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All artefacts at Patan Durbar Square 'rescued, safe'

Kathmandu , May 6 Rubble greets you on entering the now-cordoned off premises of the Patan Durbar Square here which was badly destroyed in the earthquake that jolted this Himalayan nation on April 25. However, all the intricately carved wood panels and other artefacts at this Unesco World Heritage Site are "rescued and safe".

Goa to add casinos, move gambling ships upriver

Panaji , May 6 The five glitzy offshore casinos anchored in the Mandovi river, which are now contemporary landmarks in the state's capital, will be shifted upriver to other locations, even as an anti-corruption outfit claimed that five more casinos could soon be given operating licences.

Can't resist late-night snacking? Brain's the culprit!

New York , May 6

Do you find it hard to satiate your desire for food at night even after gobbling up most of what was left in the refrigerator?

Photos play tricks with judgement, memory: Study

Wellington , May 6

A pretty picture can change our thoughts about the world and more likely to believe that certain claims are true, according to a new study.

Social phobia puts you at teeth grinding risk

London , May 6

People with social phobia or anxiety are at increased risk of bruxism - teeth grinding which causes tooth wear and fractures as well as jaw pain, a new research has found.

Procession carrying relics of Sikh Gurus begins in Punjab

Chandigarh , May 6

Amid singing of hymns and religious fervour, a procession carrying the relics of three Sikh Gurus started from Punjab's Patiala city, 80 km from here, on Wednesday.

Bosses must 'serve' employees for better productivity

New York , May 6

Employees feel the most valued and perform their job well when their bosses create a culture of trust, caring, cooperation, fairness and empathy, shows a new study.

The Beatles didn't start musical revolution in US: Study

London , May 6

Contrary to popular belief, the so-called "British Invasion" of US pop music by groups like The Beatles and The Rolling Stones did not start rock revolution, researchers have found.

Hindu, Muslim girls marry earliest; Jains, Christians later

New Delhi

Khabar Lahariya & Prachi Salve,

British leaders eye Indian votes

New Delhi As the campaigning for the British parliamentary election enters its final phase, Prime Minister David Cameron and other leaders are eyeing undecided voters, especially among the 700,000 strong Indian community.