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IATA Code P Airports - Complete List

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Airports by IATA Code starting with P - Airport IATA Code P

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Given below is the Airports list with IATA code starting with P

1 PAA VYPA Pa-an Airport Pa-an Myanmar
2 PAB VABI Bilaspur Airport Bilaspur India
3 PAC MPMG Paitilla-Marcos A. Gelabert Airport Panama City Panama
4 PAD EDLP Paderborn/lippstadt Airport Paderborn Germany
5 PAE KPAE Snohomish County Airport Everett United States
6 PAF LPMT Pakuba Airport Pakuba Uganda
7 PAG RPMP Pagadian Airport Pagadian Philippines
8 PAH KPAH Barkley Regional Airport Paducah, KY United States
9 PAI Pailin Airport Pailin Cambodia
10 PAJ OPPC Para Chinar Airport Para Chinar Pakistan
11 PAK Port Allen Airport Hanapepe United States
12 PAL Palanquero Airport Palanquero Colombia
13 PAM KPAM Tyndall AFB Airport Panama City, FL United States
14 PAN VTSK Pattani Airport Pattani Thailand
15 PAO Palo Alto Airport Palo Alto United States
16 PAP MTPP Toussaint Louverture International Airport Port Au Prince Haiti
17 PAQ PAAQ Municipal Airport Palmer United States
18 PAS LGPA Paros Airport Paros Greece
19 PAT VEPT Patna Airport Patna India
20 PAU VYPK Pauk Airport Pauk Myanmar
21 PAV SBUF Paulo Afonso Airport Paulo Afonso Brazil
22 PAW Pambwa Airport Pambwa Papua New Guinea
23 PAX MTPX Port De Paix Airport Port De Paix Haiti
24 PAY WBKP Pamol Airport Pamol Malaysia
25 PAZ MMPA Tajin Airport Poza Rica Mexico
1 PBA Point Barrow Airport Barrow United States
2 PBB SBPB Paranaiba Airport Paranaiba Brazil
3 PBC MMPB Hermanos Serdan International Airport Puebla Atlixco Mexico
4 PBD VAPR Porbandar Airport Porbandar India
5 PBE SKPR Puerto Berrio Airport Puerto Berrio Colombia
6 PBF KPBF Grider Field Airport Pine Bluff United States
7 PBG KPBG Plattsburgh International Airport Plattsburgh United States
8 PBH VQPR Paro Airport Paro Bhutan
9 PBI KPBI Palm Beach International Airport West Palm Beach United States
10 PBJ NVSI Paama Airport Paama Vanuatu
11 PBK Pack Creek Airport Pack Creek United States
12 PBL SVPC Puerto Cabello Airport Puerto Cabello Venezuela
13 PBM SMJP Zanderij International Airport Paramaribo Suriname
14 PBN FNPA Porto Amboim Airport Porto Amboim Angola
15 PBO YPPB Paraburdoo Airport Paraburdoo Australia
16 PBP MRIA Punta Islita Airport Punta Islita Costa Rica
17 PBQ SWPM Pimenta Bueno Airport Pimenta Bueno Brazil
18 PBR MGPB Puerto Barrios Airport Puerto Barrios Guatemala
19 PBS Patong Beach Airport Patong Beach Thailand
20 PBT Puerto Leda Airport Puerto Leda Paraguay
21 PBU VYPT Putao Airport Putao Myanmar
22 PBV PAPB Porto Dos Gauchos Airport Porto Dos Gauchos Brazil
23 PBW Palibelo Airport Palibelo Indonesia
24 PBX Porto Alegre Do Norte Airport Porto Alegre Do Norte Brazil
25 PBY Hamilton/Proserpine Airport Peppers Palm Bay Australia
26 PBZ FAPG Plettenberg Bay Airport Plettenberg Bay South Africa
1 PCA MMPC Portage Creek Airport Portage Creek United States
2 PCB WIIP Pondok Cabe Airport Jakarta Indonesia
3 PCC Puerto Rico Airport Puerto Rico Colombia
4 PCD Municipal Airport Prairie Du Chien United States
5 PCE Painter Creek Airport Painter Creek United States
6 PCG Paso Caballos Airport Paso Caballos Guatemala
7 PCH Palacios Airport Palacios Honduras
8 PCJ Puerto La Victoria Airport Puerto La Victoria Paraguay
9 PCK Porcupine Creek Airport Porcupine Creek United States
10 PCL SPCL Captain Rolden International Airport Pucallpa Peru
11 PCM Playa Del Carmen Airport Playa Del Carmen Mexico
12 PCN NZOK Koromiko Airport Picton New Zealand
13 PCO Punta Colorada Airport Punta Colorada Mexico
14 PCP FPPR Principe Airport Principe Sao Tome and Principe
15 PCQ Bounneua Airport Phongsaly Laos
16 PCR SKPC Puerto Carreno Airport Puerto Carreno Colombia
17 PCS SNPC Picos Airport Picos Brazil
18 PCT Princeton Airport Princeton United States
19 PCU Pearl River County Airport Picayune United States
20 PCV Punta Chivato Airport Punta Chivato Mexico
1 PDA SKPD Puerto Inirida Airport Puerto Inirida Colombia
2 PDB Pedro Bay Airport Pedro Bay United States
3 PDC NWWQ Mueo Airport Mueo New Caledonia
4 PDD Ponta de Ouro Airport Ponta de Ouro Mozambique
5 PDE YPDI Pandie Pandie Airport Pandie Pandie Australia
6 PDF SNRD Prado Airport Prado Brazil
7 PDG WIMG Minangkabau International Airport Padang Indonesia
8 PDI Pindiu Airport Pindiu Papua New Guinea
9 PDK Dekalb-Peachtree Airport Atlanta, GA United States
10 PDL LPPD Nordela Airport Ponta Delgada, Azores Portugal
11 PDN Parndana Airport Parndana Australia
12 PDO WIPQ Pendopo Airport Pendopo Indonesia
13 PDP SUPE Capitan Corbeta CA Curbelo International Airport Maldonado Uruguay
14 PDS MMPG Piedras Negras Airport Piedras Negras Mexico
15 PDT Pendleton Airport Pendleton United States
16 PDU SUPU Paysandu Airport Paysandu Uruguay
17 PDV LBPD Plovdiv Airport Plovdiv Bulgaria
18 PDX KPDX Portland International Airport Portland, OR United States
19 PDZ SVPE Pedernales Airport Pedernales Venezuela
1 PEA YPSH Penneshaw Airport Penneshaw Australia
2 PEB Pebane Airport Pebane Mozambique
3 PEC Pelican SPB Airport Pelican United States
4 PED LKPD Pardubice Airport Pardubice Czech Republic
5 PEE USPP Perm Airport Perm Russia
6 PEF Peenemuende Airport Peenemuende Germany
7 PEG LIRZ Sant Egidio Airport Perugia Italy
8 PEH SAZP Pehuajo Airport Pehuajo Argentina
9 PEI SKPE Matecana Airport Pereira Colombia
10 PEJ Peschiei Airport Peschiei Italy
11 PEK ZBAA Beijing Capital International Airport Beijing China
12 PEL FXPG Pelaneng Airport Pelaneng Lesotho
13 PEM SPTU Puerto Maldonado Airport Puerto Maldonado Peru
14 PEN WMKP Penang International Airport Penang Malaysia
15 PEP Peppimenarti Airport Peppimenarti Australia
16 PEQ Pecos City Airport Pecos City United States
17 PER YPPH Perth International Airport Perth Australia
18 PES ULPB Petrozavodsk Airport Petrozavodsk Russia
19 PET SBPK Federal Airport Pelotas Brazil
20 PEU MHPL Puerto Lempira Airport Puerto Lempira Honduras
21 PEW OPPS Peshawar Airport Peshawar Pakistan
22 PEX UUYP Pechora Airport Pechora Russia
23 PEY Penong Airport Penong Australia
24 PEZ UWPP Penza Airport Penza Russia
1 PFA Paf Warren Airport Paf Warren United States
2 PFB SBPF Passo Fundo Airport Passo Fundo Brazil
3 PFC Pacific City State Airport Pacific City, OH United States
4 PFD Port Frederick Airport Port Frederick United States
5 PFJ BIPA Patreksfjordur Airport Patreksfjordur Iceland
6 PFN KPFN Bay County Airport Panama City United States
7 PFO LCPH Paphos International Airport Paphos Cyprus
8 PFR FZVS Ilebo Airport Ilebo Democratic Republic Of The Congo
1 PGA Page Airport Page United States
2 PGB Pangoa Airport Pangoa Papua New Guinea
3 PGC Grant County Airport Petersburg United States
4 PGD Charlotte County Airport Punta Gorda United States
5 PGE Yegepa Airport Yegepa Papua New Guinea
6 PGF LFMP Llabanere Airport Perpignan France
7 PGG Progresso Airport Sao Paulo Brazil
8 PGH VIPT Pantnagar Airport Pantnagar India
9 PGI FNCH Chitato Airport Chitato Angola
10 PGK WIKK Pangkalpinang Airport Pangkalpinang Indonesia
11 PGM Port Graham Airport Port Graham United States
12 PGN Pangia Airport Pangia Papua New Guinea
13 PGP Porto Alegre Airport Porto Alegre Sao Tome and Principe
14 PGR Municipal Airport Paragould United States
15 PGS Peach Springs Airport Peach Springs United States
16 PGV Pitt-Greenville Airport Greenville United States
17 PGX LFBX Bassillac Airport Perigueux France
1 PHA VVPR Phan Rang Airport Phan Rang Vietnam
2 PHB Santos Dumont Airport Parnaiba Brazil
3 PHC DNPO Port Harcourt Airport Port Harcourt Nigeria
4 PHD Harry Clever Airport New Philadelphia United States
5 PHE YPPD Port Hedland Airport Port Hedland Australia
6 PHF KPHF Newport News/williamsb Airport Newport News United States
7 PHG Port Harcourt City Airport Port Harcourt Nigeria
8 PHH VVPT Phan Thiet Airport Phan Thiet Vietnam
9 PHI SNYE Pinheiro Airport Pinheiro Brazil
10 PHJ Port Hunter Airport Port Hunter Australia
11 PHK Palm Beach Co Glades Airport Pahokee United States
12 PHL KPHL Philadelphia International Airport Philadelphia United States
13 PHM Boeblingen Airport Boeblingen Germany
14 PHN KPHN St Clair County International Airport Port Huron United States
15 PHO PAPO Point Hope Airport Point Hope United States
16 PHP Philip Airport Philip United States
17 PHR Pacific Harbor Airport Pacific Harbor Fiji
18 PHS VTPP Phitsanulok Airport Phitsanulok Thailand
19 PHT Henry County Airport Paris United States
20 PHU Phu Vinh Airport Phu Vinh Vietnam
21 PHW FAPH Cape Town Airport Phalaborwa South Africa
22 PHX KPHX Sky Harbor International Airport Phoenix United States
23 PHY VTPB Phetchabun Airport Phetchabun Thailand
24 PHZ Phi Phi Island Airport Phi Phi Island Thailand
1 PIA KPIA Greater Peoria Airport Peoria, IL United States
2 PIB KPIB Hattiesburg-Laurel Regional Airport Hattiesburg/Laurel, MS United States
3 PIC MBPI Pine Cay Airport Pine Cay Turks and Caicos Islands
4 PID MYPI Paradise Island Airport Nassau Bahamas
5 PIE KPIE St. Petersburg-Clearwater International Airport Clearwater United States
6 PIF RCDC Pingtung Airport Pingtung Taiwan
7 PIG Pitinga Airport Pitinga Brazil
8 PIH KPIH Pocatello Airport Pocatello United States
9 PII Phillips Field Airport Fairbanks United States
10 PIK EGPK Prestwick Airport Prestwick, South Ayrshire United Kingdom
11 PIL SGPI Pilar Airport Pilar Paraguay
12 PIM Garden Harris County Airport Pine Mountain United States
13 PIN SWPI Parintins Airport Parintins Brazil
14 PIO SPSO Pisco Airport Pisco Peru
15 PIP Pilot Point Airport Pilot Point United States
16 PIQ Pipillipai Airport Pipillipai Guyana
17 PIR KPIR Pierre Airport Pierre United States
18 PIS LFBI Biard Airport Poitiers France
19 PIT KPIT Pittsburgh International Airport Pittsburgh, PA United States
20 PIU SPUR Piura Airport Piura Peru
21 PIV SNPX Pirapora Airport Pirapora Brazil
22 PIW CZMN Pikwitonei Airport Pikwitonei Canada
23 PIX LPPI Pico Island Airport Pico Island Portugal
24 PIZ PPIZ Dew Station Airport Point Lay United States
1 PJA ESUP Pajala Airport Pajala Sweden
2 PJB Payson Airport Payson United States
3 PJC SGPJ Pedro Juan Caballero Airport Pedro Juan Caballero Paraguay
4 PJG OPPG Panjgur Airport Panjgur Pakistan
5 PJM MRPJ Puerto Jimenez Airport Puerto Jimenez Costa Rica
6 PJS Port San Juan Airport Port San Juan United States
7 PJZ Puerto Vallarta Airport Puerto Juarez Mexico
1 PKA SPB Airport Napaskiak United States
2 PKB KPKB Wood County Airport Parkersburg United States
3 PKC UHPP Petropavlovsk-Kamchats Airport Petropavlovsk-Kamchats Russia
4 PKD Park Rapids Airport Park Rapids United States
5 PKE YPKS Parkes Airport Parkes Australia
6 PKF Park Falls Airport Park Falls United States
7 PKH LGHL Alexion Airport Porto Kheli Greece
8 PKJ Playa Grande Airport Playa Grande Guatemala
9 PKK VYPU Pakokku Airport Pakokku Myanmar
10 PKL Pakatoa Island Airport Pakatoa Island New Zealand
11 PKM Port Kaituma Airport Port Kaituma Guyana
12 PKN WRBI Pangkalanbuun Airport Pangkalanbuun Indonesia
13 PKO DBBP Parakou Airport Parakou Benin
14 PKP NTGP Puka Puka Airport Puka Puka French Polynesia
15 PKR VNPK Pokhara Airport Pokhara Nepal
16 PKS Paksane Airport Paksane Laos
17 PKT YPKT Port Keats Airport Port Keats Australia
18 PKU WIBB Sultan Syarif Kasim Ii Airport Pekanbaru Indonesia
19 PKV ULOO Pskov Airport Pskov Russia
20 PKW FBSP Selebi-Phikwe Airport Selebi-Phikwe Botswana
21 PKY WRBP Palangkaraya Airport Palangkaraya Indonesia
22 PKZ VLPS Pakse Airport Pakse Laos
1 PLA Planadas Airport Planadas Colombia
2 PLB Clinton County Airport Plattsburgh United States
3 PLC Planeta Rica Airport Planeta Rica Colombia
4 PLD MRSR Playa Samara Airport Playa Samara Costa Rica
5 PLF FTTP Pala Airport Pala Chad
6 PLG La Plagne Airport La Plagne France
7 PLH EGHD Plymouth Airport Plymouth United Kingdom
8 PLI Palm Island Airport Palm Island Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
9 PLJ Placencia Airport Placencia Belize
10 PLK M Graham Clark Airport Branson/point Lookout United States
11 PLL SBMN Ponta Pelada Airport Manaus Brazil
12 PLM WIPP Mahmud Badaruddin Ii Airport Palembang Indonesia
13 PLN KPLN Emmet County Airport Pellston United States
14 PLO YPLC Port Lincoln Airport Port Lincoln Australia
15 PLP MPLP La Palma Airport La Palma Panama
16 PLQ EYPA Palanga International Airport Klaipeda/Palanga Lithuania
17 PLR St Clair County Airport Pell City United States
18 PLS MBPV Providenciales International Airport Providenciales Turks and Caicos Islands
19 PLT SKPL Plato Airport Plato Colombia
20 PLU SBBH Pampulha Domestic Airport Belo Horizonte Brazil
21 PLV UKHP Poltava Airport Poltava Ukraine
22 PLW WAML Mutiara Airport Palu Indonesia
23 PLX UASS Semipalatinsk Airport Semipalatinsk Kazakhstan
24 PLY Plymouth Airport Plymouth United States
25 PLZ FAPE Port Elizabeth Airport Port Elizabeth South Africa
1 PMA HTPE Wawi Airport Pemba Tanzania
2 PMB Pembina Airport Pembina United States
3 PMC SCTE Tepual Airport Puerto Montt Chile
4 PMD KPMD La Palmdale Regional Airport Palmdale, CA United States
5 PME Portsmouth Airport Portsmouth United Kingdom
6 PMF LIMP Giuseppe Verdi Airport Parma Italy
7 PMG SBPP Ponta Pora International Airport Ponta Pora Brazil
8 PMH Greater Portsmouth Regional Airport Portsmouth, OH United States
9 PMI LEPA Son Sant Joan Airport Palma Mallorca Spain
10 PMK YPAM Palm Island Airport Palm Island Australia
11 PML PAPM AFS Airport Port Moller United States
12 PMM Phanom Sarakham Airport Phanom Sarakham Thailand
13 PMN Pumani Airport Pumani Papua New Guinea
14 PMO LICP Punta Raisi Airport Palermo Italy
15 PMP Pimaga Airport Pimaga Papua New Guinea
16 PMQ SAWP Perito Moreno Airport Perito Moreno Argentina
17 PMR NZPM Palmerston North Airport Palmerston North New Zealand
18 PMS OSPR Palmyra Airport Palmyra Syria
19 PMT Paramakotoi Airport Paramakotoi Guyana
20 PMU SPB Airport Paimiut United States
21 PMV SVMG Del Caribe International Airport Porlamar Venezuela
22 PMW SBPJ Palmas Airport Palmas Brazil
23 PMX Metropolitan Airport Palmer United States
24 PMY SAVY El Tehuelche Airport Puerto Madryn Argentina
25 PMZ MRPM Palmar Sur Airport Palmar Costa Rica
1 PNA LEPP Pamplona Airport Pamplona Spain
2 PNB SBPN Porto Nacional Airport Porto Nacional Brazil
3 PNC KPNC Ponca City Airport Ponca City United States
4 PND Punta Gorda Airport Punta Gorda Belize
5 PNE KPNE North Philadelphia Airport Philadelphia United States
6 PNG SSPG Municipal Airport Paranagua Brazil
7 PNH VDPP Phnom Penh International Airport Phnom Penh Cambodia
8 PNI PTPN Pohnpei Airport Pohnpei Micronesia
9 PNJ Peng Lai/Sha He Kou Airport Peng Lai China
10 PNK WIOO Supadio Airport Pontianak Indonesia
11 PNL LICG Pantelleria Airport Pantelleria Italy
12 PNN Princeton Airport Princeton United States
13 PNO Pinotepa Nacional Airport Pinotepa Nacional Mexico
14 PNP AYGR Girua Airport Popondetta Papua New Guinea
15 PNQ VAPO Lohegaon Airport Pune India
16 PNR FCPP Pointe Noire Airport Pointe Noire Congo
17 PNS KPNS Regional Airport Pensacola United States
18 PNT SCNT Teniente J. Gallardo Airport Puerto Natales Chile
19 PNU Panguitch Airport Panguitch United States
20 PNV EYPP Panevezys Airport Panevezys Lithuania
21 PNX Grayson County Airport Sherman-Denison United States
22 PNY VOPC Pondicherry Airport Pondicherry India
23 PNZ SBPL Petrolina International Airport Petrolina Brazil
1 POA SBPA Salgado Filho Airport Porto Alegre Brazil
2 POB KPOB Pope AFB Airport Fayetteville, NC United States
3 POC Brackett Field Airport La Verne United States
4 POD GOSP Podor Airport Podor Senegal
5 POE KPOE Polk AAF Airport Fort Polk United States
6 POF Earl Fields Memorial Airport Poplar Bluff United States
7 POG FOOG Port Gentil Airport Port Gentil Gabon
8 POH Municipal Airport Pocahontas United States
9 POI SLPO Potosi Airport Potosi Bolivia
10 POJ SNPD Patos De Minas Airport Patos De Minas Brazil
11 POL FQPB Porto Amelia Airport Pemba Mozambique
12 POM AYPY Jackson Fld Airport Port Moresby Papua New Guinea
13 PON MGPP Poptun Airport Poptun Guatemala
14 POO SBPC Pocos De Caldas Airport Pocos De Caldas Brazil
15 POP MDPP La Union Airport Puerto Plata Dominican Republic
16 POQ Polk Inlet Airport Polk Inlet United States
17 POR EFPO Pori Airport Pori Finland
18 POS TTPS Piarco International Airport Port Of Spain Trinidad and Tobago
19 POT MKKJ Ken Jones Airport Port Antonio Jamaica
20 POU KPOU Dutchess County Airport Poughkeepsie United States
21 POV LZPW Presov Airport Presov Slovakia
22 POW LJPZ Portoroz Airport Portoroz Slovenia
23 POX LFPT Paris Cergy Pontoise Airport Paris France
24 POY Powell Airport Powell United States
25 POZ EPPO Lawica Airport Poznan Poland
1 PPA Perry Lefors Field Airport Pampa United States
2 PPB SBDN Adhemar De Barros Airport Presidente Prudente Brazil
3 PPC Prospect Creek Airport Prospect Creek United States
4 PPD Palmas Del Mar Airport Humacao Puerto Rico
5 PPE MMPE Puerto Penasco Airport Puerto Penasco Mexico
6 PPF Tri-City Airport Parsons United States
7 PPG NSTU Pago Pago International Airport Pago Pago American Samoa
8 PPH SVPH Peraitepuy Airport Peraitepuy Venezuela
9 PPI YPIR Port Pirie Airport Port Pirie Australia
10 PPJ WIIG Pulau Panjang Airport Pulau Panjang Indonesia
11 PPK UACP Petropavlovsk Airport Petropavlovsk Kazakhstan
12 PPL VNPL Phaplu Airport Phaplu Nepal
13 PPM Pompano Beach Airport Pompano Beach United States
14 PPN SKPP Machangara Airport Popayan Colombia
15 PPO Powell Point Airport Powell Point Bahamas
16 PPP YBPN Whitsunday Coast Airport Proserpine Australia
17 PPQ NZPP Paraparaumu Airport Paraparaumu New Zealand
18 PPR WIDE Pasir Pangarayan Airport Pasir Pangarayan Indonesia
19 PPS RPVP Puerto Princesa Airport Puerto Princesa Philippines
20 PPT NTAA Faa'a Airport Papeete French Polynesia
21 PPU Papun Airport Papun Myanmar
22 PPV Port Protection Airport Port Protection United States
23 PPW EGEP Papa Westray Airport Papa Westray United Kingdom
24 PPX Param Airport Param Papua New Guinea
25 PPY SNZA Pouso Alegre Airport Pouso Alegre Brazil
26 PPZ Puerto Paez Airport Puerto Paez Venezuela
1 PQC VVPQ Duong Dong Airport Phu Quoc Vietnam
2 PQI KPQI Municipal Airport Presque Isle United States
3 PQM MMPQ Palenque Airport Palenque Mexico
4 PQQ YPMQ Port Macquarie Airport Port Macquarie Australia
5 PQS Pilot Station Airport Pilot Station United States
6 PQT Heliport Airport Qeqertaq Denmark
1 PRA SAAP Parana Airport Parana Argentina
2 PRB Paso Robles Airport Paso Robles United States
3 PRC KPRC Prescott Airport Prescott United States
4 PRD YPDO Pardoo Airport Pardoo Australia
5 PRE Pore Airport Pore Colombia
6 PRF Port Johnson Airport Port Johnson United States
7 PRG LKPR Prague - Ruzyne International Airport Prague Czech Republic
8 PRH VTCP Phrae Airport Phrae Thailand
9 PRI FSPP Praslin Island Airport Praslin Island Seychelles
10 PRJ Capri Airport Capri Italy
11 PRK FAPK Prieska Airport Prieska South Africa
12 PRL Port Oceanic Airport Port Oceanic United States
13 PRM LPPM Portimao Airport Portimao Portugal
14 PRN LYPR Prishtina International Airport Prishtina Serbia
15 PRO Municipal Airport Perry United States
16 PRP LFKO Propriano Airport Propriano France
17 PRQ Pres. Roque Saenz Pena Airport Pres. Roque Saenz Pena Argentina
18 PRR SYPR Paruima Airport Paruima Guyana
19 PRS AGGP Parasi Airport Parasi Solomon Islands
20 PRT Coast Guard Heliport Airport Point Retreat United States
21 PRU VYPY Prome Airport Prome Myanmar
22 PRV LKPO Prerov Airport Prerov Czech Republic
23 PRW Prentice Airport Prentice United States
24 PRX Cox Field Airport Paris United States
25 PRY FAWB Wonderboom Airport Pretoria South Africa
26 PRZ Prineville Airport Prineville United States
1 PSA LIRP Galileo Galilei Airport Pisa Italy
2 PSB Bellefonte Airport Bellefonte United States
3 PSC KPSC Tri-cities Airport Pasco, WA United States
4 PSD HEPS Port Said Airport Port Said Egypt
5 PSE TJPS Mercedita Airport Ponce Puerto Rico
6 PSF Pittsfield Airport Pittsfield United States
7 PSG PAPG Petersburg James A Johnson Airport Petersburg, AK United States
8 PSH EDXO St Peter Airport St Peter Germany
9 PSI OPPI Pasni Airport Pasni Pakistan
10 PSJ WAMP Poso Airport Poso Indonesia
11 PSK New River Valley Airport Dublin United States
12 PSL EGPT Perth Airport Perth United Kingdom
13 PSM KPSM Pease International Airport Portsmouth, NH United States
14 PSN Palestine Municipal Airport Palestine, TX United States
15 PSO SKPS Cano Airport Pasto Colombia
16 PSP KPSP Municipal Airport Palm Springs United States
17 PSQ SPB Airport Philadelphia United States
18 PSR LIBP Liberi Airport Pescara Italy
19 PSS SARP Posadas Airport Posadas Argentina
20 PST Preston Airport Preston Cuba
21 PSU WIOP Putussibau Airport Putussibau Indonesia
22 PSW SNOS Passos Airport Passos Brazil
23 PSX KPSX Palacios Airport Palacios United States
24 PSY SFAL Port Stanley Airport Port Stanley Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas)
25 PSZ SLPS Puerto Suarez Airport Puerto Suarez Bolivia
1 PTA Port Alsworth Airport Port Alsworth United States
2 PTB Municipal Airport Petersburg United States
3 PTC Port Alice Airport Port Alice United States
4 PTD Port Alexander Airport Port Alexander United States
5 PTE Port Stephens Airport Port Stephens Australia
6 PTF NFFO Malololailai Airport Malololailai Fiji
7 PTG FAPI Polokwane Airport Polokwane South Africa
8 PTH PAPH Port Heiden Airport Port Heiden United States
9 PTI Port Douglas Airport Port Douglas Australia
10 PTJ YPOD Portland Airport Portland Australia
11 PTK Pontiac Airport Pontiac United States
12 PTL Port Armstrong Airport Port Armstrong United States
13 PTM SVPT Palmarito Airport Palmarito Venezuela
14 PTN Williams Memorial Airport Patterson United States
15 PTO SSPB Municipal Airport Pato Branco Brazil
16 PTP TFFR Le Raizet Airport Pointe-a-pitre Saint Barthelemy
17 PTQ SNMZ Porto de Moz Airport Porto de Moz Brazil
18 PTR Pleasant Harbour Airport Pleasant Harbour United States
19 PTS Municipal Airport Pittsburg United States
20 PTT Pratt Airport Pratt United States
21 PTU PAPM Platinum Airport Platinum United States
22 PTV Porterville Airport Porterville United States
23 PTW Pottstown/Limerick Airport Pottstown United States
24 PTX SKPI Pitalito Airport Pitalito Colombia
25 PTY MPTO Tocumen International Airport Panama City Panama
26 PTZ SESM Pastaza Airport Pastaza Ecuador
1 PUA Puas Airport Puas Papua New Guinea
2 PUB KPUB Memorial Airport Pueblo United States
3 PUC Carbon County Airport Price United States
4 PUD SAWD Puerto Deseado Airport Puerto Deseado Argentina
5 PUE Puerto Obaldia Airport Puerto Obaldia Panama
6 PUF LFBP Pau-Pyrénées Airport Pau France
7 PUG YPAG Port Augusta Airport Port Augusta Australia
8 PUH Pochutla Airport Pochutla Mexico
9 PUI Pureni Airport Pureni Papua New Guinea
10 PUJ MDPC Punta Cana International Airport Higuey Dominican Republic
11 PUK NTGQ Pukarua Airport Pukarua French Polynesia
12 PUL Poulsbo Airport Poulsbo United States
13 PUM Pomala Airport Pomala Indonesia
14 PUN FZOP Punia Airport Punia Democratic Republic Of The Congo
15 PUO Prudhoe Bay Airport Prudhoe Bay United States
16 PUP DFCP Po Airport Po Burkina Faso
17 PUQ SCCI Pres Ibanez Airport Punta Arenas Chile
18 PUR SLPR Puerto Rico Airport Puerto Rico Bolivia
19 PUS RKPK Gimhae Airport Busan South Korea
20 PUT Puttaparthi Airport Puttaparthi India
21 PUU SKAS Puerto Asis Airport Puerto Asis Colombia
22 PUW KPUW Pullman-Moscow Regional Airport Pullman United States
23 PUX SCPV Puerto Varas Airport Puerto Varas Chile
24 PUY LDPL Pula Airport Pula Croatia
25 PUZ MNPC Puerto Cabezas Airport Puerto Cabezas Nicaragua
1 PVA SKPV Providencia Airport Providencia Colombia
2 PVC Provincetown Airport Provincetown United States
3 PVD KPVD T. F. Green Airport Providence United States
4 PVE El Porvenir Airport El Porvenir Panama
5 PVF Placerville Airport Placerville United States
6 PVG ZSPD Pu Dong Airport Shanghai China
7 PVH SBPV Governador Jorge Teixeira Airport Porto Velho Brazil
8 PVI SSPI Edu Chaves Airport Paranavai Brazil
9 PVK LGPZ Aktion Airport Preveza/Lefkas Greece
10 PVN LBPL Pleven Airport Pleven Bulgaria
11 PVO SEPV Reales Tamarindos Airport Portoviejo Ecuador
12 PVR MMPR Licenciado Gustavo Díaz Ordaz International Airport Puerto Vallarta Mexico
13 PVS UHMD Provideniya Airport Provideniya Russia
14 PVU Provo Airport Provo United States
15 PVW Hale County Airport Plainview United States
16 PVX Provedenia Airport Provedenia Russia
17 PVY Pope Vanoy Airport Pope Vanoy United States
18 PVZ Casement Airport Painesville United States
1 PWA Wiley Post Airport Oklahoma City United States
2 PWD Sherwood Airport Plentywood United States
3 PWE UHMP Pevek Airport Pevek Russia
4 PWI Beles Airport Pawi Ethiopia
5 PWK Pal-Waukee Airport Chicago United States
6 PWL WIAP Purwokerto Airport Purwokerto Indonesia
7 PWM KPWM Jetport International Airport Portland United States
8 PWN MYCP Pitts Town Airport Pitts Town Bahamas
9 PWO FZQC Pweto Airport Pweto Democratic Republic Of The Congo
10 PWQ UASP Pavlodar Airport Pavlodar Kazakhstan
11 PWR Port Walter Airport Port Walter United States
12 PWT KPWT Bremerton Airport Bremerton United States
1 PXL Polacca Airport Polacca United States
2 PXM MMPS Puerto Escondido Airport Puerto Escondido Mexico
3 PXO LPPS Porto Santo Airport Porto Santo Portugal
4 PXR Surin Airport Surin Thailand
5 PXS Puerto De Santa Maria Airport Puerto De Santa Maria Spain
6 PXU VVPK Pleiku Airport Pleiku Vietnam
1 PYA Puerto Boyaca Airport Puerto Boyaca Colombia
2 PYB VEJP Jeypore Airport Jeypore India
3 PYC Playon Chico Airport Playon Chico Panama
4 PYE NCPY Penrhyn Island Airport Penrhyn Island Cook Islands
5 PYH SVPA Puerto Ayacucho Airport Puerto Ayacucho Venezuela
6 PYJ UERP Polyarnyj Airport Polyarnyj Russia
7 PYL Perry SPB Airport Perry Island United States
8 PYM Plymouth Airport Plymouth United States
9 PYN Payan Airport Payan Colombia
10 PYO SEPT Putumayo Airport Putumayo Ecuador
11 PYR LGAD Andravida Airport Pyrgos Greece
12 PYV Yaviza Airport Yaviza Panama
13 PYX Pattaya Airport Pattaya Thailand
1 PZA SKPZ Casanare Airport Paz De Ariporo Colombia
2 PZB FAPM Pietermaritzburg Oribi Airport Pietermaritzburg South Africa
3 PZE EGHK Penzance Airport Penzance United Kingdom
4 PZH OPZB Zhob Airport Zhob Pakistan
5 PZK Puka Puka Is/Attol Airport Puka Puka Is/Attol Cook Islands
6 PZL FADQ Zulu Inyala Airport Phinda South Africa
7 PZO SVPR Puerto Ordaz Airport Puerto Ordaz Venezuela
8 PZU HSSP Port Sudan Airport Port Sudan Sudan
9 PZY LZPP Piestany Airport Piestany Slovakia