Education News Headlines

Increasing number of Indians studying in China

Beijing , May 25

An increasing number of Indian students are coming to study in China, mostly in the medical field, while the number of Chinese students studying in India is holding steady, media reported on Monday.

Indian-American kid graduates with three degrees

Washington , May 23

An 11-year-old Indian-American kid, has graduated from a Californian college with three associate degrees in math, science and foreign language studies. At an age, when most kids of his age are busy scrolling through iPads or smartphones, this Indian American is different.

Indians dominate New Zealand migration influx

Wellington , May 21

Migration in New Zealand rose to a record high in April as more students have arrived from India and China, media reported on Thursday.

France's teachers stage walk out of schools over reforms

Paris , May 20

Teachers in France staged a one-day strike on Tuesday to protest the government's proposed educational reforms, fearing the planned interdisciplinary learning and schools' rising autonomy would broaden inequality.

'Selfie' enters French dictionary for first time

London , May 19

Selfie, named "Word of the Year" by the Oxford dictionary in 2013, has now been officially included in the most popular French dictionary. Le Petit Larousse has announced that 150 new words will be included in its 2016 edition - and one of the most high-profile new words is "selfie", Telegraph reported.

No jail for Malaysian students returning home from Syria

Kuala Lumpur , May 25

Malaysian nationals with a student status in Syria need not fear jail terms upon returning if they were not involved with the Islamic State (IS) terrorist group, Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said on Monday.

Russian universities woo Indian students

Moscow , May 23

"It is time to study in Russia." That is the message for students and others visiting the Russian Educational Fair which just ended in the Indian capital.

60 girls poisoned at Afghanistan school

Kabul , May 20

At least 60 girls fell unconscious at a school in northern Afghanistan after they inhaled a chemical allegedly released by the Taliban, official sources told Efe news agency on Wednesday.

Keep smartphone away for better grades: Study

London , May 19

If you intend to score higher marks in exams, then the best solution is to tuck your smartphone away in a locker where it can't distract you, says a new study from the London School of Economics.

World Bank doubles results-based financing for education to $5 bn

Incheon (South Korea) , May 18

On the eve of the World Education Forum 2015, the World Bank Group has announced that it will double results-based financing for education to $5 billion over the next five years.