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Kenya relocates over 2,700 refugees to camps

Nairobi , July 2 The Kenyan government has relocated 2,760 refugees and asylum seekers to the refugee camps in northern Kenya, the UN said Tuesday, adding 360 people others including five refugees were deported to Mogadishu.

China launches bullet train service on most challenging terrain

Beijing , July 1 China launched bullet train services Tuesday along a mountainous terrain touted as the most challenging the country has ever built.

From nails to hair, FIFA fever grips Delhi's fashionistas

New Delhi , July 1 Football fever has gripped fans across the globe, and the national capital is also riding high on the spirit of the game with enthusiastic young men and women here going for FIFA-themed nail art, tattoos and even haircuts.

Delhi's public transport - a hurdle for the disabled (Feature)

New Delhi , July 1 Varun Mahato, a 24-year-old visually impaired, boards a bus to his Noida office every day. His journey is a "struggle" because he often travels standing as the seats reserved for those with disability remain occupied by the abled who often callously refuse to offer him a seat.

Ban Ki-moon adopts lion cub

Nairobi , June 29 UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has adopted a lion cub in Nairobi National Park as a sign of support for efforts against the trafficking of animals around the world.

UN agencies seek $186 mn to help refugees in Africa

Nairobi , July 2 Two UN agencies Tuesday appealed for 186 million dollars to help over 800,000 refugees in Africa hit by food shortages.

Goa minister wants ban on mini-skirts, triggers outrage (Lead)

Panaji , July 1 Goa's Public Works Department Minister Sudin Dhavalikar has demanded a ban on young girls wearing short skirts to nightclubs, calling it a threat to "Goan culture". His comment Tuesday triggered outrage in Goa as well as across the country.

Floods displace over 250,000 in Paraguay, Brazil

Asunción , July 1 Floods have displaced over 250,000 people from their homes in Paraguay and Brazil, a media report said Tuesday.

Tender years blighted in Gujarat's cotton fields (Feature, With Image)

Jhadol (Rajasthan) , June 30 Craving a mobile phone but unable to afford it, a boy, not even in his teens, dropped out of school in his Rajasthan village to join friends working at a cotton plantation in neighbouring Gujarat. What followed was a harrowing two months that not only shows how child labour is flourishing but the inhuman conditions and near-torture thousands of such minors across the country undergo.

Delhi building collapse leaves dreams, lives shattered

New Delhi , June 28 Naim and Rashid were fortunate to escape the worst of the Delhi building collapse early Saturday that claimed ten lives. However, the tragedy took away their family and all hopes for a bright future together.