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IATA Code F Airports - Complete List

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Airports by IATA Code starting with F - Airport IATA Code F

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Given below is the Airports list with IATA code starting with F

1 FAA GUFH Faranah Airport Faranah Guinea
2 FAB EGLF Farnborough Airport Farnborough United Kingdom
3 FAC NTKF Faaite Airport Faaite French Polynesia
4 FAE EKVG Vagar Airport Sorvágur Faroe Islands
5 FAF KFAF Felker AAF Airport Fort Eustis United States
6 FAG BIFM Fagurholsmyri Airport Fagurholsmyri Iceland
7 FAH OAFR Farah Airport Farah Afghanistan
8 FAI PAFA Fairbanks International Airport Fairbanks United States
9 FAJ TJFA Diego Jimenez Torres Airport Fajardo Puerto Rico
10 FAK False Island Airport False Island United States
11 FAL Falcon State Airport Roma United States
12 FAM Regional Airport Farmington United States
13 FAN ENLI Lista Airport Farsund Norway
14 FAO LPFR Faro Airport Faro Portugal
15 FAQ NSFQ Freida River Airport Freida River Papua New Guinea
16 FAR KFAR Hector Field Airport Fargo United States
17 FAS BIFF Faskrudsfjordur Airport Faskrudsfjordur Iceland
18 FAT KFAT Fresno Air Terminal Airport Fresno United States
19 FAV NTGF Fakarava Airport Fakarava French Polynesia
20 FAY KFAY Municipal Airport Fayetteville United States
21 FAZ OISF Fasa Airport Fasa Iran
1 FBD OAFZ Faizabad Airport Faizabad Afghanistan
2 FBE SSFB Francisco Beltrao Airport Francisco Beltrao Brazil
3 FBG Simmons AAF Airport Fort Bragg United States
4 FBK PAFB Ft Wainwright Airport Fairbanks United States
5 FBL Municipal Airport Faribault United States
6 FBM FZQA Luano Airport Lubumbashi Democratic Republic Of The Congo
7 FBR Fort Bridger Airport Fort Bridger United States
8 FBS Friday Harbor SPB Airport Friday Harbor SPB United States
9 FBY Municipal Airport Fairbury United States
1 FCA KGPI Glacier Park International Airport Kalispell, MT United States
2 FCB FAFB Ficksburg Sentra Oes Airport Ficksburg South Africa
3 FCH Fresno-Chandler Airport Fresno United States
4 FCM Flying Cloud Airport Minneapolis United States
5 FCN Cuxhaven/Nordholz Airport Cuxhaven Germany
6 FCO LIRF Leonardo da Vinci International Airport Rome Italy
7 FCS KFCS Butts AAF Airport Colorado Springs United States
8 FCT Firing Center AAF Airport Yakima United States
9 FCY Municipal Airport Forrest City United States
1 FDE ENBL Bringeland Airport Forde Norway
2 FDF TFFF Lamentin Airport Fort De France Martinique
3 FDH EDNY Friedrichshafen Airport Friedrichshafen Germany
4 FDK Frederick Municipal Airport Frederick United States
5 FDR Municipal Airport Frederick United States
6 FDU FZBO Bandundu Airport Bandundu Democratic Republic Of The Congo
7 FDY Findlay Airport Findlay United States
1 FEA Fetlar Airport Fetlar United Kingdom
2 FEB VNSR Sanfebagar Airport Sanfebagar Nepal
3 FEC Feira De Santana Airport Feira De Santana Brazil
4 FEG UTKF Fergana Airport Fergana Uzbekistan
5 FEJ SWFJ Feijo Airport Feijo Brazil
6 FEK DIFK Ferkessedougou Airport Ferkessedougou Ivory Coast
7 FEL ETSF Fuerstenfeldbruck Airport Fuerstenfeldbruck Germany
8 FEN SBFN Fernando De Noronha Airport Fernando De Noronha Brazil
9 FEP Albertus Airport Freeport United States
10 FER HKFG Fergusons Gulf Airport Fergusons Gulf Kenya
11 FES San Fernando Airport San Fernando Spain
12 FET Municipal Airport Fremont United States
13 FEW Warren AFB Airport Cheyenne United States
14 FEZ GMFF Sais Airport Fez Morocco
1 FFA First Flight Airport Kill Devil Hills United States
2 FFD EGVA RAF Station Airport Fairford United Kingdom
3 FFL Municipal Airport Fairfield United States
4 FFM Fergus Falls Airport Fergus Falls United States
5 FFO KFFO Patterson Afb Airport Dayton United States
6 FFT Capital City Airport Frankfort, KY United States
7 FFU SCFT Futaleufu Airport Futaleufu Chile
1 FGD GQPF Fderik Airport Fderik Mauritania
2 FGI NSFI Fagali I Airport Apia Samoa
3 FGL Fox Glacier Airport Fox Glacier New Zealand
4 FGR Fuengirola Airport Fuengirola Spain
5 FGU NTGB Fangatau Airport Fangatau French Polynesia
1 FHU KFHU Municipal Airport Sierra Vista United States
2 FHZ NTKH Fakahina Airport Fakahina French Polynesia
1 FIC Fire Cove Airport Fire Cove United States
2 FID Elizabeth Field Airport Fishers Island United States
3 FIE EGEF Fair Isle Airport Fair Isle United Kingdom
4 FIG GUFA Fria Airport Fria Guinea
5 FIH FZAA N’djili International Airport Kinshasa Democratic Republic Of The Congo
6 FIK YFNE Finke Airport Finke Australia
7 FIL Municipal Airport Fillmore United States
8 FIN Finschhafen Airport Finschhafen Papua New Guinea
9 FIV Five Finger Airport Five Finger Coast Guard Heliport United States
10 FIZ YFTZ Fitzroy Crossing Airport Fitzroy Crossing Australia
1 FJR OMFJ Fujairah International Airport Al-fujairah United Arab Emirates
1 FKB EDSB Soellingen Airport Karlsruhe/Baden Baden Germany
2 FKH Sculthorp RAF Airport Fakenham United Kingdom
3 FKI FZIA Kisangani Airport Kisangani Democratic Republic Of The Congo
4 FKJ RJNF Fukui Airport Fukui Japan
5 FKL Chess-Lambertin Airport Franklin United States
6 FKN Municipal Airport Franklin United States
7 FKQ WASF Fak Fak Airport Fak Fak Indonesia
1 FLA SKFL Capitolio Airport Florencia Colombia
2 FLB SNQG Cangapara Airport Floriano Brazil
3 FLC Falls Creek Airport Falls Creek Australia
4 FLD Fond Du Lac Airport Fond Du Lac United States
5 FLE Fort Lee AAF Airport Petersburg United States
6 FLF EDXF Schaferhaus Airport Flensburg Germany
7 FLG KFLG Pulliam Field Airport Grand Canyon United States
8 FLH Flotta Airport Flotta United Kingdom
9 FLI Flateyri Airport Flateyri Iceland
10 FLJ Falls Bay Airport Falls Bay United States
11 FLL KFLL Fort Lauderdale/hollywood International Airport Fort Lauderdale, FL United States
12 FLM SGFI Filadelfia Airport Filadelfia Paraguay
13 FLN SBFL Hercilio Luz Airport Florianopolis Brazil
14 FLO KFLO Florence Airport Florence United States
15 FLP Flippin Airport Flippin United States
16 FLR LIRQ Peretola Airport Florence Italy
17 FLS YFLI Flinders Island Airport Flinders Island Australia
18 FLT Flat Airport Flat United States
19 FLU Flushing Airport New York United States
20 FLV KFLV Sherman AAF Airport Fort Leavenworth United States
21 FLW LPFL Santa Cruz Airport Flores Island Portugal
22 FLX Municipal Airport Fallon United States
23 FLY Finley Airport Finley Australia
1 FMA SARF El Pucu Airport Formosa Argentina
2 FMC Five Mile Airport Five Mile United States
3 FME Tipton AAF Airport Fort Meade United States
4 FMG MRFL Flamingo Airport Flamingo Costa Rica
5 FMH KFMH Otis AFB Airport Falmouth United States
6 FMI FZRF Kalemie Airport Kalemie Democratic Republic Of The Congo
7 FMM EDJA Memmingen-Allgäu Airport Memmingen Germany
8 FMN KFMN Municipal Airport Farmington United States
9 FMO EDDG Greven Airport Muenster/Osnabrueck Germany
10 FMS Municipal Airport Fort Madison United States
11 FMY KFMY Page Field Airport Fort Myers United States
1 FNA GFLL Lungi International Airport Freetown Sierra Leone
2 FNB ETNU Neubrandenburg Airport Neubrandenburg Germany
3 FNC LPFU Madeira Airport Funchal Portugal
4 FNE Fane Airport Fane Papua New Guinea
5 FNG DFEF Fada Ngourma Airport Fada Ngourma Burkina Faso
6 FNI LFTW Garons Airport Nimes France
7 FNJ ZKPY Sunan International Airport Pyongyang North Korea
8 FNK Fin Creek Airport Fin Creek United States
9 FNL Municipal Airport Fort Collins/Loveland United States
10 FNR SPB Airport Funter Bay United States
11 FNT KFNT Bishop International Airport Flint United States
1 FOA Foula Airport Foula United Kingdom
2 FOB Fort Bragg Airport Fort Bragg United States
3 FOC ZSFZ Fuzhou Airport Fuzhou China
4 FOD KFOD Fort Dodge Regional Airport Fort Dodge, IA United States
5 FOE KFOE Forbes Field Airport Topeka, KS United States
6 FOG LIBF Gino Lisa Airport Foggia Italy
7 FOK KFOK Suffolk County Airport Westhampton United States
8 FOM FKKM Foumban Airport Foumban Cameroon
9 FON MRAN Fortuna Airport Fortuna Costa Rica
10 FOO WABF Numfoor Airport Numfoor Indonesia
11 FOR SBFZ Pinto Martins Airport Fortaleza Brazil
12 FOS YFRT Forrest Airport Forrest Australia
13 FOT YFST Forster Airport Forster Australia
14 FOU FOGF Fougamou Airport Fougamou Gabon
15 FOX Fox Airport Fox United States
16 FOY Foya Airport Foya Liberia
1 FPO MYGF Grand Bahama International Airport Freeport Bahamas
2 FPR KFPR St Lucie County Airport Fort Pierce United States
3 FPY Perry-Foley Airport Perry United States
1 FRA EDDF Frankfurt International Airport Frankfurt Germany
2 FRB YFBS Forbes Airport Forbes Australia
3 FRC SBFC Franca Airport Franca Brazil
4 FRD Friday Harbor Airport Friday Harbor United States
5 FRE AGGF Fera Island Airport Fera Island Solomon Islands
6 FRF EDOL Rhein-Main AFB Airport Frankfurt Germany
7 FRG Republic Field Airport Farmingdale United States
8 FRH Municipal Airport French Lick United States
9 FRI KFRI Marshall AAF Airport Fort Riley, KS United States
10 FRJ Frejus Airport Frejus France
11 FRK EGTF Fregate Is Airport Fregate Is Seychelles
12 FRL LIPK Luigi Ridolfi Airport Forli Italy
13 FRM Fairmont Airport Fairmont United States
14 FRN PAFR Bryant AAF Airport Fort Richardson United States
15 FRO ENFL Flora Airport Floro Norway
16 FRP Fresh Water Bay Airport Fresh Water Bay United States
17 FRQ Feramin Airport Feramin Papua New Guinea
18 FRR Front Royal-Warren County Airport Front Royal United States
19 FRS MGFL Santa Elena Airport Flores Guatemala
20 FRT SCEV Frutillar Airport Frutillar Chile
21 FRU UAFM Manas Airport Bishkek Kyrgyzstan
22 FRW FBFT Francistown Airport Francistown Botswana
23 FRY Fryeburg Airport Fryeburg United States
24 FRZ ETHF Fritzlar Airbase Airport Fritzlar Germany
1 FSC LFKF Sud Corse Airport Figari France
2 FSD KFSD Joe Foss Field Airport Sioux Falls United States
3 FSI KFSI Henry Post AAF Airport Fort Sill United States
4 FSK Municipal Airport Fort Scott United States
5 FSL Fossil Downs Airport Fossil Downs Australia
6 FSM KFSM Regional Airport Fort Smith United States
7 FSN Haley AAF Airport Fort Sheridan United States
8 FSP LFVP Saint-pierre Pointe-blanche Airport St Pierre Saint Pierre and Miquelon
9 FSS EGQK Kinloss Airport Forres United Kingdom
10 FST Pecos County Airport Fort Stockton United States
11 FSU Fort Sumner Airport Fort Sumner United States
1 FTA NVVF Futuna Airport Futuna Island Vanuatu
2 FTE SAWC El Calafate Airport El Calafate Argentina
3 FTI Fitiuta Airport Fitiuta American Samoa
4 FTK KFTK Godman AAF Airport Fort Knox United States
5 FTL Fortuna Ledge Airport Fortuna Ledge United States
6 FTU FMSD Marillac Airport Fort Dauphin Madagascar
7 FTW KFTW Meacham Field Airport Fort Worth United States
8 FTX FCOO Owando Airport Owando Congo
9 FTY Fulton County Airport Atlanta United States
1 FUB Fulleborn Airport Fulleborn Papua New Guinea
2 FUE GCFV Fuerteventura Airport Puerto del Rosario Spain
3 FUG Fuyang Airport Fuyang China
4 FUJ RJFE Fukue Airport Fukue Japan
5 FUK RJFF Fukuoka Airport Fukuoka Japan
6 FUL Municipal Airport Fullerton United States
7 FUM Fuma Airport Fuma Papua New Guinea
8 FUN NGFU Funafuti Atol International Airport Funafuti Atol Tuvalu
9 FUT NLWF Futuna Island Airport Futuna Island Wallis and Futuna
1 FVL Flora Valey Airport Flora Valley Australia
2 FVR Forrest River Airport Forrest River Australia
1 FWA KFWA Municipal/Baer Field Airport Fort Wayne United States
2 FWH Fort Worth NAS Jrb/Carswell Field Airport Fort Worth, TX United States
3 FWL Farewell Airport Farewell United States
4 FWM Heliport Airport Fort William United Kingdom
1 FXE KFXE Executive Airport Fort Lauderdale United States
2 FXM Flaxman Island Airport Flaxman Island United States
3 FXO FQCB Cuamba Airport Cuamba Mozambique
4 FXY Municipal Airport Forest City United States
1 FYM Municipal Airport Fayetteville United States
2 FYN Fuyun Airport Fuyun China
3 FYT FTTY Faya Airport Faya Chad
4 FYU PFYU Fort Yukon Airport Fort Yukon United States
5 FYV KFYV Municipal Airport Fayetteville United States
1 FZO EGTG Filton Airport Bristol United Kingdom