Sikhs vote to elect new gurdwara leaders in US

New York , Aug 31

After facing years of internal power struggles and a court ruling, members of the Sikh community have voted to elect new leaders of one of the largest gurdwaras in the US.

Bobby Jindal warns of immigrant 'invasion'

Washington , Aug 31 Republican presidential candidate Bobby Jindal, son of immigrant parents from India, says that immigrants who do not adopt American values represent an "invasion".

A device that turns breath into words

London , Aug 30

Scientists, including an Indian-origin doctor, have developed a new device that gives words to the thoughts of severe paralysis victims by analysing and interpreting their breathing patterns.

Young Indo-Canadian boxer beats champion

New Delhi

Toronto, Aug (IANS) A young Indo-Canadian boxer Eric Basran defeated the current Canadian champion and world medallist in an international tournament held earlier this month, the media reported on Monday.