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Distance from Belgrade, Serbia to Major Cities

City In Miles In Kms
Dubai, United Arab Emirates 2361 Miles 3799.66 Km
Buenos Aires, Argentina 7374 Miles 11867.3 Km
Manama, Bahrain 2105 Miles 3387.67 Km
Seoul, South Korea 5139 Miles 8270.42 Km
Muscat, Oman 2590 Miles 4168.2 Km
Moscow, Russia 1064 Miles 1712.34 Km
Singapore, Singapore 5833 Miles 9387.3 Km
Istanbul, Turkey 503 Miles 809.5 Km
Chicago, United States 4989 Miles 8029.02 Km
Cape Town, South Africa 5443 Miles 8759.66 Km

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