Australian education fair organised in Delhi

New Delhi , Aug 27

To guide students aspiring to pursue higher education in Australia, the International Development Program (IDP) organised an education fair here on Saturday.

Standing desks may help reduce weight in kids

New York , Aug 24

Struggling to shed those extra kilos in your kids? Standing desks in schools may prove beneficial as it cuts down on sedentary time in classrooms as well as help reduce body mass index (BMI) -- a key indicator of obesity -- by an average of 5.24 percentile points, new research has found.

Let your kids sleep during studies for faster relearning

London , Aug 22

Letting your children take a quick nap during study hours could help them recall faster what they studied and make relearning easy, leading them to remember the exercises even six months later, researchers say.

Students good at maths more likely to migrate

New York , Aug 22

High school students who performed well academically and completed higher levels of maths and also had a greater sense of control of their future were more likely to migrate and work in labour markets with larger shares of college-educated workers, a study has revealed.