Airports in Canada - List of Canada Airports By City

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Airports List Canada - Canada Airport Codes (IATA / ICAO)

All the Airports in Canada are listed below. For more information about any of these airports click on the airport name. There are 518 Airports in Canada and this list covers all these 518 Canada Airports. Find Airport Information with airport to airport distance, airport to city distance, Current Time and Date at airport Canada etc...

List of airports in Canada

1 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W Y
1 ZMH CZML 108 Mile Ranch Airport 108 Mile Ranch
1 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W Y
1 YXX CYXX Abbotsford Airport Abbotsford
2 LAK CYKD Aklavik Airport Aklavik
3 AKV CYKO Akulivik Airport Akulivik
4 YLT CYLT Alert Airport Alert
5 YAL CYAL Alert Bay Airport Alert Bay
6 ZAA Alice Arm Airport Alice Arm
7 YTF CYTF Alma Airport Alma
8 YAE Alta Lake Airport Alta Lake
9 YEY CYEY Amos Airport Amos
10 YAA CAJ4 Anahim Lake Airport Anahim Lake
11 YAX CKB6 Angling Lake Airport Angling Lake
12 YAB CYAB Arctic Bay Airport Arctic Bay
13 YYW CYYW Armstrong Airport Armstrong
14 YNR Arnes Airport Arnes, MB
15 YEK CYEK Arviat Airport Arviat
16 YAF Asbestos Hill Airport Asbestos Hill
17 YZA Ashcroft Airport Ashcroft
18 YIB CYIB Atikokan Airport Atikokan
19 YAT CYAT Attawapiskat Airport Attawapiskat
20 YPJ CYLA Aupaluk Airport Aupaluk
1 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W Y
1 YBG CYBG Bagotville Airport Bagotville
2 YBC CYBC Baie Comeau Airport Baie Comeau
3 YBJ Baie Johan Beetz Airport Baie Johan Beetz
4 YBK CYBK Baker Lake Airport Baker Lake
5 YBF Bamfield Airport Bamfield
6 YBA Banff Airport Banff
7 ZBF CZBD Bathurst Airport Bathurst
8 XBE CNE3 Bearskin Lake Airport Bearskin Lake
9 YZC Beatton River Airport Beatton River
10 YXQ CYXQ Beaver Creek Airport Beaver Creek
11 ZEL Bella Bella Airport Bella Bella
12 QBC CYBD Bella Coola Airport Bella Coola, BC
13 YBV CYBV Berens River Airport Berens River
14 YIG Big Bay Marina Airport Big Bay Marina
15 YYA Big Bay Yacht Club Airport Big Bay Yacht Club
16 YTL CYTL Big Trout Airport Big Trout
17 YOS CYOS Billy Bishop Regional Airport Owen Sound
18 YBI Black Tickle Airport Black Tickle
19 YBX CYBX Blanc Sablon Airport Blanc Sablon
20 XBB Blubber Bay Airport Blubber Bay
21 YVB CYVB Bonaventure Airport Bonaventure
22 YBY CYBF Bonnyville Airport Bonnyville, AB
23 YBN Borden Airport Borden
24 YDT CZBA Boundary Bay Airport Vancouver
25 YBR CYBR Brandon Airport Brandon
26 YDR Broadview Airport Broadview
27 YBT CYBT Brochet Airport Brochet
28 XBR Brockville Airport Brockville
29 ZBM CZBM Bromont Airport Bromont
30 YBM Bronson Creek Airport Bronson Creek
31 YZM Buchans Airport Buchans
32 YVT CYVT Buffalo Narrows Airport Buffalo Narrows
33 YBH Bull Harbour Airport Bull Harbour
34 YPZ Burns Lake Airport Burns Lake
35 YDB CYDB Burwash Landings Airport Burwash Landings
36 YKZ CYKZ Buttonville Municipal Airport Toronto
1 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W Y
1 YYC CYYC Calgary International Airport Calgary, AB
2 YCB CYCB Cambridge Bay Airport Cambridge Bay
3 YBL CYBL Campbell River Airport Campbell River
4 YTE CYTE Cape Dorset Airport Cape Dorset
5 YCJ Cape St James Airport Cape St James
6 YCI Caribou Island Airport Caribou Island
7 YCV CYCV Cartierville Airport Cartierville
8 YRF CYCA Cartwright Airport Cartwright
9 YCG CYCG Castlegar Airport Castlegar
10 YAC CYAC Cat Lake Airport Cat Lake
11 YLD CYLD Chapleau Airport Chapleau
12 YML CYML Charlevoix Airport Murray Bay, NT
13 YCL CYCL Charlo Airport Charlo
14 YHG Charlottetown Airport Charlottetown
15 YYG CYYG Charlottetown Airport Charlottetown
16 XFZ Charny Airport Quebec
17 XCM Chatham Airport Chatham
18 YCS CYCS Chesterfield Inlet Airport Chesterfield Inlet
19 YCQ CYCQ Chetwynd Airport Chetwynd
20 YHR CYHR Chevery Airport Chevery
21 YMT CYMT Chibougamau Airport Chibougamau
22 CJH Chilko Lake Airport Chilko Lake
23 YCW CYCW Chilliwack Municipal Airport Chilliwack
24 YKU CSU2 Chisasibi Airport Chisasibi
25 ZUM CZUM Churchill Falls Airport Churchill Falls
26 YWQ Chute-Des-Passes Airport Chute-Des-Passes
27 YLM Clinton Creek Airport Clinton Creek
28 XCL Cluff Lake Airport Cluff Lake
29 YCY CYCY Clyde River Airport Clyde River
30 YCP Co-op Point Airport Co-op Point
31 YCN CYSN Cochrane Airport Cochrane
32 YOD CYOD Cold Lake Airport Cold Lake
33 YKC Collins Bay Airport Collins Bay
34 YCK CEB3 Colville Lake Airport Colville Lake
35 YQQ CYQQ Comox Airport Comox
36 YZS CYCZ Coral Harbour Airport Coral Harbour
37 YCT CYCT Coronation Airport Coronation
38 YCF Cortes Bay Airport Cortes Bay
39 YCA Courtenay Airport Courtenay
40 YYM Cowley Airport Cowley
41 YXC CYXC Cranbrook Airport Cranbrook
42 CFQ Creston Valley Airport Creston
43 YCR CYCR Cross Lake Airport Cross Lake
1 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W Y
1 YDH Daniels Harbour Airport Daniels Harbour
2 YDN CYDN Dauphin Airport Dauphin
3 YDI Davis Inlet Airport Davis Inlet
4 YDA CYDA Dawson City Airport Dawson City
5 YDQ CYDQ Dawson Creek Airport Dawson Creek
6 YRD Dean River Airport Dean River
7 YDL CYDL Dease Lake Airport Dease Lake
8 YGY Deception Airport Deception
9 YDF CYDF Deer Lake Airport Deer Lake
10 YVZ CYVZ Deer Lake Airport Deer Lake
11 YNF Deer Lake/Stephenville Airport Corner Brook
12 YWJ CYWJ Deline Airport Deline
13 YDS Desolation Sound Airport Desolation Sound
14 DVK Diavik Airport Diavik
15 YDG CYID Digby Airport Digby
16 YPR CYPR Digby Island Airport Prince Rupert
17 YDX Doc Creek Airport Doc Creek
18 YZD CYZD Downsview Airport Toronto
19 YDC CYDC Drayton Valley Industrial Airport Drayton Valley
20 DUQ Duncan/Quam Airport Duncan/Quam
21 YWF Dwtown Waterfront H/P Airport Halifax
1 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W Y
1 YXR CYXR Earlton Airport Earlton
2 ZEM CZEM East Main Airport East Main
3 YEM CYEM East Manitoulin Airport Manitowaning
4 YXD CYXD Edmonton City Center Airport Edmonton
5 YEG CYEG Edmonton International Airport Edmonton, AB
6 YET CYET Edson Airport Edson
7 YOA CYOA Ekati Airport Ekati
8 YEL CYEL Elliot Lake Airport Elliot Lake
9 YPF Esquimalt Airport Esquimalt
10 YEN CYEN Estevan Airport Estevan
11 YEP Estevan Point Airport Estevan Point
12 YEU CYEU Eureka Airport Eureka
13 YND CYND Executive Gatineau-Ottawa Airport Ottawa
1 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W Y
1 YCZ Fairmont Hot Springs Airport Fairmont Hot Springs
2 ZFW Fairview Airport Fairview
3 YOE Falher Airport Falher
4 ZFA CZFA Faro Airport Faro
5 YFO CYFO Flin Flon Airport Flin Flon
6 ZFD CZFD Fond Du Lac Airport Fond Du Lac
7 YFG Fontanges Airport Fontanges
8 YOJ CYOJ Footner Lake Airport High Level
9 YFE CYFE Forestville Airport Forestville
10 YFA CYFA Fort Albany Airport Fort Albany
11 YPY CYPY Fort Chipewyan Airport Fort Chipewyan
12 YGH CYGH Fort Good Hope Airport Fort Good Hope
13 YFH CYFH Fort Hope Airport Fort Hope
14 YJF CYJF Fort Liard Airport Fort Liard
15 YMM CYMM Fort Mcmurray Airport Fort Mcmurray
16 ZFM CZFM Fort Mcpherson Airport Fort Mcpherson
17 YYE CYYE Fort Nelson Airport Fort Nelson
18 YFL Fort Reliance Airport Fort Reliance
19 YFR CYFR Fort Resolution Airport Fort Resolution
20 YER CYER Fort Severn Airport Fort Severn
21 YFS CYFS Fort Simpson Airport Fort Simpson
22 YSM CYSM Fort Smith Airport Fort Smith
23 YXJ CYXJ Fort St John Airport Fort St John
24 YFX CCK4 Fox Harbour Airport Fox Harbour
25 YFC CYFC Fredericton Airport Fredericton
1 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W Y
1 YCX Gagetown Airport Gagetown
2 YGA Gagnon Airport Gagnon
3 YQX CYQX Gander International Airport Gander
4 YGG Ganges Harbor Airport Ganges Harbor
5 YGQ CYGQ Geraldton Airport Geraldton
6 YGS Germansen Airport Germansen
7 ZGS Gethsemani Airport Gethsemani
8 YGX CYGX Gillam Airport Gillam
9 YGB CYGB Gillies Bay Airport Gillies Bay
10 YGM CYGM Gimli Airport Gimli
11 YHK CYHK Gjoa Haven Airport Gjoa Haven
12 YPA CYPA Glass Field Airport Prince Albert, SK
13 YGO CYGO Gods Narrows Airport Gods Narrows
14 ZGI CZGI Gods River Airport Gods River
15 YYR CYYR Goose Bay Airport Goose Bay
16 YZE CYZE Gore Bay Airport Gore Bay
17 YGE Gorge Harbor Airport Gorge Harbor
18 ZGF CZGF Grand Forks Airport Grand Forks
19 YGC Grande Cache Airport Grande Cache
20 YQU CYQU Grande Prairie Airport Grande Prairie
21 XGL Granville Lake Airport Granville Lake
22 DAS Great Bear Lake Airport Great Bear Lake
23 YQM CYQM Greater Moncton International Airport Moncton
24 YGN Greenway Sound Airport Greenway Sound
25 YZX CYZX Greenwood Airport Greenwood
26 YGZ CYGZ Grise Fiord Airport Grise Fiord
1 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W Y
1 YHT CYHT Haines Junction Airport Haines Junction
2 YHC Hakai Pass Airport Hakai Pass
3 YHZ CYHZ Halifax International Airport Halifax, NS
4 YUX CYUX Hall Beach Airport Hall Beach
5 YHM CYHM Hamilton Airport Hamilton
6 HNX Hanna Airport Hanna
7 YHH Harbor SPB Airport Campbell River
8 ZRR Harbour Airport Fiumicino
9 YTB Hartley Bay Airport Hartley Bay
10 YDJ Hatchet Lake Airport Hatchet Lake
11 YGV CYGV Havre St Pierre Airport Havre St Pierre
12 YHY CYHY Hay River Airport Hay River
13 YHF CYHF Hearst Airport Hearst
14 ZHP High Prairie Airport High Prairie
15 YHI CYHI Holman Airport Holman
16 YHE CYHE Hope Airport Hope
17 YHO CYHO Hopedale Airport Hopedale
18 YHN CYHN Hornepayne Airport Hornepayne
19 YHB CYHB Hudson Bay Airport Hudson Bay
1 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W Y
1 YGT CYGT Igloolik Airport Igloolik
2 ZUC CZUC Ignace Airport Ignace
3 YGR CYGR Iles De La Madeleine Airport Iles De La Madeleine
4 ILF Ilford Airport Ilford
5 YPH CYPH Inukjuak Airport Inukjuak
6 YEV CYEV Inuvik/mike Zubko Airport Inuvik
7 TIL Inverlake Airport Inverlake
8 YFB CYFB Iqaluit Airport Iqaluit
9 YIV CYIV Island Lk/Garden Hill Airport Island Lk/Garden Hill
10 YIK CYIK Ivujivik Airport Ivujivik
1 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W Y
1 YXE CYXE J.G. Diefenbaker International Airport Saskatoon
2 YWG CYWG James Armstrong Richardson International Airport Winnipeg
3 YJP Jasper-hinton Airport Jasper-hinton
4 ZJG CZJG Jenpeg Airport Jenpeg
5 YJO Johnny Mountain Airport Johnny Mountain
1 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W Y
1 YKA CYKA Kamloops Airport Kamloops
2 XGR CYLU Kangiqsualujjuaq Airport Kangiqsualujjuaq
3 YWB CYKG Kangiqsujuaq Airport Kangiqsujuaq
4 YKG CYAS Kangirsuk Airport Kangirsuk
5 YYU CYYU Kapuskasing Airport Kapuskasing
6 XKS CYAQ Kasabonika Airport Kasabonika
7 ZKE CZKE Kaschechewan Airport Kaschechewan
8 YAU CYAU Kattiniq/Donaldson Airport Kattiniq
9 KEW Keewaywin Airport Keewaywin
10 ZKG Kegaska Airport Kegaska
11 YLW CYLW Kelowna Airport Kelowna, BC
12 KES Kelsey Airport Kelsey
13 XKO Kemano Airport Kemano
14 YKI Kennosao Lake Airport Kennosao Lake
15 YQK CYQK Kenora Airport Kenora
16 YKJ CYKJ Key Lake Airport Key Lake
17 YXI Killaloe Airport Killaloe
18 XBW Killineq Airport Killineq
19 YQE Kimberley Airport Kimberley
20 YLC CYLC Kimmirut Airport Kimmirut/Lake Harbour
21 YKY CYKY Kindersley Airport Kindersley
22 KIF CNM5 Kingfisher Lake Airport Kingfisher Lake
23 YGK CYGK Kingston Airport Kingston
24 KNY Kinoosao Airport Kinoosao
25 YKX CYKX Kirkland Lake Airport Kirkland Lake
26 YKF CYKF Kitchener-Waterloo Regional Airport Kitchener/Waterloo
27 YKK Kitkatla Airport Kitkatla
28 YKT Klemtu Airport Klemtu
29 YKE Knee Lake Airport Knee Lake
30 KNV Knights Inlet Airport Knights Inlet
31 YBB CYBB Kugaaruk Airport Kugaaruk
32 YCO CYCO Kugluktuk Airport Kugluktuk/Coppermine
33 YVP CYVP Kuujjuaq Airport Kuujjuaq
34 YGW CYGW Kuujjuarapik Airport Kuujjuarapik
1 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W Y
1 YGL CYGL La Grande Airport La Grande
2 YTM CYFJ La Macaza Airport Mont Tremblant
3 YVC CYVC La Ronge Airport La Ronge
4 SSQ La Sarre Airport La Sarre
5 ZLT CTU5 La Tabatiere Airport La Tabatiere
6 YLQ La Tuque Airport La Tuque
7 YLB Lac Biche Airport Lac Biche
8 XLB Lac Brochet Airport Lac Brochet
9 YLF LaForges Airport LaForges
10 YAR Lagrande 3 Airport Lagrande 3
11 YAH CYAH Lagrande 4 Airport Lagrande 4
12 YLA Langara Airport Langara
13 YLY Langley Regional Airport Langley
14 YLH CYLH Lansdowne House Airport Lansdowne House
15 LRQ Laurie River Airport Laurie River
16 XLF Leaf Bay Airport Leaf Bay
17 YLR CYLR Leaf Rapids Airport Leaf Rapids
18 YLS Lebel-Sur-Quevillon Airport Lebel-Sur-Quevillon
19 YYZ CYYZ Lester B. Pearson International Airport Toronto
20 YQL CYQL Lethbridge Airport Lethbridge
21 ZGR CZGR Little Grand Rapids Airport Little Grand Rapids
22 YLL CYLL Lloydminster Airport Lloydminster, AB
23 YXU CYXU London International Airport London
24 YLX Long Point Airport Long Point
25 YWO Lupin Airport Lupin
26 YSG CYLK Lutselke Airport Lutselke/Snowdrift
27 YAJ Lyall Harbour Airport Lyall Harbour
28 YYL CYYL Lynn Lake Airport Lynn Lake
1 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W Y
1 XMP Macmillan Pass Airport Macmillan Pass
2 YDK Main Duck Island Airport Main Duck Island
3 YMN CYFT Makkovik Airport Makkovik
4 YMG CYMG Manitouwadge Airport Manitouwadge
5 YMW CYMW Maniwaki Airport Maniwaki
6 YAQ Maple Bay Airport Maple Bay
7 YSP CYSP Marathon Airport Marathon
8 YMC Maricourt Airstrip Airport Maricourt Airstrip
9 ZMT CZMT Masset Airport Masset
10 YNM CYNM Matagami Airport Matagami
11 YME CYME Matane Airport Matane
12 YMA CYMA Mayo Airport Mayo
13 YLJ CYLJ Meadow Lake Airport Meadow Lake
14 YXH CYXH Medicine Hat Airport Medicine Hat
15 YMB Merritt Airport Merritt
16 YMR Merry Island Airport Merry Island
17 YYQ CYYQ Metropolitan Area Airport Churchill, Manitoba
18 YMI Minaki Airport Minaki
19 YAV CYAV Miners Bay Airport Miners Bay
20 YLP Mingan Airport Mingan
21 YMX CYMX Mirabel Airport Montreal
22 YCH CYCH Miramichi Airport Miramichi
23 YYY CYYY Mont Joli Airport Mont Joli
24 YMF Montagne Harbor Airport Montagne Harbor
25 YUL CYUL Montréal-pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport Montreal
26 YMJ CYMJ Moose Jaw / Air Vice Marshal C. M. Mcewen Airport Moose Jaw
27 YMO CYMO Moosonee Airport Moosonee, ON
28 YHD CYHD Municipal Airport Dryden
29 YAG CYAG Municipal Airport Fort Frances
30 YQA CYQA Muskoka Airport Muskoka
31 MSA CZMD Muskrat Dam Airport Muskrat Dam
32 YBS Musselwhite Airport Opapamiska Lake
1 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W Y
1 YDP CYDP Nain Airport Nain
2 YQN CYQN Nakina Airport Nakina
3 YED CYED Namao Fld Airport Edmonton
4 ZNU Namu Airport Namu, BC
5 YCD CYCD Nanaimo Arpt Airport Nanaimo
6 YSR CYSR Nanisivik Airport Nanisivik
7 YNA CYNA Natashquan Airport Natashquan
8 YNP Natuashish Airport Natuashish
9 ZNG CZNG Negginan Airport Negginan
10 YNS CYHH Nemiscau Airport Nemiscau
11 YBD New Westminster Airport New Westminster
12 YNI Nitchequon Airport Nitchequon
13 YNK Nootka Sound Airport Nootka Sound
14 YVQ CYVQ Norman Wells Airport Norman Wells
15 YQW CYQW North Battleford Airport North Battleford
16 YYB CYYB North Bay Airport North Bay
17 YNO CKQ3 North Spirit Lake Airport North Spirit Lake, ON
18 YNE CYNE Norway House Airport Norway House
19 NWP NS Airport Argentia
20 YRT CYRT Nuuk Airport Rankin Inlet, NT
1 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W Y
1 YDW Obre Lake Airport Obre Lake
2 ZOF Ocean Falls Airport Ocean Falls
3 YOG CNT3 Ogoki Airport Ogoki
4 YOC CYOC Old Crow Airport Old Crow
5 ZFB Old Fort Bay Airport Old Fort Bay
6 YOO CYOO Oshawa Airport Oshawa
7 YOW CYOW Ottawa Macdonald-Cartier International Airport Ottawa
8 YOH CYOH Oxford House Airport Oxford House
1 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W Y
1 YIF CYIF Pakuashipi Airport Pakuashipi
2 YXP CYXP Pangnirtung Airport Pangnirtung
3 YDE Paradise River Airport Paradise River
4 YPD Parry Sound Airport Parry Sound
5 YPC CYPC Paulatuk Airport Paulatuk
6 YPE CYPE Peace River Airport Peace River
7 YPO CYPO Peawanuck Airport Peawanuck
8 YTA CYTA Pembroke And Area Airport Pembroke
9 YQS CYQS Pembroke Area Mncpl Airport St Thomas
10 YPT Pender Harbor Airport Pender Harbor
11 YYF CYYF Penticton Airport Penticton
12 YWA CYWA Petawawa Airport Petawawa
13 YPQ CYPQ Peterborough Airport Peterborough
14 YPL CYPL Pickle Lake Airport Pickle Lake
15 YPM CYPM Pikangikum Airport Pikangikum
16 PIW CZMN Pikwitonei Airport Pikwitonei
17 WPC Pincher Creek Airport Pincher Creek
18 ZPO Pine House Airport Pine House
19 YPP Pine Point Airport Pine Point
20 YNL CYNL Points North Landing Airport Points North Landing, Saskatchewan
21 YIO CYIO Pond Inlet Airport Pond Inlet
22 YHP CPV7 Poplar Hill Airport Poplar Hill
23 XPP Poplar River Airport Poplar River
24 YPB EHYP Port Alberni Airport Port Alberni
25 YZT CYZT Port Hardy Airport Port Hardy
26 YPS CYPD Port Hawkesbury Airport Port Hawkesbury
27 YHA CCP4 Port Hope Simpson Airport Port Hope Simpson
28 YMP Port McNeil Airport Port McNeil
29 YPN CYPN Port Menier Airport Port Menier
30 YPI Port Simpson Airport Port Simpson
31 YPG CYPG Portage La Prairie Airport Portage La Prairie
32 YSO Postville Airport Postville
33 WPL Powell Lake Airport Powell Lake
34 YPW CYPW Powell River Airport Powell River
35 YXS CYXS Prince George Airport Prince George
36 XPK Pukatawagan Airport Pukatawagan
37 YPX CYPX Puvirnituq Airport Povungnituk
1 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W Y
1 YVM CYVM Qikiqtarjuaq Airport Qikiqtarjuaq
2 XQU Qualicum Airport Qualicum
3 YQC CUHA Quaqtaq Airport Quaqtaq
4 YQB CYQB Québec Airport Québec City
5 ZQS Queen Charlotte Is Airport Queen Charlotte Is
6 YQZ CYQZ Quesnel Airport Quesnel
1 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W Y
1 YRA CYRA Rae Lakes Airport Rae Lakes
2 YOP VEGK Rainbow Lake Airport Rainbow Lake
3 YQF CYQF Red Deer Airport Red Deer
4 YRL CYRL Red Lake Airport Red Lake
5 YRS CYRS Red Sucker Lake Airport Red Sucker Lake
6 YQR CYQR Regina Airport Regina, Saskatchewan
7 YCC CYCC Regional Airport Cornwall
8 YUT CYUT Repulse Bay Airport Repulse Bay
9 YRB CYRB Resolute Airport Resolute
10 YRE Resolution Island Airport Resolution Island
11 YRV CYRV Revelstoke Airport Revelstoke
12 YRG CCZ2 Rigolet Airport Rigolet
13 YXK CYXK Rimouski Airport Rimouski
14 YYI Rivers Airport Rivers
15 YRN Rivers Inlet Airport Owekeno Village
16 YTN Riviere Au Tonnerre Airport Riviere Au Tonnerre
17 YRI CYRI Riviere Du Loup Airport Riviere Du Loup
18 YRJ CYRJ Roberval Airport Roberval
19 YRM CYRM Rocky Mountain House Airport Rocky Mountain House
20 XRR Ross River Airport Ross River
21 ZRJ CZRJ Round Lake Airport Round Lake
22 YUY CYUY Rouyn-Noranda Airport Rouyn-Noranda, Québec
1 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W Y
1 YSA Sable Island Airport Sable Island
2 ZPB CZPB Sachigo Lake Airport Sachigo Lake
3 YSY CYSY Sachs Harbour Airport Sachs Harbour
4 YSV Saglek Airport Saglek
5 YSJ CYSJ Saint John Airport Saint John
6 YZG CYZG Salluit Airport Salluit
7 YSN CZAM Salmon Arm Airport Salmon Arm
8 YZP CYZP Sandspit Airport Sandspit
9 ZSJ CZSJ Sandy Lake Airport Sandy Lake
10 YSK CYSK Sanikiluaq Airport Sanikiluaq
11 YSI Sans Souci Airport Sans Souci
12 YZR CYZR Sarnia Airport Sarnia
13 YAM CYAM Sault Ste Marie Airport Sault Ste Marie
14 YKL CYKL Schefferville Airport Schefferville
15 YTP Seaplane Base Airport Tofino
16 YHS Sechelt Airport Sechelt
17 YZV CYZV Sept-Iles Airport Sept-Iles
18 ZTM CZTM Shamattawa Airport Shamattawa
19 YAW CYAW Shearwater Airport Halifax
20 YSX Shearwater Airport Shearwater
21 YSC CYSC Sherbrooke Airport Sherbrooke
22 YLO Shilo Airport Shilo
23 SYF Silva Bay Airport Silva Bay
24 YXL CYXL Sioux Lookout Airport Sioux Lookout
25 YZH CYZH Slave Lake Airport Slave Lake
26 YSH CYSH Smith Falls Airport Smith Falls
27 YYD CYYD Smithers Airport Smithers
28 YXF Snake River Airport Snake River
29 YFJ Snare Lake Airport Snare Lake
30 XSI South Indian Lake Airport South Indian Lake
31 ZFL South Trout Lake Airport South Trout Lake
32 YBW CYBW Springbank Airport Calgary
33 YSE Squamish Airport Squamish
34 YSZ Squirrel Cove Airport Squirrel Cove
35 YAY CYAY St Anthony Airport St Anthony
36 YCM CYSN St Catharines Airport St Catharines
37 YHU CYHU St Hubert Airport Montreal
38 YJN CYJN St Jean Airport St Jean
39 YSL CYSL St Leonard Airport St Leonard
40 YDO CYDO St Methode Airport Dolbeau
41 ZSP St Paul Airport St Paul
42 YYT CYYT St. John´s International Airport St. John's, NL
43 YST CYST Ste Therese Point Airport Ste Therese Point
44 YJT CYJT Stephenville Airport Stephenville
45 ZST CZST Stewart Airport Stewart
46 YSF CYSF Stony Rapids Airport Stony Rapids
47 YRR Stuart Island Airport Stuart Island
48 YTC Sturdee Airport Sturdee
49 YSB CYSB Sudbury Airport Sudbury
50 YSD Suffield Airport Suffield
51 YTG Sullivan Bay Airport Sullivan Bay
52 SUR CJV7 Summer Beaver Airport Summer Beaver
53 YSU CYSU Summerside Airport Summerside
54 IUM Summit Lake Airport Summit Lake
55 ZJN CZJN Swan River Airport Swan River
56 YYN CYYN Swift Current Airport Swift Current
57 YQY CYQY Sydney Airport Sydney, NS
1 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W Y
1 XTL CYBQ Tadoule Lake Airport Tadoule Lake, MB
2 YYH CYYH Taloyoak Airport Taloyoak
3 YTX Telegraph Creek Airport Telegraph Creek
4 YBQ Telegraph Harbour Airport Telegraph Harbour
5 YXT CYXT Terrace Airport Terrace, BC
6 YTJ Terrace Bay Airport Terrace Bay
7 YZW CYZW Teslin Airport Teslin
8 ZTB CTB6 Tete-a-La Baleine Airport Tete-a-La Baleine
9 YQD CYQD The Pas Airport The Pas
10 YTD CZLQ Thicket Portage Airport Thicket Portage
11 YTH CYTH Thompson Airport Thompson
12 YQT CYQT Thunder Bay Airport Thunder Bay
13 YTS CYTS Timmins Airport Timmins, ON
14 YTT Tisdale Airport Tisdale, sk
15 YAZ CYAZ Tofino Airport Tofino, BC
16 YTZ CYTZ Toronto City Centre Airport Toronto
17 YTO Toronto Pearson International Airport Toronto
18 YKD Township Airport Kincardine
19 YTR CYTR Trenton Airport Trenton
20 YTI Triple Island Airport Triple Island
21 YRQ CYRQ Trois-Rivieres Airport Trois-Rivieres
22 YUB CYUB Tuktoyaktuk Airport Tuktoyaktuk
23 ZFN CZFN Tulita Airport Tulita/Fort Norman
24 YTK Tulugak Airport Tulugak
25 TUX Tumbler Ridge Airport Tumbler Ridge
1 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W Y
1 YUD CYMU Umiujaq Airport Umiujaq
2 YBE CYBE Uranium City Airport Uranium City
1 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W Y
1 YOY Valcartier Airport Valcartier
2 YVR CYVR Vancouver International Airport Richmond
3 YVG CYVG Vermilion Airport Vermilion
4 YVE CYVK Vernon Regional Airport Vernon B. C.
5 YYJ CYYJ Victoria International Airport Victoria
1 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W Y
1 YWK CYWK Wabush Airport Wabush
2 YKQ CYKQ Waskaganish Airport Waskaganish
3 YQH CYQH Watson Lake Airport Watson Lake
4 YXZ CYXZ Wawa Airport Wawa
5 YWP CYWP Webequie Airport Webequie
6 YNC CYNC Wemindji Airport Wemindji
7 YLE CEM3 Wha Ti Airport Wha Ti/Lac La Martre
8 YXN CYXN Whale Cove Airport Whale Cove
9 YWR White River Airport White River
10 YZU CYZU Whitecourt Airport Whitecourt
11 YXY CYXY Whitehorse International Airport Whitehorse, Yukon
12 YVV CYVV Wiarton/Keppel Airport Wiarton, ON
13 YWM CCA6 Williams Harbour Airport Williams Harbour
14 YWL CYWL Williams Lake Airport Williams Lake
15 YQG CYQG Windsor Airport Windsor
16 YWN Winisk Airport Winisk
17 ZWL CZWL Wollaston Lake Airport Wollaston Lake
18 YWY CYWY Wrigley Airport Wrigley
19 WNN CKL3 Wunnummin Lake Airport Wunnummin Lake
1 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W Y
1 YQI CYQI Yarmouth Airport Yarmouth, NS
2 YZF CYZF Yellowknife Airport Yellowknife
3 ZAC CZAC York Landing Airport York Landing
4 YQV CYQV Yorkton Airport Yorkton

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