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IATA Code X Airports - Complete List

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Airports by IATA Code starting with X - Airport IATA Code X

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Given below is the Airports list with IATA code starting with X

1 XAL Alamos Airport Alamos Mexico
2 XAP SBCH Aeroporto Municipal Chapeco Airport Chapeco Brazil
3 XAR DFOY Aribinda Airport Aribinda Burkina Faso
4 XAU SOOS Saul Airport Saul French Guiana
5 XAY Xayabury Airport Xayabury Laos
1 XBB Blubber Bay Airport Blubber Bay Canada
2 XBE CNE3 Bearskin Lake Airport Bearskin Lake Canada
3 XBG DFEB Bogande Airport Bogande Burkina Faso
4 XBJ OIMB Birjand Airport Birjand Iran
5 XBL HABB Buno Bedelle Airport Buno Bedelle Ethiopia
6 XBN Biniguni Airport Biniguni Papua New Guinea
7 XBO DFEA Boulsa Airport Boulsa Burkina Faso
8 XBR Brockville Airport Brockville Canada
9 XBW Killineq Airport Killineq Canada
1 XCL Cluff Lake Airport Cluff Lake Canada
2 XCM Chatham Airport Chatham Canada
3 XCN Coron Airport Coron Philippines
4 XCO YOLA Colac Airport Colac Australia
5 XCR LFOK Vatry International Airport Chalons Sur Marne France
1 XDE DFOU Diebougou Airport Diebougou Burkina Faso
2 XDJ DFCJ Djibo Airport Djibo Burkina Faso
1 XEN Xingcheng Airport Xingcheng China
2 XES Municipal Airport Lake Geneva United States
1 XFN ZHXF Xiangfan Airport Xiangfan China
2 XFW EDHI Finkenwerder Airport Hamburg Germany
3 XFZ Charny Airport Quebec Canada
1 XGA DFOG Gaoua Airport Gaoua Burkina Faso
2 XGG DFEG Gorom-Gorom Airport Gorom-Gorom Burkina Faso
3 XGL Granville Lake Airport Granville Lake Canada
4 XGN FNXA Xangongo Airport Xangongo Angola
5 XGR CYLU Kangiqsualujjuaq Airport Kangiqsualujjuaq Canada
1 XHN Guillemins, Raiway Stn Airport Liege Belgium
1 XIC ZUXC Xichang Airport Xichang China
2 XIE Xienglom Airport Xienglom Laos
3 XIH Khan Al Baghdadi Airport Khan Al Baghdadi Iraq
4 XIJ Ahmed Al Jaber Airport Ahmed Al Jaber Kuwait
5 XIK Central Station Airport Milan Italy
6 XIL ZBXH Xilinhot Airport Xilinhot China
7 XIN ZGXN Xingning Airport Xingning China
8 XIQ Harbour Airport Ilimanaq Greenland
9 XIY ZLXY Xianyang Airport Xi An China
1 XJD Al Udeid AB Airport Al Udeid Qatar
2 XJE Rialway Service Airport Vojens Denmark
3 XJM OPMA Mangla Airport Mangla Pakistan
1 XKA DFEL Kantchari Airport Kantchari Burkina Faso
2 XKH VLXK Xieng Khouang Airport Xieng Khouang Laos
3 XKO Kemano Airport Kemano Canada
4 XKS CYAQ Kasabonika Airport Kasabonika Canada
5 XKY DFCA Kaya Airport Kaya Burkina Faso
1 XLB Lac Brochet Airport Lac Brochet Canada
2 XLF Leaf Bay Airport Leaf Bay Canada
3 XLO Long Xuyen Airport Long Xuyen Vietnam
4 XLS GOSS St Louis Airport St Louis Senegal
5 XLU DFCL Leo Airport Leo Burkina Faso
6 XLW EDWD Lemwerder Airport Lemwerder Germany
1 XMA Maramag Airport Maramag Philippines
2 XMC YMCO Mallacoota Airport Mallacoota Australia
3 XMD Madison Airport Madison United States
4 XMG VNMN Mahendranagar Airport Mahendranagar Nepal
5 XMH NTGI Manihi Airport Manihi French Polynesia
6 XMI HTMI Masasi Airport Masasi Tanzania
7 XML YMIN Minlaton Airport Minlaton Australia
8 XMN ZSAM Xiamen Airport Xiamen China
9 XMP Macmillan Pass Airport Macmillan Pass Canada
10 XMS SEMC Macas Airport Macas Ecuador
11 XMY YYMI Yam Island Airport Yam Island Australia
1 XNA Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport Fayetteville, AR United States
2 XNG Quang Ngai Airport Quang Ngai Vietnam
3 XNN ZLXN Xining Airport Xining China
4 XNT Xingtai Airport Xingtai China
5 XNU DFON Nouna Airport Nouna Burkina Faso
1 XOZ Doha Free Zone Airport Doha Qatar
1 XPA DFEP Pama Airport Pama Burkina Faso
2 XPK Pukatawagan Airport Pukatawagan Canada
3 XPL MHSC Coronel Enrique Soto Cano AB Airport Comayagua Honduras
4 XPP Poplar River Airport Poplar River Canada
5 XPQ Ferry Airport Port Klang Malaysia
6 XPR Pine Ridge Airport Pine Ridge United States
7 XPU West Kuparuk Airport West Kuparuk United States
8 XPZ Harbour Airport Saint Tropez France
1 XQC Balad Airport Balad Iraq
2 XQP MRQP Quepos Airport Pavones Costa Rica
3 XQU Qualicum Airport Qualicum Canada
4 XQV Baqubah Airport Baqubah Iraq
1 XRH Richmond AFB Airport Richmond Australia
2 XRR Ross River Airport Ross River Canada
3 XRY LEJR Jerez De La Frontera Airport Jerez De La Frontera Spain
1 XSC MBSC South Caicos International Airport South Caicos Turks and Caicos Islands
2 XSD Test Range Airport Tonopah United States
3 XSE DFES Sebba Airport Sebba Burkina Faso
4 XSI South Indian Lake Airport South Indian Lake Canada
5 XSM St Marys Airport St Marys United States
6 XSO Siocon Airport Siocon Philippines
7 XSP WSSL Seletar Airport Singapore Singapore
1 XTA Econ/Tech Dev. Area Airport Tianjin China
2 XTF Port Free Trade Zone Airport Tianjin China
3 XTG YTGM Thargomindah Airport Thargomindah Australia
4 XTL CYBQ Tadoule Lake Airport Tadoule Lake, MB Canada
5 XTM Ramadi Airport Ramadi Iraq
6 XTO YTAM Taroom Airport Taroom Australia
7 XTR YTAA Tara Airport Tara Australia
8 XTV Tikrit Airport Tikrit Iraq
1 XUZ ZSXZ Xuzhou Airport Xuzhou China
1 XVL Vinh Long Airport Vinh Long Vietnam
1 XWP ESFA Hassleholm Airport Hassleholm Sweden
2 XWQ Enkoping Airport Enkoping Sweden
3 XWZ Nykoping Airport Nykoping Sweden
1 XXK Katrineholm Airport Katrineholm Sweden
2 XXU Hedemora Airport Hedemora Sweden
1 XYA Yandina Airport Yandina Solomon Islands
2 XYC Herrljunga Airport Herrljunga Sweden
3 XYE VYYE Ye Airport Ye Myanmar
4 XYI Flen Airport Flen Sweden
5 XYO Karlshamn Airport Karlshamn Sweden
6 XYR Yellow River Airport Yellow River Papua New Guinea
7 XYT Montaudran Airport Toulouse France
8 XYU Solvesborg Airport Solvesborg Sweden
9 XYX Sala Airport Sala Sweden
1 XZA DFEZ Zabre Airport Zabre Burkina Faso
2 XZE Off line Point Airport Rail Germany
3 XZF Dammam Port Airport Dammam Saudi Arabia
4 XZJ Off line Point Airport Rail Japan
5 XZU Off line Point Airport Rail United States
6 XZX Off line Point Airport Rail Australia