Education News Headlines

India-born girl tops secondary entrance exam in Trinidad

Port Of Spain , July 3 An India-born girl, Anusha Saha, has topped Trinidad and Tobago's Secondary Entrance Examination.

Indian student gets US fellowship for LGBT research in Tamil Nadu

Washington , July 1 An Indian student has received an LGBT scholarship from California University to investigate how political tensions have led to the proliferation of new notions of sexual identity in Tamil Nadu.

Students learn better in informal environment

New York , June 28

Students tend to learn and perform better in an informal environment rather than in a rigid classroom atmosphere, reveals an experiment.

US, Cuba to restore Hemingway's home near Havana

Havana , June 21

The US and Cuban authorities have announced a project to restore American Nobel laureate Ernest Hemingway's home near Havana, where he penned one of his most famous and last pieces of fiction, "The Old Man and the Sea".

Why girls are outshining boys at school

London , June 13

A feeling of estrangement from school and a belief in traditional gender roles that men should lead women are two possible major causes behind the worldwide trend of boys falling behind at school, says a study.

Indian-American among math, science teachers honoured by Obama

Washington , July 2 Darshan Jain, an Indian American teacher is one of the 108 teachers named by President Barack Obama as recipients of the prestigious Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching.

Secondary education reduces HIV risk for girls: Study

Washington , June 29

Longer secondary schooling reduces the risk of contracting HIV, particularly for girls, shows a study.

Are men really better than women at maths?

New York , June 24

Since more men pursue careers in science and engineering, does that mean they are actually better at maths than women are? No, says a study.

Indian educational push for Ghanaian small town

Accra (Ghana) , June 14 India is to set aside two scholarships every year for post-graduate students from Patriensah, a small town in this West African nation's Asante-Akim district that is attempting to improve its falling educational standards. The two scholarships will come out of about 25 offered annually to Ghanaian students for higher education in India.

No answers over Australian school's cage for autistic boy

Canberra , June 11

Parents of children at a primary school in Australia's capital city of Canberra, where a boy with autism was reportedly placed inside a cage, said they were still awaiting answers.