Relationships are very common human activity or part of human life in the world. People get into relationships and breakup when they feel unhappy with it. But, can relationship become addictive? Addictive relationship is a kind of abnormal way of dealing with it. A well balanced relationship is to be involved with 50% duty and 50% responsibility. But in addictive relationship, it will be 90% joy and 10% responsibility. The imbalanced equilibrium creates the relationship to be called addictive.

One of the most important sign of addictive relationship is one person taking and other person giving all the times. Addiction differs entirely from the literary meaning and refers to a person becoming self centered and independent. It is quite easy for a person to understand if he/she is addictive in the relationship. Knowing the special meaning of relationship addiction is essential to understand the addictiveness as relationship addiction differs much in essence from all other kinds of addiction. Let us see for of the most visible signs of addictive relationships.


Selfish expressions in relationship may be signs of addictive relationship. When partners demand more than offering, then the relationship is addictive by all means. A healthy relationship should cherish through mutual give and take of affection as well as resources. They should share mutually and support equally.

But in addictive relationships, instead of give and take, it will only be demanding for more and more by the addictive person. The addictive person may not search for the ways of making the partner happy, but demand the other person to fulfill him/her. Such an attitude may put the other person in dilemma as the relationship may not benefit him/her with anything, but fill his/her life with a bunch of impossible responsibilities.

Unrealistic Expectations

Many people often exhibit unrealistic expectations in romance and other relationships. They demand the partner to be extreme romantic, faithful, honest, lovable and trustworthy. Such unrealistic expectations are to be categorized as addictive behavior. Having unrealistic expectations from the partner is the clear indication of lack of understanding of each other. A person who knows the partner well may have only limited expectations from the other person and may never push him/her beyond the limits of capabilities.

Dominative Character

Another possible sign of addictive type of relationship is extremely controlling or dominative character. A person who tries to control the partner with means of forceful execution of orders and abnormal ways of behavior may be suffering from addictive relationship. When a person tries to dominate the other through methods of dominating, the relationship will become like a master slave type. Such types of relationships will make the submissive partner feeling so unwanted and unimportant.

Extreme mentalities

It is often said about addictive relationships that when it is good, it is too good; and when it is bad, it is too bad. A person in addictive relationship may not know the middle way of relationship. They either go to the extreme good side or extreme bad side. The extreme good side mentioned here may not be the best way of relationship, but always thinking of unrealistic and almost impossible methods of pleasing the partner with abnormal and unaccepted methods of romance. When they go bad in a relationship, it will be the extreme side making the life so horrible in the relationship.

Ways of curing addictive behavior

Addictive behavior can be very well cured. All what is needed is a bit more understanding and attention. Many a time, addictive partners get into abnormal modes of behavior because they do not realize the real life facts and aspects; not because of they are bound to such characters by birth.

Communicating with them the disadvantages and destructiveness of addictive relationships may make them live in the real world. Also the partner needs to tell them how difficult it is to cop up with addictive type of character. Well communicated and well conveyed messages may make such people to deal with care when in relationships.