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Sex behind the wheel dangerous for youngsters: Survey

New York , Dec 18

Sex behind the wheel can distract young drivers, leading to over-speeding and even a crash in some cases, says a new study.

Most US children likely to live with unmarried mothers

Washington , Dec 18

More than half of all US children will likely live with unmarried mothers at some point before they reach 18, said a study by researchers from the Princeton University and the Harvard University, the US.

Indian says getting better every day after Sydney siege

Sydney , Dec 18

Viswakanth Ankireddy, an Indian IT worker who was held hostage during the Sydney cafe siege Dec 15, said Thursday that he is getting better day-by-day with his wife's support.

Calvin Harris to endorse Emporio Armani

Los Angeles , Dec 18

Musician Calvin Harris has been roped in as the new face of the Emporio Armani brand for its spring 2015 campaign.

India's largest, oldest press printing Gita shuts shop

Lucknow , Dec 18 India'a most authentic, biggest, trusted and sustained connect for the Hindu devout with its rich past of religious literature is faced with a strike and indefinite closure. Headquartered in eastern Uttar Pradesh and publishing religious works since 1923, the Gita Press has shut down indefinitely owing to labour unrest.

VHP wants anti-conversion law, terms Agra event 'home-coming'

Kolkata , Dec 18

As the uproar over the alleged forcible conversion of around 300 Muslims in Agra continued to disrupt parliament, the VHP Thursday justified the act as "ghar wapsi" (home-coming) and pressed for an anti-conversion law.

Personality outsmarts intelligence at school

Melbourne , Dec 18

Personality is more important than intelligence when it comes to academic success, new research says.

Converted Christians return to Hindu fold in Bihar

Patna , Dec 18

Three of the dozen Hindus who converted to Christianity in two Bihar villages have returned to the Hindu fold after they were threatened with a social boycott, an official said Thursday.

Men shop more via smartphones than women

New York , Dec 18

Your spouse may find it hard to digest this but men are much more likely than women to go beyond browsing on their smartphones to make an actual purchase, says a survey.

Disclose your religion to find job satisfaction

New York , Dec 18

Employees who openly discuss their religious beliefs at work are often happier and have a higher job satisfaction than those who do not, says a study.