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IATA Code H Airports - Complete List

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Airports by IATA Code starting with H - Airport IATA Code H

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Given below is the Airports list with IATA code starting with H

1 HAA ENHK Hasvik Airport Hasvik Norway
2 HAB Marion County Airport Hamilton United States
3 HAC RJTH Hachijo Jima Airport Hachijo Jima Japan
4 HAD ESMT Halmstad Airport Halmstad Sweden
5 HAE Havasupai Airport Havasupai United States
6 HAF Half Moon Airport Half Moon United States
7 HAH FMCH Prince Said Ibrahim In Airport Moroni Comoros
8 HAI Dr Haines Airport Three Rivers United States
9 HAJ EDDV Hanover Arpt Airport Hanover Germany
10 HAK ZGHK Haikou Airport Haikou China
11 HAL Halali Airport Halali Namibia
12 HAM EDDH Hamburg Airport Hamburg Germany
13 HAN VVNB Noibai International Airport Hanoi Vietnam
14 HAO Hamilton Airport Hamilton United States
15 HAP Long Island Airport Long Island Australia
16 HAQ VRMH Hanimaadhoo Airport Hanimaadhoo Maldives
17 HAR KHAR Capital City Airport Harrisburg United States
18 HAS OEHL Hail Airport Hail Saudi Arabia
19 HAT Heathlands Airport Heathlands Australia
20 HAU ENHD Haugesund Airport Haugesund Norway
21 HAV MUHA Jose Marti International Airport Havana Cuba
22 HAW EGFE Haverfordwest Airport Haverfordwest United Kingdom
23 HAX Hatbox Field Airport Muskogee United States
24 HAY Haycock Airport Haycock United States
25 HAZ Hatzfeldthaven Airport Hatzfeldthaven Papua New Guinea
1 HBA YMHB Hobart Airport Hobart Australia
2 HBB Hobbs Industrial Airpark Airport Hobbs United States
3 HBD Habi Airport Habi Papua New Guinea
4 HBE HEBA Amiryah West Airport Alexandria Egypt
5 HBG The Hattiesburg-Bobby L. Chain Mun. Airport Hattiesburg United States
6 HBH Hobart Bay Airport Hobart Bay United States
7 HBI Harbour Island Airport Harbour Island Bahamas
8 HBL Babelegi Heliport Airport Babelegi South Africa
9 HBN Flamingo Airport Phu-bon Vietnam
10 HBO Municipal Airport Humboldt United States
11 HBR KHBR Hobart Airport Hobart, OK United States
12 HBT OEKK Hafr Albatin Airport Hafr Albatin Saudi Arabia
13 HBX VAHB Hubli Airport Hubli India
1 HCA Howard County Airport Big Spring United States
2 HCB Shoal Cove Airport Shoal Cove United States
3 HCM HCME Eil Airport Eil Somalia
4 HCN RCKW Hengchun Airport Hengchun Taiwan
5 HCQ YHLC Halls Creek Airport Halls Creek Australia
6 HCR PAHC Holy Cross Airport Holy Cross United States
7 HCS FAGM Randburg Heliport Airport Johannesburg South Africa
8 HCW Cheraw Airport Cheraw United States
1 HDA Hidden Falls Airport Hidden Falls United States
2 HDB Heidelberg Airport Heidelberg Germany
3 HDD OPKD Hyderabad Airport Hyderabad Pakistan
4 HDE Brewster Field Airport Holdrege United States
5 HDF EDAH Heringsdorf Airport Heringsdorf Germany
6 HDH PHDH Dillingham Airfield Airport Oahu United States
7 HDM OIHH Hamadan Airport Hamadan Iran
8 HDN Yampa Valley Airport Hayden United States
9 HDR OIKP Havadarya Airport Havadarya Iran
10 HDS FAHS Hoedspruit Airport Hoedspruit South Africa
11 HDY VTSS Hat Yai Airport Hat Yai Thailand
1 HEA OAHR Herat Airport Herat Afghanistan
2 HEB Henzada Airport Henzada Myanmar
3 HED Herendeen Airport Herendeen United States
4 HEE Thompson-Robbins Airport Helena United States
5 HEH VYHH Heho Airport Heho Myanmar
6 HEI EDXB Heide-Buesum Airport Heide-Buesum Germany
7 HEK ZYHE Heihe Airport Heihe China
8 HEL EFHK Helsinki-vantaa Airport Vantaa Finland
9 HEM EFHF Helsinki-malmi Airport Helsinki Finland
10 HEN Hendon Airport Hendon United Kingdom
11 HEO Haelogo Airport Haelogo Papua New Guinea
12 HER LGIR Nikos Kazantzakis Airport Heraklion Greece
13 HES State Airport Hermiston United States
14 HET ZBHH Hohhot Airport Hohhot China
15 HEV LEMF Huelva Airport Huelva Spain
16 HEW LGAT Hellinikon Airport Athens Greece
17 HEX MDHE Santo Domingo Herrera Airport Santo Domingo Dominican Republic
18 HEY Hanchey Army Heliport Airport Ozark United States
19 HEZ Hardy-Anders Airport Natchez United States
1 HFA LLHA Haifa Airport Haifa Israel
2 HFD KHFD Brainard Airport Hartford United States
3 HFE ZSOF Shanghai Airport Luogang China
4 HFF Mackall AAF Airport Hoffman United States
5 HFN BIHN Hornafjordur Airport Hornafjordur Iceland
6 HFS ESOH Hagfors Airport Hagfors Sweden
7 HFT ENHF Hammerfest Airport Hammerfest Norway
1 HGA HCMH Hargeisa Airport Hargeisa Somalia
2 HGD YHUG Hughenden Airport Hughenden Australia
3 HGH ZSHC Hangzhou Airport Hangzhou China
4 HGI Higlieg Airport Higlieg Sudan
5 HGL EDXH Helgoland Airport Helgoland Germany
6 HGN VTCH Mae Hong Son Airport Mae Hong Son Thailand
7 HGO DIKO Korhogo Airport Korhogo Ivory Coast
8 HGR KHGR Wash. County Regional Airport Hagerstown United States
9 HGS GFHA Hastings Airport Freetown Sierra Leone
10 HGT Hunter AAF Airport Jolon United States
11 HGU AYMH Kagamuga Airport Mount Hagen Papua New Guinea
12 HGZ Hogatza Airport Hogatza United States
1 HHA Huanghua International Airport Changsha China
2 HHE RJSH Hachinohe Airport Hachinohe Japan
3 HHH Hilton Head Airport Hilton Head United States
4 HHI PHHI Wheeler AFB Airport Wahiawa United States
5 HHN EDFH Frankfurt-Hahn Airport Hahn Germany
6 HHP H K Heliport Airport Hong Kong China
7 HHQ VTPH Hua Hin Airport Hua Hin Thailand
8 HHR KHHR Hawthorne Airport Hawthorne United States
9 HHZ NTGH Hikueru Airport Hikueru French Polynesia
1 HIB KHIB Chisholm Airport Chisholm United States
2 HIC Iscor Heliport Airport Pretoria South Africa
3 HID YHID Horn Island Airport Horn Island Australia
4 HIE Regional Airport Whitefield United States
5 HIF KHIF Hill Afb Airport Ogden United States
6 HIG Highbury Airport Highbury Australia
7 HIH Hook Island Airport Hook Island Australia
8 HII Municipal Airport Lake Havasu City United States
9 HIJ RJOA Hiroshima International Airport Hiroshima Japan
10 HIK Hickam AFB Airport Honolulu United States
11 HIM Hingurakgoda Airport Hingurakgoda Sri Lanka
12 HIN RKPS Sacheon Airport Jinju South Korea
13 HIO Portland Airport Hillsboro United States
14 HIP YHDY Headingly Airport Headingly Australia
15 HIR YGGH Henderson International Airport Honiara Solomon Islands
16 HIT Hivaro Airport Hivaro Papua New Guinea
17 HIW RJBH Hiroshima West Airport Hiroshima Japan
18 HIX Hiva Oa Airport Hiva Oa French Polynesia
1 HJR VAKJ Khajuraho Airport Khajuraho India
2 HJT Khujirt Airport Khujirt Mongolia
1 HKA Municipal Airport Blytheville United States
2 HKB Healy Lake Airport Healy Lake United States
3 HKD RJCH Hakodate Airport Hakodate Japan
4 HKG VHHH Hong Kong International Airport Hong Kong China
5 HKK NZHK Hokitika Arpt Airport Hokitika New Zealand
6 HKN AYHK Hoskins Airport Hoskins Papua New Guinea
7 HKS Hawkins Field Airport Jackson United States
8 HKT VTSP Phuket International Airport Phuket Thailand
9 HKV Haskovo Airport Haskovo Bulgaria
10 HKY KHKY Hickory Airport Hickory United States
1 HLA FALA Lanseria Airport Lanseria South Africa
2 HLB Hillenbrand Airport Batesville United States
3 HLC Hill City Airport Hill City United States
4 HLD ZBLA Hailar Airport Hailar China
5 HLF ESSF Hultsfred - Vimmerby Airport Hultsfred Sweden
6 HLG Ohio County Airport Wheeling United States
7 HLH ZBUL Ulanhot Airport Ulanhot China
8 HLI Hollister Airport Hollister United States
9 HLL Hillside Airport Hillside Australia
10 HLM Park Township Airport Holland United States
11 HLN KHLN Helena Airport Helena United States
12 HLP WIIH Halim Perdana Kusuma Airport Jakarta Indonesia
13 HLR KHLR Fort Hood AAF Airport Killeen United States
14 HLS YSTH St Helens Airport St Helens Australia
15 HLT YHML Hamilton Airport Hamilton Australia
16 HLU NWWH Houailou Airport Houailou New Caledonia
17 HLV Helenvale Airport Helenvale Australia
18 HLW FAHL Hluhluwe Airport Hluhluwe South Africa
19 HLY EGOV Anglesey Airport Holyhead United Kingdom
20 HLZ NZHN Hamilton Airport Hamilton New Zealand
1 HMA USHH Khanty-Mansiysk Airport Khanty-mansiysk Russia
2 HME DAUH Oued Irara Airport Hassi Messaoud Algeria
3 HMG YHMB Hermannsburg Airport Hermannsburg Australia
4 HMI ZWHM Hami Airport Hami China
5 HMJ UKLH Khmelnitskiy Airport Khmelnitskiy Ukraine
6 HMN KHMN Holloman AFB Airport Alamogordo United States
7 HMO MMHO Gen Pesqueira Garcia Airport Hermosillo Mexico
8 HMR ENHA Hamar Arpt Airport Hamar Norway
9 HMS Homeshore Airport Homeshore AK United States
10 HMT Ryan Field Airport Hemet United States
11 HMV ESUT Hemavan Airport Hemavan Sweden
1 HNA RJSI Hanamaki Airport Hanamaki Japan
2 HNB Municipal Airport Huntingburg United States
3 HNC KHSE Hatteras Airport Hatteras United States
4 HND RJTT Tokyo Haneda International Airport Tokyo Japan
5 HNE Tahneta Pass Airport Tahneta Pass Lodge United States
6 HNG Hienghene Airport Hienghene New Caledonia
7 HNH PAOH Hoonah Airport Hoonah United States
8 HNI Heiweni Airport Heiweni Papua New Guinea
9 HNK Hinchinbrook Island Airport Hinchinbrook Island Australia
10 HNL PHNL Honolulu International Airport Honolulu United States
11 HNM PHHN Hana Airport Hana United States
12 HNN Honinabi Airport Honinabi Papua New Guinea
13 HNO Hercegnovi Airport Hercegnovi Serbia
14 HNS PAHN Municipal Airport Haines United States
15 HNX Hanna Airport Hanna Canada
16 HNY ZGHY Hengyang Airport Hengyang China
1 HOA HKHO Hola Airport Hola Kenya
2 HOB KHOB Lea County Airport Hobbs United States
3 HOC Komako Airport Komako Papua New Guinea
4 HOD ODHD Hodeidah Arpt Airport Hodeidah Yemen
5 HOE Houeisay Airport Houeisay Laos
6 HOF OEAH Alahsa Airport Alahsa Saudi Arabia
7 HOG MUHG Frank Pais Airport Holguin Cuba
8 HOH LOIH Hohenems Airport Hohenems Austria
9 HOI NTTO Hao Island Airport Hao Island French Polynesia
10 HOK YHOO Hooker Creek Airport Hooker Creek Australia
11 HOL Holikachu Airport Holikachu United States
12 HOM PAHO Homer Airport Homer United States
13 HON KHON Howes Airport Huron United States
14 HOO Nhon Co Airport Quanduc Vietnam
15 HOP KHOP Campbell AAF Airport Hopkinsville United States
16 HOQ EDQM Hof Airport Hof Germany
17 HOR LPHR Horta Airport Horta Portugal
18 HOT KHOT Memorial Field Airport Hot Springs United States
19 HOU KHOU William P Hobby Airport Houston, TX United States
20 HOV ENOV Hovden Airport Orsta-Volda Norway
21 HOW MPHO Howard Afb Airport Fort Kobbe Panama
22 HOX VYHL Homalin Airport Homalin Myanmar
23 HOY Hoy Island Airport Hoy Island United Kingdom
1 HPB PAHP Hooper Bay Airport Hooper Bay United States
2 HPE Hope Vale Airport Hope Vale Australia
3 HPH VVCI Catbi Airport Haiphong Vietnam
4 HPN KHPN Westchester County Airport White Plains United States
5 HPP Poipet Airport Poipet Cambodia
6 HPR Central Hpr Airport Pretoria South Africa
7 HPT Municipal Airport Hampton United States
8 HPV Princeville Airport Kauai Island United States
9 HPY Baytown Airport Baytown United States
1 HQM Bowerman Airport Hoquiam United States
1 HRA Mansehra Airport Mansehra Pakistan
2 HRB ZYHB Harbin Airport Harbin China
3 HRC Zhairem Airport Zhairem Kazakhstan
4 HRE FVHA Harare Airport Harare Zimbabwe
5 HRG HEGN Hurghada Airport Hurghada Egypt
6 HRJ Chaurjhari Airport Chaurjhari Nepal
7 HRK UKHH Kharkov Airport Kharkov Ukraine
8 HRL KHRL Valley International Airport Harlingen United States
9 HRO KHRO Boone County Airport Harrison United States
10 HRR Herrera Airport Herrera Colombia
11 HRS FAHR Harrismith Airport Harrismith South Africa
12 HRT KHRT Linton-On-Ouse Airport Harrogate United Kingdom
13 HRY Henbury Airport Henbury Australia
14 HRZ Horizontina Airport Horizontina Brazil
1 HSB Raleigh Airport Harrisburg United States
2 HSC Shaoguan Airport Shaoguan China
3 HSG RJFS Saga Airport Saga Japan
4 HSH Henderson Sky Harbor Airport Las Vegas United States
5 HSI Hastings Airport Hastings United States
6 HSL Huslia Airport Huslia United States
7 HSM YHSM Horsham Airport Horsham Australia
8 HSN ZSZS Zhoushan Airport Zhoushan China
9 HSP Ingalls Field Airport Hot Springs United States
10 HSS VIHR Hissar Airport Hissar India
11 HST KHST AFB Airport Homestead United States
12 HSV KHSV Huntsville International - Carl T. Jones Field Airport Huntsville, AL United States
13 HSZ Hsinchu Airport Hsinchu Taiwan
1 HTA UIAA Chita Airport Chita Russia
2 HTB Terre-de-Bas Airport Terre-de-Bas Saint Barthelemy
3 HTF EGTH Hatfield Airport Hatfield United Kingdom
4 HTG UOHH Hatanga Airport Hatanga Russia
5 HTH Hawthorne Airport Hawthorne United States
6 HTI YBMN Hamilton Island Airport Hamilton Island Australia
7 HTL KHTL Roscommon County Airport Houghton United States
8 HTM Khatgal Airport Khatgal Mongolia
9 HTN ZWTN Hotan Airport Hotan China
10 HTO East Hampton Airport East Hampton United States
11 HTR RORH Hateruma Airport Hateruma Japan
12 HTS KHTS Tri-State/Milton Airport Huntington United States
13 HTU YHPN Hopetoun Airport Hopetoun Australia
14 HTW Lawrence County Airpark Airport Chesapeake/Huntington Wv United States
15 HTZ SKHC Hato Corozal Airport Hato Corozal Colombia
1 HUB YHBR Humbert River Airport Humbert River Australia
2 HUC Humacao Arpt Airport Humacao Puerto Rico
3 HUD Humboldt Airport Humboldt United States
4 HUE NIUE Humera Airport Humera Ethiopia
5 HUF KHUF Hulman Field Airport Terre Haute United States
6 HUG MGHT Huehuetenango Airport Huehuetenango Guatemala
7 HUH NTTH Huahine Airport Huahine French Polynesia
8 HUI VVPB Phu Bai Airport Hue Vietnam
9 HUJ Hugo Airport Hugo United States
10 HUK Hukuntsi Airport Hukuntsi Botswana
11 HUL KHUL Houlton International Airport Houlton United States
12 HUM Terrebonne Airport Houma United States
13 HUN RCYU Hualien Airport Hualien Taiwan
14 HUQ HLON Houn Airport Houn Libya
15 HUS Municipal Airport Hughes United States
16 HUT Hutchinson Airport Hutchinson United States
17 HUU SPNC Huanuco Airport Huanuco Peru
18 HUV ESNH Hudiksvall Airport Hudiksvall Sweden
19 HUX MMBT Huatulco Airport Huatulco Mexico
20 HUY EGNJ Humberside International Airport Humberside United Kingdom
21 HUZ Huizhou Airport Huizhou China
1 HVA FMNL Analalava Airport Analalava Madagascar
2 HVB YHBA Hervey Bay Airport Hervey Bay Australia
3 HVD ZMKD Khovd Airport Khovd Mongolia
4 HVE Hanksville Airport Hanksville United States
5 HVG ENHV Valan Airport Honningsvag Norway
6 HVK BIHK Holmavik Airport Holmavik Iceland
7 HVM BIHV Hvammstangi Airport Hvammstangi Iceland
8 HVN KHVN New Haven Airport New Haven United States
9 HVR KHVR City County Airport Havre United States
10 HVS Municipal Airport Hartsville United States
1 HWA Hawabango Airport Hawabango Papua New Guinea
2 HWD Hayward Airport Hayward United States
3 HWI SPB Airport Hawk Inlet United States
4 HWK YHAW Wilpena Pound Airport Hawker Australia
5 HWN FVWN Hwange Nat Park Airport Hwange Nat Park Zimbabwe
6 HWO KHWO North Perry Airport Hollywood United States
1 HXX YHAY Hay Airport Hay Australia
1 HYA KHYA Barnstable Airport Hyannis United States
2 HYC High Wycombe Airport High Wycombe United Kingdom
3 HYD VOHY Hyderabad International Airport Hyderabad India
4 HYF Hayfields Airport Hayfields Papua New Guinea
5 HYL SPB Airport Hollis United States
6 HYN ZSLQ Huangyan Airport Huangyan China
7 HYR Municipal Airport Hayward United States
8 HYS Municipal Airport Hays United States
1 HZB LFQT Merville/Calonne Airport Hazebrouck France
2 HZG ZLHZ Hanzhong Airport Hanzhong China
3 HZH Liping Airport Liping City China
4 HZK BIHU Husavik Airport Husavik Iceland
5 HZL Hazleton Airport Hazleton United States
6 HZV Hazyview Airport Hazyview South Africa