York , Sep 21

A computer-based brain training programme developed at Yale University helps improve student performance in reading and math -- in some cases even more than individualised tutoring, according to a new study.

Heavy Facebook users more likely to argue with parents

London , Sep 12

Children who spend a lot of time on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are less happy with their appearance and they are more likely to quarrel with their parents, show results of a survey.

Watching TV just 15 minutes a day can kill creativity in kids

London , Sep 21

Children who spend just 15 minutes or more a day watching their favourite cartoons on television may be at an increased risk of losing their creative minds as compared to those who read books or solve jigsaw puzzles, a study says.

Impairment in brain areas may cause math disability in kids

New York , Sep 16

Children differ substantially in their mathematical abilities. But, some may remain persistently bad at addition or subtraction as a result of abnormalities in the brain areas supporting procedural memory, a study that developed a theory of how developmental "math disability" occurs has revealed.

Feeling homesick? Try pet therapy

Toronto , Sep 9

Animal-assisted therapy can help first year university students combat homesickness and could also be a useful tool in lowering drop-out rates, finds an interesting research.