Education News Headlines

Los Angeles schools demand multi-million-dollar refund from Apple

Los Angeles , April 16

The Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) has asked Apple for a multi-million-dollar refund, saying it is "extremely dissatisfied" with the implementation of a tablet-based education curriculum the company provided them, public radio station KPCC said.

iPads in kindergarten can make your toddler smarter

Washington , April 10

Making a strong pitch for the use of iPads in kindergarten schools, a Northwestern University researcher has found children in classes with shared iPads significantly outscored their peers on achievement tests who were in classes that had no iPads or classes with iPads for each student (1:1 ratio).

Stanford expels student who poisoned classmates

Singapore , April 9

A mentally disturbed Singaporean student who poisoned her classmates has been expelled from the Stanford University, a media report said on Thursday.

Top physics honour for Indian-origin student in Britain

London , April 6

An Indian-origin teenaged student in Britain has won a top prize and 500 pounds for his research on Albert Einstein's special relativity theory.

Special needs child put in 'cage' in Australian school

Canberra , April 2

Investigations are underway into a school in Australia that placed a child with special needs and behavioural issues in a cage-like withdrawal space, media reported on Thursday.

Maths question for kids goes viral on the net

Singapore , April 14

A mathematics problem originally meant for schoolchildren has taken the internet by storm after it was posted online by a Singaporean television presenter.

Blame genes if your kid does not enjoy school

New York , April 9

Think twice before blaming parents, teachers or even children for their less interest in the classroom.

Mindy Kaling's brother got into medical school as black

Washington , April 7 Vijay Chokalingam, the older brother of Indian-American star of Fox sitcom The Mindy Project, claims he pretended to be black to get admission into a medical school back in 1998 and 1999.

Show porn in the classroom, says Danish professor

London , April 6

While educationists the world over debate the relevance and scope of sex education being part of the school curriculum, a leading sexologist in Denmark has called for pornography to be shown in the classroom.

Pune-educated Indian-American professor wins teaching award

Washington , April 2

An Indian-American professor who uses a game called "Baffa Baffa" to teach culture's role in business and how it can affect transactions and relationships has won the prestigious Peltier Award for innovation in teaching.