South Korean college students now allowed to get pregnant

Seoul , Feb 5

South Korea's education law has been revised to allow all undergraduate students to continue their studies and to take semesters off if they are married or become pregnant while at school, the education ministry announced on Friday.

Italian PhD student vanishes in Egypt

Rome , Feb 1

Italy has urged Egypt to locate an Italian doctoral student who "mysteriously disappeared" in Cairo on January 25, the foreign ministry said.

Indian-origin Muslim cleric gets honorary doctorate

London , Jan 25

An Indian-origin Muslim cleric has been awarded an honorary doctorate by University of Leicester in Britain in recognition of his commendable work for the local community, it was reported on Monday.

EU, Unicef launch education project in Nepal

Kathmandu , Feb 2

The European Union (EU) and the UN Children's Fund (Unicef) have joined hands in an effort to resume education in Nepal for one million children affected by last year's devastating earthquake.

Cameron to tackle racial bias at universities

London , Jan 31

British Prime Minister David Cameron on Sunday announced that a new government law will require universities to publish statistical data on admissions by gender, class and ethnic backgrounds.

Five killed in Canada school shooting

Vancouver , Jan 23

Shooting at a school in Canada's Saskatchewan province has left five people dead and two others seriously injured, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said.