Search and find railway stations and railway station codes in Assam. A complete list of Assam Train Stations. There are 107 Railway stations in the state of Assam. Also get information about trains passing through any station in Assam.

Train Stations and Station Code of Assam State

Out of all the Assam railway stations listed here, the major railway station names are in blue color and are clickable links. Click on the names of all important and main railway stations in Assam to get more information. To find more information about any other Train stations in Assam, search using the search box given above.

#CodeStation NameStatePlace
1 AGI Amguri Assam Amguri
2 ARCL Arunachal Assam Arunachal
3 BPB Badarpur Junction Assam Badarpur
4 BLPR Badulipar Assam Badulipar
5 BF Bagetar Assam Bagetar
6 BXK Bandarkhal Assam Bandarkhal
7 BXP Barpathar Assam Barpathar
8 BPRD Barpeta Road Assam Barpeta Road
9 BBGN Barua Bamungaon Assam Barua Bamungaon
10 BLMR Bhalukmara Assam Bhalukmara
11 BOJ Bhojo Assam Bhojo
12 BHZ Bihara Assam Bihara
13 BJF Bijni Assam Bijni
14 BXJ Bokajan Assam Bokajan
15 BNGN Bongaigaon Assam Bongaigaon
16 BFD Borhat Assam Borhat
17 CNE Chandranathpur Assam Chandranathpur
18 CPK Chaparmukh Junction Assam Chaparmukh
19 CMA Cinnamara Assam Cinnamara
20 DCA Damchara Assam Damchara
21 DMC Dhemaji Assam Dhemaji
22 DBRG Dibrugarh Assam Dibrugarh
23 DBRT Dibrugarh Town Assam Dibrugarh
24 DGU Digaru Assam Digaru
25 DBY Digboi Assam Digboi
26 DKE Dihakho Assam Dihakho
27 DPU Diphu Assam Diphu
28 DTC Ditokcherra Assam Ditokcherra
29 DJG Duliajan Assam Duliajan
30 FKM Fakiragram Junction Assam Fakiragram
31 FKG Furkating Junction Assam Furkating
32 GLPT Goalpara Town Assam Goalpara
33 GOM Gogamukh Assam Gogamukh
34 GPZ Gohpur Assam Gohpur
35 GLGT Golaghat Assam Golaghat
36 GOGH Gossaigaon Hat Assam Gossaigaon Hat
37 GHY Guwahati Assam Guwahati
38 HFG Haflonghill Assam Haflong Hill
39 HJO Harangajao Assam Harangajao
40 HMY Harmuti Assam Harmuti
41 HTL Hatikhali Assam Hatikhali
42 HML Helem Assam Helem
43 HLX Hilara Assam Hilara
44 HJI Hojai Assam Hojai
45 JID Jagi Road Assam Jagi Road
46 JMK Jamunamukh Assam Jamunamukh
47 JTG Jatinga Assam Jatinga
48 JTTN Jorhat Town Assam Jorhat
49 KQI Kalachand Assam Kalachand
50 KYQ Kamakhya Assam Kamakhya
51 KWM Kampur Assam Kampur
52 KXJ Karimganj Junction Assam Karimganj Town
53 KTX Katakhal Junction Assam Katakhal
54 KBY Khoirabari Assam Khoirabari
55 KUTI Khumtai Assam Khumtai
56 KOJ Kokrajhar Assam Kokrajhar
57 LXA Lakswa Assam Lakswa
58 LGT Langting Assam Langting
59 LKA Lanka Assam Lanka
60 LEDO ledo Assam Ledo
61 LFG Lower Haflong Assam Lower Haflong
62 LMG Lumding Junction Assam Lumding
63 MXR Mahur Assam Mahur
64 MBG Maibang Assam Maibang
65 MGX Mailongdisa Assam Mailongdisa
66 MJBT Majbat Assam Majbat
67 MJN Makum Junction Assam Makum
68 MYD Manderdisa Assam Manderdisa
69 MRG Margherita Assam Ledo
70 MXN Mariani Junction Assam Mariani
71 MGE Migrendisa Assam Migrendisa
72 MRHT Moranhat Assam Moranhat Town
73 MUPA Mupa Assam Mupa
74 MZS Murkeongselek Assam Murkeongselek
75 NHK Naharkatiya Assam Naharkatiya
76 NLV Nalbari Assam Nalbari
77 NAM Namrup Assam Namrup
78 NBQ New Bongaigaon Assam New Bongaigaon
79 NMM New Misamari Assam New Misamari
80 NTSK New Tinsukia Junction Assam New Tinsukia
81 NLP North Lakhimpur Assam North Lakhimpur
82 NMGY Numaligarh Assam Numaligarh
83 PNGM Panchgram Assam Panchgram
84 PTKD Patharkandi Assam Patharkandi
85 PBL Pathsala Assam Pathsala
86 RNGG Rangaliting Assam Rangaliting
87 RPAN Rangapara North Assam Rangapara North
88 RNY Rangiya Junction Assam Rangiya
89 RWH Rowriahsdg Assam Rowriahsdg
90 RWTB Rowta Bagan Assam Rowta Bagan
91 SPK Sapekhati Assam Sapekhati
92 SZR Sarupathar Assam Sarupathar
93 SRTN Sibsagar Assam Sibsagar
94 SPTR Silapathar Assam Silapathar
95 SCL Silchar Assam Silchar
96 SLGR Simaluguri Junction Assam Simaluguri
97 SBE Sorbhog Junction Assam Sorbhog
98 SQF Sukritipur Assam Sukritipur
99 TNL Tangla Assam Tangla
100 TBH Tatibahar Assam Tatibahar
101 TQM Telam Assam Telam
102 TIHU Tihu Assam Tihu
103 TSK Tinsukia Junction Assam Tinsukia
104 TTB Titabar Assam Titabar
105 ULG Udalguri Assam Udalguri
106 VNE Viswanath Chrli Assam Viswanath Chrli
107 WDA Wadrengdisa Assam Wadrengdisa

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