Education News Headlines

Teacher prejudices put girls off maths, science

Tel Aviv , Feb 27

Unconscious biases of elementary school instructors dramatically affect female academic choices later on, a new study finds.

Pakistan school books to have Quranic verses against corruption

Islamabad , Feb 23

The textbook board of Pakistan's Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province has incorporated some verses of the holy Quran, Hadith and wise sayings on the inner titles of the school books to discourage corruption and promote harmony in the society, media reported Monday.

Indian languages have few takers in US

Washington , Feb 21 Despite the Indian economy's rapid growth and the increase in US-India ties, American students continue to display low interest in Indian languages, preferring instead languages like Chinese, Korean or Arabic, according to a new language survey.

Indian-American professor gets top US chemistry award

New York , Feb 21

Purnendu Dasgupta, a Jenkins Garrett professor of chemistry at The University of Texas at Arlington, has been awarded the 2015 American Chemical Society Division of Analytical Chemistry J. Calvin Giddings Award for Excellence in Education.

Few takers for Indian languages in the US

Washington , Feb 21 Despite the Indian economy's rapid growth, and the increase in US-India diplomatic ties, American students continue to display very low interest in Indian languages, according to a new survey.

Why medical schools lack women leaders

New York , Feb 24

Salary disparity and disproportionate burden of family responsibilities are among factors that could explain why fewer women rise to leadership positions in medical colleges, a study says.

'The Hunger Games' used in Singapore as school text

Singapore , Feb 23

American science fiction bestseller, "The Hunger Games", will now be used as a school text in Singapore, a media report said.

Using your voice to get the dream job

New York , Feb 21

Instead of resorting to a conventional written resume, sending your prospective employer a videotape recording of your professional credentials may increase your chances of getting hired, new research shows.

Are 'experts' guiding education reforms?

New York , Feb 21

Certain so-called "education experts" are often cited in news stories and blogs more because of their media connections, backing of influential interest groups and their expertise in education policy, researchers from the University of Illinois said.

Delay in school admission linked to poor academic performance

London , Feb 20

Delaying school entry for children could cause poorer academic performance, new research says.