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Couple awarded $28,000 to compensate for bad sex life

Rome , March 31 A court in Italy awarded $28,000 to an Italian couple who suffered a bad sex life following a car accident, the media reported Monday.

Breaking shackles: Moving beyond the confines of disability

New Delhi , March 30 Undeterred by the disability that is a part of his life, Vineet gleefully danced to singer Yo Yo Honey Singh's "High Heels". A member of NGO Handicapped Children's Rehabilitation Association (HCRA), Vineet, who has a missing arm, did not miss a single step and continued to lip-sync as well.

Drunk Australian goes wild in Thai hospital

Bangkok , March 29 An Australian man on his flight to Phuket in Thailand passed out drunk and was carried off on arrival still unconscious.

Old woman, scared by face mask, compensated

Beijing , March 28 An elderly woman in China was paid compensation after she got scared when she saw a woman drive with a facial mask on.

A yawn for a yawn kindles love for sure!

London , March 28 Does your hubby yawn a lot? This may be his way of expressing love for you but you need to yawn back to confirm that you miss him too!

Slavery a disturbing truth in India (Column: Active Voice)

New Delhi The Global Slavery Index 2013, compiled by non-profit Walk Free Foundation, presents quite a dismal picture about a reality in India: Modern slavery. It estimates that 13.3 million to 14.7 million people are enslaved in India, exhibiting the full spectrum of such rights violations. It is scary, heart-rending, exposes our underbelly and gives a peep into our minds and the exploitative tendencies we have. Most of all, it depicts the feudalistic mindset we suffer from.

109-year old steam engine rolls out on Shimla track

Shimla , March 29 An 109-year old British-era steam engine Saturday once again chugged down the Kalka-Shimla heritage track with over 12 passengers, mostly foreigners on board, railway officials said here.

Britain announces cultural programme to commemorate WWI

London , March 29 Britain has announced a major cultural and artistic programme that will take place nationwide to mark the centenary of WWI.

Primary school kids in Britain accessing porn sites: Study

London , March 28 In a startling revelation, a new study has claimed that three in 100 primary school children in Britain are visiting hardcore adult porn websites.

Big B promoting superstitions, activist tells court

Mumbai , March 27 A social activist from Pune has accused megastar Amitabh Bachchan of promoting superstitious beliefs, and filed a complaint before a court seeking action against the Bollywood actor.