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Flight Time Calculator - Calculate Flight Duration & Flight Time Between Cities

Use the text boxes in the flight duration calculator below to enter the names of cities or airports (airport codes) between which you wish to travel or find the flight travel time. An auto complete dropdown box will appear once you enter the first three alphabets of the city name, airport name or airport code.

Click on the Show Additional Inputs text within the form to include additional inputs like intermediate stopovers, waiting time, flight speed etc... to make your flight time calculation even more precise. This flight duration calculator will help you get an ideas as to how long is flight between two cities.

Flight Time Calculator

Flight Duration Calculator - Find Flight Time Between Cities, Countries & Airports

The Flight Time Calculator is a an online travel tool to calculate the flight time or flight duration between two cities. Enter names of two cities or two airports to find the flight duration ie., the approximate flight length or flying hours between those two cities. Flight time calculator is a useful tool for frequent fliers and travelers. Flight times are subject to change owing to speed of air plane, number of stops in between etc... The flight duration calculator on this site calculates flight times as direct flying time between two cities considering the speed of air plane as 550 MPH. You may make necessary changes like changing plane speed, adding stop over etc... to calculate the accurate flight duration.

You can also find the arrival time at your destination by entering the departure time. The flight time calculator will show you the arrival time at your destination after adjusting for timezone change.

List of some of the major airports. Click any link given below to find distance to and distance from various airports.

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