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Bengal to track rural activities using new technology

Kolkata , July 25 The West Bengal government will roll out a new computer-based system to track rural activities in the state, an official said Friday.

About 13 percent new mothers avoid sex

London , July 24 Have you rejected love-making calls from your hubby after childbirth? Take heart as you have not committed a sin.

Millionaire beggar nabbed in Saudi Arabia

Riyadh , July 23 Police in Saudi Arabia have arrested a beggar, who, it later turned out, has been sitting on a fortune of over $300,000, a media report said Wednesday.

How to make your kids eat veggies

New York , July 23 Do you find it hard to make your kids eat vegetables? Then do not tell them vegetables are good for them as children are less likely to eat healthy foods when they hear about their benefits, says a study.

Age increases belief in love at first sight

London , July 23 Love at first sight is not the sole property of the young. As you age, you are more likely to believe in love at first sight, an interesting study reveals.

10,000-year-old elephant's remains found in Mexic0

Mexico City , July 25 The skull and tusks of a 10,000-year-old elephant has been found in the central Mexican state of Tlaxcala.

Military men's height can influence depression risk

Washington , July 24 Both short and tall men in the military are more at risk for depression than their colleagues of average height, a study shows.

China to clean up porn on phone apps

Beijing , July 23 China has launched a campaign to clamp down on pornography circulated on smart phone applications.

Impulsive behaviour linked to brain connectivity

London , July 23 In what could help better understand behavioural problems and social adaptation difficulties in children, researchers have found that patterns of brain connectivity are linked with impulsive behaviour.

Ethiopia vows to eliminate child marriage, FGM

Addis Ababa , July 23 The Ethiopian government has vowed to eliminate child marriage and female genital mutilation (FGM) by 2025.