Education News Headlines

Indian-American engineers body to honour nine achievers

Washington , Sep 21

American Society of Engineers of Indian Origin (ASEI) will honour nine engineers at its 29th National Convention at the University of California, Irvine, campus Sep 27.

Pakistanis prominent winners at UK's Asian achievers awards

London , Sep 19

Persons of Pakistani-origin emerged as prominent winners at the 2014 Asian Achievers Awards in Britain Friday while Sir Tejinder Singh Virjee, a professor of physics at Imperial College, London, headed the list of Indian-origin recipients.

How video games can help fix curriculum

Washington , Sep 19

Going to classroom to learn student response for curriculum implementation can soon become things of the past as a US researcher has figured out an easier way - and it could include playing video games.

Australian student penalised in exam over hair cut

Canberra , Sep 17

A 17-year-old student in Australia was penalised 20 percent marks in his chemistry examination for having a haircut that breached the school's uniform policy, media reported Wednesday.

300,000 children back to school in Syria, Gaza: UN

United Nations , Sep 16

As the new school year kicks off across the world, nearly 300,000 children returned Monday back to UN-run schools in Gaza and Syria.

Chinese province sets up anti-terror law society

Beijing , Sep 20

An anti-terrorism law society, one of the few in China specialising in the study of anti-terrorism law, was established Saturday in China's Yunnan province.

Kids eat good if parents went to college

Toronto , Sep 19

A child's diet is likely to be decided by the education of the young one's parents, says a new study.

Gaza children return to schools

Gaza , Sep 14

Schools reopened across the Gaza Strip Sunday following a three-week delay due to damage caused by an Israeli offensive on the enclave that ended late last month.

Google wants to teach programming to millions of American girls

San Francisco , Sep 16

Internet giant Google is seeking to teach computer programming to millions of girls in the US under its Made With Code initiative, which has an eye on developing women programmers in the Silicon Valley.

Sikhs open free school in Britain

London , Sep 15

After facing a lot of disappointment in Britain's Coventry schools, members of the Indian-origin Sikh community have set up their own school for their new generation.