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I'm very conscious about my odour: Irrfan Khan

New Delhi , May 23

Irrfan Khan has created an ever-lasting impression on the minds of film-goers with his impeccable performance, but for the critically-acclaimed actor, it is a person's scent that leaves an imprint in his mind. Naturally so, he is "very conscious about" his own odour.

Modi's shaky race to save India's girls

Amritsar , May 23

It's a substantial but sparse two-room house, and flies infest the courtyard, buzzing ceaselessly around Manseerat Gill, 14 days old. Undisturbed by their buzzing, she sleeps peacefully.

Rajkumar Hirani produces his sister's play

Mumbai , May 22

Filmmaker Rajkumar Hirani, who last directed the successful "PK" is now all set to produce his sister Anju Kishinchandani's play "Growing Up" based on puberty.

Alexander McQueen to feature on 20 pound notes?

London , May 22

The late fashion designer Alexander McQueen might be immortalised on the new 20 pound notes in Britain.

Communist Party targets religious members in 'China's Jerusalem'

Shanghai , May 22

Known as "China's Jerusalem" for its prominent Christian population, Wenzhou city's chapter of the Communist Party of China (CCP), will expel any party member who practices religion, the official newspaper Global Times reported on Friday.

Why moms say coo while dads stay cool

Washington , May 23

In a study looking at fathers' verbal interactions with their children, a team of researchers suggests that by tending to avoid baby talk, men may provide a bridge for language acquisition for their children.

Dyeing hair helped Eva Green

London , May 23

Actress Eva Green felt like she could "breathe" when she dyed her hair at the age of 15.

Delhi Police reunite runaway boy with his Bihar family

New Delhi , May 22

An 11-year-old boy from Bihar living in shelter homes in the national capital has been reunited with his family, Delhi Police said here on Wednesday.

New York woman jailed for 24 years for bias killing of Hindu

New York , May 22

A New York woman who said she hates Hindus and killed a Hindu man by pushing him under a metro train has been sentenced to 24 years in prison, a local has prosecutor announced.

Russian woman shoots herself taking selfie

Moscow , May 22

A 21-year-old Russian woman shot herself in the head when she tried to take a selfie with a pellet gun pointed at her temple, Moscow police reported on Friday.