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Any physical activity is good for brain health

Toronto , Oct 30

Exercise boosts brain health and researchers have now found that the elderly and sedentary who cannot think of hitting the gym for physical activity may improve their brain health by doing any activity they like.

Walking workstations boost overall health

New York , Oct 30

A research showed that walking workstations could improve not only your physical, but your mental health as well.

Religions unite to protest with holy water and incense in Hong Kong

Hong Kong , Oct 30

Pro-democracy activists have built a small church and a Buddhist temple with rubble and recycled material in the Hong Kong streets occupied by the "Umbrella Movement", reflecting the influence of religion in the month-long protests.

Cleaning products poison indoor air: Study

Washington , Oct 30

That lavender air freshener in your bedroom may create a pleasant odour but it might spike indoor aerosol levels, that could seriously hamper the quality of indoor air.

Chhath festival concludes peacefully in Bihar

Patna , Oct 30

The four-day long Chhath festival ended peacefully Thursday morning in Bihar. Millions of people, mostly women, took a dip in the river to offer prayers to the rising sun, officials said.

Mehndi on hands, Indo-Trinidadian girl back in class

Port-of-spain , Oct 30 The mehndi remains on the hands of this girl in Trinidad and Tobago, yet she was allowed to return to class.

Hormone triggers alcohol cravings

New York , Oct 30

Apart from the brain, a hormone released by the stomach stimulates alcohol cravings, found a research.

Plant-based raw materials to produce consumer goods?

New York , Oct 30

Imagine wearing trousers made out of corn or a T-shirt made of sugar. With bio-based raw materials coming to the fore, this could, in fact, be the future of the consumer goods industry.

Jailed Indian-origin doctor found not guilty of third rape

Sydney , Oct 30

An Indian-origin doctor in Australia, jailed last year for raping two patients, has been found not guilty of raping a third woman, media reported Thursday.

Illegal excavation uncovers Pharaonic temple ruins

Cairo , Oct 30

A clandestine excavation in a rural town, south of Egypt's capital Cairo, has uncovered artifacts from a Pharaonic temple dating back to more than 3,500 years ago, said Egyptian Minister of Antiquities Mamdouh al-Damati.