Sisodia concludes Delhi Walk Festival

New Delhi , Dec 5

Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia formally concluded the Delhi Walk Festival by visiting Mirza Ghalibs Shahjahanabad in Old Delhi.

Upcoming show focuses on anonymity and alienation of global urban life

New Delhi , Dec 5

What is it like to be anonymous in a city? Or is it a subterfuge many of us resort to in order to deal with a growing sense of anxiety and alienation in an ultra-modern global megalopolis? Bringing one up to several such facets of "anonymity and alienation of global urban life" is a group show of video installations, performances and artworks at Khoj Studios in the capital.

Menswear not just an afterthought anymore: Kunal Rawal

Mumbai , Dec 5

Menswear fashion designer Kunal Rawal, known for his signature style of "cultivated imperfection", says that menswear is no longer an afterthought for any designer. He gives credit to the growing potential market for it.

Kolkata continues to queue at banks, ATMs run dry

Kolkata , Dec 5

People at ATMs, more than at bank offices, in Kolkata felt dejected as they first queued up for long hours and then returned empty-handed as no cash was vended out on the first Monday after December pay day.