Indian tourists boost tourism in Australia

Sydney , Sep 3

India is among the top 10 countries which have helped Australia record its strongest tourism year since the Sydney Olympics Games in 2001, according to media reports.

Bisexual women at greater eating disorder risk

New York , Sep 3

Young women who are attracted to both sexes or who are unsure about who they are attracted to are more likely to develop an eating disorder than those attracted to only one sex, reveals a new study.

Exercise good for pulmonary hypertension patients

New York , Sep 3

Low-intensity exercise improves heart function and overall quality of life for people suffering from pulmonary hypertension, says a study co-authored by an Indian origin researcher.

Tihar Jail inmates get a flavour of classical music

New Delhi , Sep 3

The inmates of Tihar Jail here got to witness a performance of classical music on Thursday as part of a rehabilitation initiative by NGO 'Legends of India' as it celebrated its fifth edition.

Holy men call for Swachh Kumbh Mela

Nashik , Sep 3

Spiritual leaders on Thursday highlighted the importance of sanitation, hygiene and clean water at an event at the Kumbh Mela here.

New Zealand students learn Kathak for arts contest

Wellington , Sep 3

A group of girl students in New Zealand has learned the Indian classical dance Kathak as part of a wearable arts contest that draws big sponsors from around the country's North Island region, media reported.

Substance in your soap may increase miscarriage risk

Beijing , Sep 3

Long term exposure to certain substances commonly used in personal-care products such as soap and shampoo, food packaging, and other everyday products could be linked to pregnancy loss, warns a new study.