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IATA Code C Airports - Complete List

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Airports by IATA Code starting with C - Airport IATA Code C

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Given below is the Airports list with IATA code starting with C

1 CAA MHCA Catacamas Airport Catacamas Honduras
2 CAB FNCA Cabinda Airport Cabinda Angola
3 CAC SBCA Cascavel Airport Cascavel Brazil
4 CAD Cadillac Airport Cadillac United States
5 CAE KCAE Metropolitan Airport Columbia, SC United States
6 CAF SWCA Carauari Airport Carauari Brazil
7 CAG LIEE Elmas Airport Cagliari Italy
8 CAH Ca Mau Airport Ca Mau Vietnam
9 CAI HECA Cairo International Airport Cairo Egypt
10 CAJ SVCN Canaima Airport Canaima Venezuela
11 CAK KCAK Akron/canton Regional Airport Akron/Canton, OH United States
12 CAL EGEC Machrihanish Airport Campbeltown United Kingdom
13 CAM SLCA Camiri Airport Camiri Bolivia
14 CAN ZGGG New Baiyun Airport Guangzhou China
15 CAO Clayton Airport Clayton United States
16 CAP MTCH Cap Haitien Airport Cap Haitien Haiti
17 CAQ SKCU Caucasia Airport Caucasia Colombia
18 CAR KCAR Municipal Airport Caribou United States
19 CAS GMMC Anfa Airport Casablanca Morocco
20 CAT MYCB New Bight Airport Cat Island Bahamas
21 CAU SNRU Caruaru Airport Caruaru Brazil
22 CAV FNCZ Cazombo Airport Cazombo Angola
23 CAW SBCP Bartolomeu Lisandro Airport Campos Brazil
24 CAX EGNC Carlisle Airport Carlisle United Kingdom
25 CAY SOCA Rochambeau Airport Cayenne French Guiana
26 CAZ YCBA Cobar Airport Cobar Australia
1 CBA Corner Bay Airport Corner Bay United States
2 CBB SLCB J Wilsterman Airport Cochabamba Bolivia
3 CBC Cherrabun Airport Cherrabun Australia
4 CBD VECX Car Nicobar Airport Car Nicobar India
5 CBE Wiley Ford Airport Cumberland United States
6 CBF Municipal Airport Council Bluffs United States
7 CBG EGSC Cambridge Airport Cambridge United Kingdom
8 CBH DAOC Leger Airport Bechar Algeria
9 CBI YCBN Cape Barren Island Airport Cape Barren Island Australia
10 CBJ MDCR Cabo Rojo Airport Cabo Rojo Dominican Republic
11 CBK Municipal Airport Colby United States
12 CBL SVCB Ciudad Bolivar Airport Ciudad Bolivar Venezuela
13 CBM KCBM Columbus AFB Airport Columbus, MS United States
14 CBN WIIC Penggung Airport Cirebon Indonesia
15 CBO RPWC Awang Airport Cotabato Philippines
16 CBP LPCO Coimbra Airport Coimbra Portugal
17 CBQ DNCA Calabar Airport Calabar Nigeria
18 CBR YSCB Canberra Airport Canberra Australia
19 CBS SVON Oro Negro Airport Cabimas Venezuela
20 CBT FNCM Catumbela Airport Catumbela Angola
21 CBV MGCB Coban Airport Coban Guatemala
22 CBW Campo Mourao Airport Campo Mourao Brazil
23 CBX YCDO Condobolin Airport Condobolin Australia
24 CBY YCBE Canobie Airport Canobie Australia
25 CBZ Cabin Creek Airport Cabin Creek United States
1 CCA Chaffee AFB Airport Fort Chaffee United States
2 CCB Cable Airport Upland, CA United States
3 CCC MUOC Cayo Coco Airport Cayo Coco Cuba
4 CCF LFMK Salvaza Airport Carcassonne France
5 CCG Crane County Arpt Airport Crane United States
6 CCH SCCC Chile Chico Airport Chile Chico Chile
7 CCI SSCK Concordia Airport Concordia Brazil
8 CCJ VOCL Kozhikode Airport Kozhikode India
9 CCK YPCC Cocos Islands Airport Cocos Islands Cocos (Keeling) Islands
10 CCL YCCA Chinchilla Airport Chinchilla Australia
11 CCM SBCM Criciuma Airport Criciuma Brazil
12 CCN OACC Chakcharan Airport Chakcharan Afghanistan
13 CCO SKCI Carimagua Airport Carimagua Colombia
14 CCP SCIE Carriel Sur Airport Concepcion Chile
15 CCQ Cachoeira Airport Cachoeira Brazil
16 CCR Buchanan Fld Airport Concord United States
17 CCS SVMI Simon Bolivar International Airport Caracas Venezuela
18 CCT SA30 Colonia Catriel Airport Colonia Catriel Argentina
19 CCU VECC Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport Kolkata India
20 CCV NVSF Craig Cove Airport Craig Cove Vanuatu
21 CCW YCWL Cowell Airport Cowell Australia
22 CCX LEGU Caceres Airport Caceres Brazil
23 CCY Municipal Airport Charles City United States
24 CCZ MYBC Chub Cay Airport Chub Cay Bahamas
1 CDA YCOO Cooinda Airport Cooinda Australia
2 CDB PACD Cold Bay Airport Cold Bay United States
3 CDC KCDC Cedar City Airport Cedar City United States
4 CDD MHCU Cauquira Airport Cauquira Honduras
5 CDE Caledonia Airport Caledonia Panama
6 CDG LFPG Charles De Gaulle Airport Paris France
7 CDH Harrell Fld Airport Camden United States
8 CDI Cachoeiro Itapemirim Airport Cachoeiro Itapemirim Brazil
9 CDJ SBAA Conceicao Do Araguaia Airport Conceicao Do Araguaia Brazil
10 CDK KCDK Lewis Airport Cedar Key United States
11 CDL Candle Airport Candle United States
12 CDN Woodward Fld Airport Camden United States
13 CDO FACD Cradock Airport Cradock South Africa
14 CDP VOCP Cuddapah Airport Cuddapah India
15 CDQ YCRY Croydon Airport Croydon Australia
16 CDR Chadron Airport Chadron United States
17 CDS KCDS Childress Airport Childress United States
18 CDU YSCN Camden Airport Camden Australia
19 CDV PACV Mudhole Smith Airport Cordova United States
20 CDW Caldwell Wright Airport Caldwell, NJ United States
21 CDY RPMU Cagayan De Sulu Airport Cagayan De Sulu Philippines
22 CDZ Cadiz Airport Cadiz Spain
1 CEA Cessna Aircraft Field Airport Wichita United States
2 CEB RPMC Mactan-Cebu International Airport Cebu Philippines
3 CEC KCEC Mc Namara Fld Airport Crescent City United States
4 CED YCDU Ceduna Airport Ceduna Australia
5 CEE ULBC Cherepovets Airport Cherepovets Russia
6 CEF KCEF Westover Metro Arpt Airport Springfield United States
7 CEG EGNR Chester Airport Chester United Kingdom
8 CEH Chelinda Airport Chelinda Malawi
9 CEI VTCT Chiang Rai Airport Chiang Rai Thailand
10 CEJ Chernigov Airport Chernigov Ukraine
11 CEK USCC Chelyabinsk Airport Chelyabinsk Russia
12 CEL Cape Eleuthera Airport Cape Eleuthera Bahamas
13 CEM Central Airport Central United States
14 CEN MMCN Ciudad Obregon Airport Ciudad Obregon Mexico
15 CEO FNWK Waco Kungo Airport Waco Kungo Angola
16 CEP SLCP Concepcion Airport Concepcion Bolivia
17 CEQ LFMD Mandelieu Airport Cannes France
18 CER LFRC Maupertus Airport Cherbourg France
19 CES YCNK Cessnock Airport Cessnock Australia
20 CET LFOU Le Pontreau Airport Cholet France
21 CEU Oconee County Airport Clemson United States
22 CEV Mettle Field Airport Connersville United States
23 CEW KCEW Bob Sikes Airport Crestview United States
24 CEX Chena Hot Springs Airport Chena Hot Springs United States
25 CEY Calloway County Airport Murray United States
26 CEZ Montezuma County Airport Cortez United States
1 CFA Coffee Point Airport Coffee Point United States
2 CFB SBCB Cabo Frio Airport Cabo Frio Brazil
3 CFC Cacador Airport Cacador Brazil
4 CFD KCFD Coulter Field Airport Bryan United States
5 CFE LFLC Aulnat Airport Clermont-Ferrand France
6 CFF FNCF Cafunfo Airport Cafunfo Angola
7 CFG MUCF Cienfuegos Airport Cienfuegos Cuba
8 CFH Clifton Hills Airport Clifton Hills Australia
9 CFI YCFD Camfield Airport Camfield Australia
10 CFK Chefornak Airport Chefornak, AK United States
11 CFN EIDL Donegal Airport Carrickfinn Ireland
12 CFO SJHG Confreza Airport Confreza Brazil
13 CFP Carpentaria Downs Airport Carpentaria Downs Australia
14 CFQ Creston Valley Airport Creston Canada
15 CFR LFRK Carpiquet Airport Caen France
16 CFS YSCH Coffs Harbour Airport Coffs Harbour Australia
17 CFT Morenci Airport Clifton United States
18 CFU LGKR Ioannis Kapodistrias Airport Kerkyra Greece
19 CFV Municipal Airport Coffeyville United States
1 CGB SBCY Marechal Rondon International Airport Cuiaba Brazil
2 CGC Cape Gloucester Airport Cape Gloucester Papua New Guinea
3 CGD ZGCD Changde Airport Changde China
4 CGE Cambridge Airport Cambridge United States
5 CGF Cuyahoga County Airport Cleveland United States
6 CGH SBSP Congonhas Airport Sao Paulo Brazil
7 CGI KCGI Cape Girardeau Airport Cape Girardeau United States
8 CGJ Chingola Airport Chingola Zambia
9 CGK WIII Soekarno-Hatta International Airport Jakarta Indonesia
10 CGM RPMH Mambajao Airport Camiguin Philippines
11 CGN EDDK Cologne/bonn Airport Cologne Germany
12 CGO ZHCC Zhengzhou Airport Zhengzhou China
13 CGP VGEG Patenga Airport Chittagong Bangladesh
14 CGQ ZYRD Changchun Airport Changchun China
15 CGR SBCG Campo Grande International Airport Campo Grande Brazil
16 CGS College Park Airport College Park United States
17 CGT Chinguitti Airport Chinguitti Mauritania
18 CGU Ciudad Guayana Airport Ciudad Guayana Venezuela
19 CGV YCAG Caiguna Airport Caiguna Australia
20 CGX Merrill C Meigs Airport Chicago United States
21 CGY RPWL Cagayan De Oro Domestic Airport Cagayan De Oro Philippines
22 CGZ Municipal Airport Casa Grande United States
1 CHA KCHA Lovell Field Airport Chattanooga, TN United States
2 CHB OPCL Chilas Airport Chilas Pakistan
3 CHC NZCH Christchurch International Airport Christchurch New Zealand
4 CHD Williams Gateway Airport Mesa United States
5 CHE Reenroe Airport Caherciveen Ireland
6 CHF RKPE Jinhae Airport Jinhae South Korea
7 CHG ZYCY Chaoyang Airport Chaoyang China
8 CHH SPPY Chachapoyas Airport Chachapoyas Peru
9 CHI Chicago FSS Airport Chicago United States
10 CHJ FVCH Chipinge Airport Chipinge Zimbabwe
11 CHK Municipal Airport Chickasha United States
12 CHL Challis Airport Challis United States
13 CHM SPEO Chimbote Airport Chimbote Peru
14 CHN RKJU Jeonju Airport Jeonju South Korea
15 CHO KCHO Albemarle Airport Charlottesville United States
16 CHP Circle Hot Springs Airport Circle Hot Springs United States
17 CHQ LGSA Souda Airport Chania Greece
18 CHR LFLX Chateauroux Airport Chateauroux France
19 CHS KCHS Charleston, AFB Municipal Airport Charleston, SC United States
20 CHT NZCI Karewa Airport Chatham Island New Zealand
21 CHU Chuathbaluk Airport Chuathbaluk United States
22 CHV LPCH Chaves Airport Chaves Portugal
23 CHW Jiuhuang Airport Jiuquan China
24 CHX MPCH Changuinola Airport Changuinola Panama
25 CHY Choiseul Bay Airport Choiseul Bay Solomon Islands
26 CHZ State Airport Chiloquin United States
1 CIA LIRA Ciampino Airport Rome Italy
2 CIB Ap In The Sky Airport Catalina Island United States
3 CIC KCIC Chico Airport Chico United States
4 CID KCID Cedar Rapids Airport Cedar Rapids United States
5 CIE Collie Airport Collie Australia
6 CIF ZBCF Chifeng Airport Chifeng China
7 CIG Craig-Moffat Airport Craig United States
8 CIH ZBCZ Changzhi Airport Changzhi China
9 CIJ SLCO E. Beltram Airport Cobija Bolivia
10 CIK Chalkyitsik Airport Chalkyitsik United States
11 CIL Melsing Creek Airport Council United States
12 CIM SKCM Cimitarra Airport Cimitarra Colombia
13 CIN Carroll Airport Carroll United States
14 CIO SGCO MCAL Lopez Airport Concepcion Paraguay
15 CIP FLCP Chipata Airport Chipata Zambia
16 CIQ Chiquimula Airport Chiquimula Guatemala
17 CIR Cairo Airport Cairo United States
18 CIS PCIS Canton Island Airport Canton Island Kiribati
19 CIT UAII Shimkent Airport Shimkent Kazakhstan
20 CIU KCIU Chippewa County Airport Sault Ste Marie United States
21 CIV Chomley Airport Chomley United States
22 CIW TVSC Canouan Island Airport Canouan Island Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
23 CIX SPHI Cornel Ruiz Airport Chiclayo Peru
24 CIY Comiso Airport Comiso Italy
25 CIZ SWKO Coari Airport Coari Brazil
1 CJA SPJB Cajamarca Airport Cajamarca Peru
2 CJB VOCB Peelamedu Airport Coimbatore India
3 CJC SCCF El Loa Airport Calama Chile
4 CJD Candilejas Airport Candilejas Colombia
5 CJH Chilko Lake Airport Chilko Lake Canada
6 CJI Ciudad Real - Don Quijote Airport Ciudad Real Spain
7 CJJ RKTU Cheongju Airport Cheongju South Korea
8 CJL OPCH Chitral Airport Chitral Pakistan
9 CJM VTSE Chumphon Airport Chumphon Thailand
10 CJN Gillespie Field Airport El Cajon United States
11 CJS MMCS Abraham Gonzalez International Airport Ciudad Juarez Mexico
12 CJT MMCO Copalar Airport Comitan Mexico
13 CJU RKPC Jeju Airport Jeju South Korea
1 CKA Kegelman Af Airport Cherokee United States
2 CKB KCKB Benedum Airport Clarksburg United States
3 CKC UKKE Cherkassy Airport Cherkassy Ukraine
4 CKD Crooked Creek Airport Crooked Creek United States
5 CKE Clear Lake Airport Clear Lake United States
6 CKG ZUCK Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport Chongqing China
7 CKH UESO Chokurdah Airport Chokurdah Russia
8 CKI YCKI Croker Island Airport Croker Island Australia
9 CKK Cherokee Airport Cherokee United States
10 CKL Chkalovsky Airport Chkalovsky Russia
11 CKM Fletcher Field Airport Clarksdale, MS United States
12 CKN Municipal Airport Crookston United States
13 CKO SSCP Cornelio Procopio Airport Cornelio Procopio Brazil
14 CKR Crane Island Airport Crane Island United States
15 CKS SBCJ Carajas Airport Carajas Brazil
16 CKT OIMC Sarakhs Airport Sarakhs Iran
17 CKU City Airport Cordova United States
18 CKV Outlaw Field Airport Clarksville, TN United States
19 CKX Chicken Airport Chicken United States
20 CKY DGCY Conakry Airport Conakry Guinea
21 CKZ LTBH Canakkale Airport Canakkale Turkey
1 CLA VGCM Comilla Airport Comilla Bangladesh
2 CLB EICB Castlebar Airport Castlebar Ireland
3 CLC Metroport Airport Clearlake United States
4 CLD Mc Clellan-Palomar Airport Carlsbad, CA United States
5 CLE KCLE Hopkins International Airport Cleveland United States
6 CLG Coalinga Airport Coalinga United States
7 CLH YCAH Coolah Airport Coolah Australia
8 CLI Clintonville Airport Clintonville United States
9 CLJ LRCL Cluj Napoca International Airport Cluj-Napoca Romania
10 CLK Municipal Airport Clinton United States
11 CLL KCLL Easterwood Field Airport College Station, TX United States
12 CLM KCLM Fairchild International Airport Port Angeles United States
13 CLN SBCI Carolina Airport Carolina Brazil
14 CLO SKCL Alfonso B. Aragon Airport Cali Colombia
15 CLP Clarks Point Airport Clarks Point United States
16 CLQ MMIA Colima Airport Colima Mexico
17 CLR Calipatria Airport Calipatria United States
18 CLS Centralia Airport Chehalis United States
19 CLT KCLT Charlotte Douglas Airport Charlotte United States
20 CLU Columbus Municipal Airport Columbus United States
21 CLV SBCN Caldas Novas Airport Caldas Novas Brazil
22 CLW Executive Airport Clearwater United States
23 CLX SATC Clorinda Airport Clorinda Argentina
24 CLY LFKC Ste Catherine Airport Calvi France
25 CLZ SVCL Calabozo Airport Calabozo Venezuela
1 CMA YCMU Cunnamulla Airport Cunnamulla Australia
2 CMB VCBI Bandaranayake Airport Colombo Sri Lanka
3 CMC SNWC Camocim Airport Camocim Brazil
4 CMD YCTM Cootamundra Airport Cootamundra Australia
5 CME MMCE Ciudad Del Carmen Airport Ciudad Del Carmen Mexico
6 CMF LFLB Chambery Airport Chambery France
7 CMG SBCR Corumba International Airport Corumba Brazil
8 CMH KCMH Port Columbus International Airport Columbus United States
9 CMI KCMI University Of Illinois Willard Airport Champaign United States
10 CMJ RCCM Chi Mei Airport Chi Mei Taiwan
11 CMK FWCM Club Makokola Airport Club Makokola Malawi
12 CML YCMW Camooweal Airport Camooweal Australia
13 CMM MGCR Carmelita Airport Carmelita Guatemala
14 CMN GMMN Mohamed V Airport Casablanca Morocco
15 CMO HCMO Obbia Airport Obbia Somalia
16 CMP SNKE Campo Alegre Airport Santana Do Araguaia Brazil
17 CMQ YCMT Clermont Airport Clermont Australia
18 CMR LFGA Colmar-houssen Airport Colmar France
19 CMS HCMS Scusciuban Airport Scusciuban Somalia
20 CMT Cameta Airport Cameta Brazil
21 CMU AYCH Chimbu Airport Kundiawa Papua New Guinea
22 CMV NZCX Coromandel Airport Coromandel New Zealand
23 CMW MUCM Ign Agramonte International Airport Camaguey Cuba
24 CMX KCMX Houghton County Airport Hancock United States
25 CMY Fort Mccoy Airport Sparta United States
26 CMZ Caia Airport Caia Mozambique
1 CNA MMCA Cananea Airport Cananea Mexico
2 CNB YCNM Coonamble Airport Coonamble Australia
3 CNC YCCT Coconut Island Airport Coconut Island Australia
4 CND LRCK Kogalniceanu Airport Constanta Romania
5 CNE Canon City Airport Canon City United States
6 CNF SBCF Tancredo Neves International Airport Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais Brazil
7 CNG LFBG Parvaud Airport Cognac France
8 CNH Municipal Airport Claremont United States
9 CNI Changhai Airport Changhai China
10 CNJ YCCY Cloncurry Airport Cloncurry Australia
11 CNK Blosser Municipal Airport Concordia United States
12 CNL EKSN Sindal Airport Sindal Denmark
13 CNM KCNM Carlsbad Airport Carlsbad United States
14 CNO Chino Airport Chino United States
15 CNP BGCO Neerlerit Inaat Airport Neerlerit Inaat Greenland
16 CNQ SARC Camba Punta Airport Corrientes Argentina
17 CNR SCRA Chanaral Airport Chanaral Chile
18 CNS YBCS Cairns Airport Cairns Australia
19 CNT Charata Airport Charata Argentina
20 CNU Martin Johnson Airport Chanute United States
21 CNV SNED Canavieiras Airport Canavieiras Brazil
22 CNW KCNW TSTC Waco Airport Waco, TX United States
23 CNX VTCC Chiang Mai International Airport Chiang Mai Thailand
24 CNY Canyonlands Field Airport Moab United States
25 CNZ Cangamba Airport Cangamba Angola
1 COA Columbia Airport Columbia United States
2 COB Coolibah Airport Coolibah Australia
3 COC SAAC Concordia Airport Concordia Argentina
4 COD Yellowstone Regional Airport Cody/Yellowstone United States
5 COG SKCD Mandinga Airport Condoto Colombia
6 COH VECO Cooch Behar Airport Cooch Behar India
7 COI Merritt Island Airport Cocoa United States
8 COJ YCBB Coonabarabran Airport Coonabarabran Australia
9 COK VOCI Cochin International Airport Kochi India
10 COL EGEL Isle Of Coll Airport Isle Of Coll United Kingdom
11 COM Coleman Airport Coleman United States
12 CON Concord Airport Concord United States
13 COO DBBB Cotonou Airport Cotonou Benin
14 COP Cooperstown - Westville Airport Cooperstown, NY United States
15 COQ ZMCD Choibalsan Airport Choibalsan Mongolia
16 COR SACO Pajas Blancas Airport Cordoba Argentina
17 COS KCOS Colorado Springs Airport Colorado Springs United States
18 COT KCOT Cotulla Airport Cotulla United States
19 COU KCOU Columbia Regional Airport Columbia United States
20 COV LPCV Covilha Airport Covilha Portugal
21 COW Coquimbo Airport Coquimbo Chile
22 COX MYAK Congo Town Airport Congo Town Bahamas
23 COY Coolawanyah Airport Coolawanyah Australia
24 COZ MDCZ Constanza Airport Constanza Dominican Republic
1 CPA GLCP A. Tubman Airport Cape Palmas Liberia
2 CPB SKCA Capurgana Airport Capurgana Colombia
3 CPC SAZY Chapelco Airport San Martin DeLos Andes Argentina
4 CPD YCBP Coober Pedy Airport Coober Pedy Australia
5 CPE MMCP Campeche International Airport Campeche Mexico
6 CPF WARC Cepu Airport Cepu Indonesia
7 CPG Carmen De Patagones Airport Carmen De Patagones Argentina
8 CPH EKCH Kastrup Airport Copenhagen Denmark
9 CPI Cape Orford Airport Cape Orford Papua New Guinea
10 CPL SKHA Chaparral Airport Chaparral Colombia
11 CPM Compton Airport Compton, CA United States
12 CPN Cape Rodney Airport Cape Rodney Papua New Guinea
13 CPO SCHA Chamonate Airport Copiapo Chile
14 CPQ SDAM Campinas International Airport Campinas Brazil
15 CPR KCPR Natrona County International Airport Casper, WY United States
16 CPS St. Louis Downtown Airport St Louis, Il United States
17 CPT FACT Cape Town International Airport Cape Town South Africa
18 CPU SNCU Cururupu Airport Cururupu Brazil
19 CPV SBKG Joao Suassuna Airport Campina Grande Brazil
20 CPX TJCP Culebra Airport Culebra Puerto Rico
1 CQA SWEK Canarana Airport Canarana Brazil
2 CQD OIFS Shahre-kord Airport Shahre-kord Iran
3 CQF LFAC Calais Airport Calais France
4 CQP Cape Flattery Airport Cape Flattery Australia
5 CQT Caquetania Airport Caquetania Colombia
1 CRA LRCV Craiova Airport Craiova Romania
2 CRB YCBR Collarenebri Airport Collarenebri Australia
3 CRC SKGO Cartago Airport Cartago Colombia
4 CRD SAVC Comodoro Rivadavia Airport Comodoro Rivadavia Argentina
5 CRE Grand Strand Airport Myrtle Beach United States
6 CRF FEFC Carnot Airport Carnot Central African Republic
7 CRG Craig Municipal Airport Jacksonville United States
8 CRH Cherribah Airport Cherribah Australia
9 CRI MYCI Crooked Island Airport Crooked Island Bahamas
10 CRJ Coorabie Airport Coorabie Australia
11 CRK RPLC Diosdado Macapagal International Airport Angeles City Philippines
12 CRL EBCI Charleroi Brussels South Airport Brussels Belgium
13 CRM RPVF National Airport Catarman Philippines
14 CRN Cromarty Airport Cromarty United Kingdom
15 CRO Corcoran Airport Corcoran United States
16 CRP KCRP Corpus Christi International Airport Corpus Christi, TX United States
17 CRQ SBCV Caravelas Airport Caravelas Brazil
18 CRR SANW Ceres Airport Ceres Argentina
19 CRS Corsicana Airport Corsicana United States
20 CRT Municipal Airport Crossett United States
21 CRU TGPZ Carriacou Is Airport Carriacou Is Grenada
22 CRV LIBC Crotone Airport Crotone Italy
23 CRW KCRW Yeager Airport Charleston United States
24 CRX Roscoe Turner Airport Corinth United States
25 CRY Carlton Hill Airport Carlton Hill Australia
26 CRZ UTAV Turkmenabad Airport Turkmenabad Turkmenistan
1 CSA EGEY Isle Of Colonsay Airport Isle Of Colonsay United Kingdom
2 CSB LRCS Caransebes Airport Caransebes Romania
3 CSC MRCA Canas Airport Canas Costa Rica
4 CSD Cresswell Downs Airport Cresswell Downs Australia
5 CSF LFPC Creil Airport Creil France
6 CSH ULAS Solovky Airport Solovetsky Russia
7 CSJ Cape St Jacques Airport Cape St Jacques Vietnam
8 CSK GOGS Cap Skirring Airport Cap Skirring Senegal
9 CSM Sherman Airport Clinton United States
10 CSN Carson City Airport Carson City United States
11 CSP Coast Guard Heliport Airport Cape Spencer United States
12 CSQ Municipal Airport Creston United States
13 CSR Casuarito Airport Casuarito Colombia
14 CSS Cassilandia Airport Cassilandia Brazil
15 CST NFCS Castaway Airport Castaway Fiji
16 CSU SSSC Santa Cruz Do Sul Airport Santa Cruz Do Sul Brazil
17 CSV Memorial Airport Crossville United States
18 CSW Colorado do Oeste Airport Colorado do Oeste Brazil
19 CSX ZGHA Changsha Airport Changsha China
20 CSY UWKS Cheboksary Airport Cheboksary Russia
21 CSZ Brigadier Hector Ruiz Airport Coronel Suarez Argentina
1 CTA LICC Fontanarossa Airport Catania Italy
2 CTB KCTB Cut Bank Airport Cut Bank United States
3 CTC SANC Catamarca Airport Catamarca Argentina
4 CTD MPCE Chitre Airport Chitre Panama
5 CTE Carti Airport Carti Panama
6 CTF MGCT Coatepeque Airport Coatepeque Guatemala
7 CTG SKCG Rafael Nunez Airport Cartagena Colombia
8 CTH Chestercounty Carlson Airport Coatesville United States
9 CTI FNCV Cuito Cuanavale Airport Cuito Cuanavale Angola
10 CTK Canton Airport Canton United States
11 CTL YBCV Charleville Airport Charleville Australia
12 CTM MMCM Chetumal Airport Chetumal Mexico
13 CTN YCKN Cooktown Airport Cooktown Australia
14 CTO Peconic River Airport Calverton United States
15 CTP SNCP Carutapera Airport Carutapera Brazil
16 CTQ SSVP Do Palmar Airport Santa Vitoria Brazil
17 CTR Cattle Creek Airport Cattle Creek Australia
18 CTS RJCC New Chitose Airport Sapporo Japan
19 CTT LFMQ Le Castellet Airport Le Castellet France
20 CTU ZUUU Shuangliu Airport Chengdu China
21 CTW Cottonwood Airport Cottonwood United States
22 CTX Cortland Airport Cortland United States
23 CTY Cross City Airport Cross City United States
24 CTZ Sampson County Airport Clinton United States
1 CUA MMDA Ciudad Constitucion Airport Ciudad Constitucion Mexico
2 CUB Owens Field Airport Columbia United States
3 CUC SKCC Camilo Dazo Airport Cucuta Colombia
4 CUD YCDR Caloundra Airport Caloundra Australia
5 CUE SECU Cuenca Airport Cuenca Ecuador
6 CUF LIMZ Levaldigi Airport Cuneo Italy
7 CUG YCUA Cudal Airport Cudal Australia
8 CUH Municipal Airport Cushing United States
9 CUI Currillo Airport Currillo Colombia
10 CUJ Culion Airport Culion Philippines
11 CUK Caye Caulker Airport Caye Caulker Belize
12 CUL MMCL Fedl De Bachigualato Airport Culiacan Mexico
13 CUM SVCU Cumana Airport Cumana Venezuela
14 CUN MMUN Cancun International Airport Cancun Mexico
15 CUO SKCR Caruru Airport Caruru Colombia
16 CUP SVCP Carupano Airport Carupano Venezuela
17 CUQ YCOE Coen Airport Coen Australia
18 CUR TNCC Hato International Airport Curacao Netherlands Antilles
19 CUS Municipal Airport Columbus United States
20 CUT SAZW Cutral Airport Cutral Argentina
21 CUU MMCU Gen Fierro Villalobos Airport Chihuahua Mexico
22 CUV SVCG Casigua Airport Casigua Venezuela
23 CUW Cube Cove Airport Cube Cove United States
24 CUY YCUE Cue Airport Cue Australia
25 CUZ SPZO Velazco Astete Airport Cuzco Peru
1 CVB Chungribu Airport Chungribu Papua New Guinea
2 CVC YCEE Cleve Airport Cleve Australia
3 CVE SKCV Covenas Airport Covenas Colombia
4 CVF LFLJ Courchevel Airport Courchevel France
5 CVG KCVG Cincinnati/northern Kentucky Airport Covington, KY United States
6 CVH SAHE Caviahue Airport Caviahue Argentina
7 CVI Caleta Olivia Airport Caleta Olivia Argentina
8 CVJ MMCB General Mariano Matamoros Airport Cuernavaca Mexico
9 CVL Cape Vogel Airport Cape Vogel Papua New Guinea
10 CVM MMCV Ciudad Victoria Airport Ciudad Victoria Mexico
11 CVN Municipal Airport Clovis United States
12 CVO Albany Airport Albany United States
13 CVQ YPCR Carnarvon Airport Carnarvon Australia
14 CVR Hughes Airport Culver City United States
15 CVS KCVS Cannon AFB Airport Clovis United States
16 CVT EGBE West Midlands International Airport Coventry United Kingdom
17 CVU LPCR Corvo Island Airport Corvo Island Portugal
1 CWA Central Wisconsin Airport Wausau United States
2 CWB SBCT Afonso Pena International Airport Curitiba Brazil
3 CWC UKLN Chernovtsy Airport Chernovtsy Ukraine
4 CWG Callaway Gardens Airport Callaway Gardens United States
5 CWI Clinton Airport Clinton United States
6 CWL EGFF Cardiff Airport Cardiff United Kingdom
7 CWO Ft Wolter AAF Airport Mineral Wells United States
8 CWP Campbellpore Airport Campbellpore Pakistan
9 CWR YCWI Cowarie Airport Cowarie Australia
10 CWT YCWR Cowra Airport Cowra Australia
11 CWW YCOR Corowa Airport Corowa Australia
1 CXA SVCD Caicara Del Orinoco Airport Caicara Del Orinoco Venezuela
2 CXC Chitina Arpt Airport Chitina United States
3 CXF Coldfoot Airport Coldfoot United States
4 CXI PLCH Cassidy International Airport Christmas Island Kiribati
5 CXJ SBCX Campo Dos Bugres Airport Caxias Do Sul Brazil
6 CXL KCXL Calexico International Airport Calexico United States
7 CXN HCMC Candala Airport Candala Somalia
8 CXO KCXO Montgomery Co Airport Conroe United States
9 CXP WIIL Tunggul Wulung Airport Cilacap Indonesia
10 CXQ Christmas Creek Airport Christmas Creek Australia
11 CXR VVCR Nha Trang Airport Nha Trang Vietnam
12 CXT YCHT Charters Towers Airport Charters Towers Australia
13 CXY MYCC Cat Cays Airport Cat Cays Bahamas
1 CYA MTCA Les Cayes Airport Les Cayes Haiti
2 CYB MWCB Gerrard-Smith Airport Cayman Brac Is Cayman Islands
3 CYC Caye Chapel Airport Caye Chapel Belize
4 CYE Crystal Lake Airport Crystal Lake United States
5 CYF Chefornak SPB Airport Chefornak United States
6 CYG YCRG Corryong Airport Corryong Australia
7 CYI RCKU Chiayi Airport Chiayi Taiwan
8 CYL Coyoles Airport Coyoles Honduras
9 CYM Chatham SPB Airport Chatham United States
10 CYO MUCL Cayo Largo Del Sur Airport Cayo Largo Del Sur Cuba
11 CYP RPVC Calbayog Airport Calbayog Philippines
12 CYR SUCA Laguna De Los Patos Airport Colonia Uruguay
13 CYS KCYS Cheyenne Airport Cheyenne United States
14 CYT Yakataga Airport Yakataga United States
15 CYU RPLO Cuyo Airport Cuyo Philippines
16 CYX UESS Cherskiy Airport Cherskiy Russia
17 CYZ RPUY Cauayan Airport Cauayan Philippines
1 CZA MMCT Chichen Itza Airport Chichen Itza Mexico
2 CZB Carlos Ruhl Airport Cruz Alta Brazil
3 CZC Copper Centre Airport Copper Centre United States
4 CZE SVCR Coro Airport Coro Venezuela
5 CZF PACZ Cape Romanzof Airport Cape Romanzof United States
6 CZH Corozal Airport Corozal Belize
7 CZJ Corazon De Jesus Airport Corazon De Jesus Panama
8 CZK Cascade Locks/Stevens Airport Cascade Locks United States
9 CZL DABC Ain El Bey Airport Constantine Algeria
10 CZM MMCZ Cozumel Airport Cozumel Mexico
11 CZN Chisana Field Airport Chisana United States
12 CZO Chistochina Airport Chistochina United States
13 CZP Cape Pole Airport Cape Pole United States
14 CZS SBCZ Cruzeiro Do Sul International Airport Cruzeiro Do Sul Brazil
15 CZT Carrizo Springs Airport Carrizo Springs United States
16 CZU SKCZ Corozal Airport Corozal Colombia
17 CZW EPCH Czestochowa Airport Czestochowa Poland
18 CZX ZSCG Changzhou Airport Changzhou China
19 CZY YUNY Cluny Airport Cluny Australia
20 CZZ Campo Airport Campo United States