Search and find railway stations and railway station codes in Bihar. A complete list of Bihar Train Stations. There are 238 Railway stations in the state of Bihar. Also get information about trains passing through any station in Bihar.

Train Stations and Station Code of Bihar State

Out of all the Bihar railway stations listed here, the major railway station names are in blue color and are clickable links. Click on the names of all important and main railway stations in Bihar to get more information. To find more information about any other Train stations in Bihar, search using the search box given above.

#CodeStation NameStatePlace
1 AHA Abhaipur Bihar Abhaipur
2 AKN Akbarnagar Bihar Akbarnagar
3 AYRN Akshaywat R Nagar Bihar Akshaywat R Nagar
4 ANH Ankorha Bihar Ankorahakorha
5 AUBR Anugraha N Road Bihar Anugraha N Road
6 ARA Ara Bihar Ara
7 ARQ Arariya Court Bihar Arariya Court
8 ATL Athmalgola Bihar Athmalgola
9 ATNR Awatarnagar Bihar Awatarnagar
10 AZR Azamnagar Road Bihar Azamnagar Road
11 BCA Bachwara Junction Bihar Bachwara
12 BHB Badla Ghat Bihar Badlaghat
13 BUG Bagaha Bihar Bagaha
14 BKP Bakhtiyarpur Junction Bihar Bakhtiyarpur
15 BYN Banahi Bihar Banahi
16 BAKA Banka Bihar Banka
17 BKG Banka Ghat Bihar Banka Ghat
18 BSQP Bansipur Bihar Bansipur
19 BMKI Bapudham Motihari Bihar Bapudham Motihari
20 BAGL Baragopal Bihar Baragopal
21 BHLE Barahat Bihar Barahat
22 BJU Barauni Junction Bihar Barauni
23 BARH Barh Bihar Barh
24 BRYA Barhiya Bihar Barhiya
25 BUP Bariarpur Bihar Bariarpur
26 BSYA Barkisalaiya Bihar Barkisalalya
27 BOE Barsoi Junction Bihar Barsoi
28 BGS Begu Sarai Bihar Begu Sarai
29 BEA Behea Bihar Behea
30 BELA Bela Bihar Bela
31 BTH Bettiah Bihar Bettiah
32 BBU Bhabua Road Bihar Bhabua Road
33 BGP Bhagalpur Bihar Bhagalpur
34 BNR Bhagwanpur Bihar Bhagwanpur
35 BRU Bhairoganj Bihar Bhairoganj
36 BFM Bhalui Bihar Bhalui
37 BEHS Bihar Sharif Bihar Bihar Sharif
38 BTA Bihta Bihar Bihta
39 BKSL Bikram Shila Bihar Bikram Shila
40 BXR Buxar Bihar Buxar
41 CW Chainwa Bihar Chainwa
42 CAA Chakia Bihar Chakia
43 CAI Chanpatia Bihar Chanpatia
44 CUX Chaura Bihar Chaura
45 CSA Chausa Bihar Chausa
46 CPR Chhapra Bihar Chhapra
47 CI Chhapra Kacheri Bihar Chhapra Kacheri
48 DSS Dalsingh Sarai Bihar Dalsingh Sarai
49 DNR Danapur Bihar Danapur
50 DPL Danauliphulwaria Bihar Danauliphlwria
51 DNWH Daniyawan Bzr H Bihar Daniyawan Bzr H
52 DBG Darbhanga Junction Bihar Darbhanga
53 DRTP Dasharathpur Bihar Dasharathpur
54 DDP Daudpur Bihar Daudpur
55 DOS Dehri On Sone Bihar Dehri On Sone
56 DES Desari Bihar Desari
57 DHT Dhamara Ghat Bihar Dhamara Ghat
58 DNRE Dhanauri Bihar Dhanauri
59 DRH Dharhara Bihar Dharhara
60 DWLE Dhauni Bihar Dhauni
61 DOL Dholi Bihar Dholi
62 DGA Dighwara Bihar Dighwara
63 DUBH Dubaha Bihar Dubaha
64 DURE Dumraon Bihar Dumraon
65 DMRX Dumri Halt Bihar Dumri
66 DDA Duraundha Junction Bihar Duraundha
67 DGO Durgauti Bihar Durgauti
68 EKR Ekangarsarai Bihar Ekangarsarai
69 EKC Ekchari Bihar Ekchari
70 EKMA Ekma Bihar Ekma
71 FUT Fatwa Bihar Fatwa
72 FBG Forbesganj Bihar Forbesganj
73 GMR Gahmar Bihar Gahmar
74 GAYA Gaya Junction Bihar Gaya
75 GGA Ghoga Bihar Ghoga
76 GHR Gidhaur Bihar Gidhaur
77 GJH Goldinganj Bihar Goldingganj
78 GRL Goraul Bihar Goraul
79 GZH Gulzarbagh Bihar Gulzarbagh
80 GRRU Guraru Bihar Guraru
81 GAP Gurpa Bihar Gurpa
82 HYT Haiaghat Bihar Haiaghat
83 HJP Hajipur Junction Bihar Hajipur
84 HDE Hardas Bigha Bihar Hardas Bigha
85 HIR Harinagar Bihar Harinagar
86 HRT Harnaut Bihar Harnaut
87 HPO Hasanpur Road Bihar Hasanpur Road
88 HTZ Hathidah Junction Bihar Hathidah
89 HPLE Hatpuraini Bihar Hatpuraini
90 HIL Hilsa Bihar Hilsa
91 IPR Islampur Bihar Islampur
92 IMGE Ismailpur Bihar Ismailpur
93 JHN Jakhim Bihar Jakhim
94 JMP Jamalpur Junction Bihar Jamalpur
95 JMU Jamui Bihar Jamui
96 JNR Janakpur Road Bihar Janakpur Road
97 JYG Jaynagar Bihar Jaynagar
98 JHD Jehanabad Bihar Jehanabad
99 JAJ Jhajha Bihar Jhajha
100 JBN Jogbani Bihar Jogbani
101 CLG Kahalgaon Bihar Kahalgaon
102 KJH Kajra Bihar Kajra
103 KKHT Kakarghatti Bihar Kakarghatti
104 KPRD Kalyanpur Road Bihar Kalyanpur Road
105 KML Kamtaul Bihar Kamtaul
106 CRR Karagola Road Bihar Karagola Road
107 KWO Karauta Bihar Karauta
108 KRS Karisath Bihar Karisath
109 KPGM Karpurigram Bihar Karpurigram
110 KSC Kashi Chak Bihar Kashi Chak
111 KSTA Kastha Bihar Kastha
112 KTRH Katareah Bihar Katareah
113 KIR Katihar Junction Bihar Katihar
114 KGG Khagaria Junction Bihar Khagaria
115 KJI Khajauli Bihar Khajauli
116 KRBP Khudiram B Pusa Bihar Khudiram B Pusa
117 KWE Khurial Bihar Khurial
118 KOO Khusropur Bihar Khusropur
119 KNE Kishanganj Bihar Kishanganj
120 KSP Kishanpur Bihar Kishanpur
121 KIUL Kiul Junction Bihar Kiul
122 KWR Koelwar Bihar Koilwar
123 KKTA Kollikhutaha Bihar Khutaha
124 KFA Koparia Bihar Koparia
125 KTQ Kudra Bihar Jahanabad
126 KUA Kulharia Bihar Kulharia
127 KDPR Kumedpur Bihar Malda
128 KUE Kursela Bihar Kursela
129 LAV Labha Bihar Labha
130 LSI Laheria Sarai Bihar Laheria Sarai
131 LKN Lakhminia Bihar Lakhminia
132 LKR Luckeesarai Junction Bihar Luckeesarai
133 MBI Madhubani Bihar Madhubani
134 MSK Mahes Khunt Bihar Mahes Khunt
135 MW Mairwa Bihar Mairwa
136 MJL Majhowlia Bihar Majhowlia
137 MDE Makhdumpurgaya Bihar Makhdumpurgaya
138 MNP Mananpur Bihar Mananpur
139 MHT Manjhi Bihar Manjhi
140 MKB Mankatha Bihar Mankatha
141 MNE Mansi Junction Bihar Mansi
142 MSDN Masudan Bihar Masudan
143 MNO Mehnar Road Bihar Mehnar Road
144 MAI Mehsi Bihar Mehsi
145 MZC Mirzacheuki Bihar Mirzacheuki
146 MOG Mohiuddinnagar Bihar Mohiuddinnagar
147 MKA Mokameh Junction Bihar Mokameh
148 MOR Mor Bihar Mor
149 MKI Motihari Bihar Motihari
150 MTR Motipur Bihar Motipur
151 MPY Murarpur Bihar Murarpur
152 MFP Muzaffarpur Junction Bihar Muzaffarpur
153 NBG Nabinagar Road Bihar Nabenagar Road
154 NDU Nadauj Bihar Nadauj
155 NDW Nadwan Bihar Nawa
156 NLD Nalanda Bihar Nalanda
157 NNR Narayanpur Bihar Narayanpur
158 NRPA Narayanpur Anant Bihar Narayanpur Anant
159 NKE Narkatiaganj Junction Bihar Narkatiaganj
160 NAT Nathnagar Bihar Nathnagar
161 NNA Naugachia Bihar Naugachia
162 NWD Nawadah Bihar Nawadah
163 NYO Nayagaon Bihar Nayagaon
164 NAZJ Nazirganj Bihar Nazirganj
165 NEO Neora Bihar Neora
166 PRP Paharpur Bihar Paharpur
167 PDW Pandaul Bihar Pandaul
168 PRY Paraiya Bihar Paraiya
169 PMU Parmanandpur Bihar Parmanandpur
170 PSR Pasraha Bihar Pasraha
171 PNBE Patna Junction Bihar Patna
172 PNC Patna Saheb Bihar Patna Saheb
173 PQE Pawapuri Road Bihar Pawapuri Road
174 PES Phesar Bihar Phesar
175 PWS Phulwari Sharif Bihar Patna
176 PPT Pirpainti Bihar Pirpainti
177 PFT Pothahi Bihar Pothahi
178 PHK Punarakh Bihar Punarakh
179 PPN Punpun Bihar Punpun
180 PNSA Punsia Bihar Punsia
181 PRNA Purnia Junction Bihar Purnia
182 RFJ Rafiganj Bihar Rafiganj
183 RPR Raghunathpur Bihar Raghunathpur
184 RJA Rajanagar Bihar Rajanagar
185 RJPB Rajendar Nagar Bihar Bihar Rajendar Nagar Bihar
186 RGD Rajgir Bihar Rajgir
187 RBZ Rambhaddarpur Bihar Rambhaddarpur
188 RGH Ramgarhwa Bihar Ramgarhwa
189 RDUM Rampur Dumra Bihar Rampur Dumra
190 RPUR Ratanpur Bihar Ratanpur
191 RXL Raxaul Junction Bihar Raxaul
192 ROA Rusera Ghat Bihar Rusera Ghat
193 SBO Sabaur Bihar Sabaur
194 SDE Sadisopur Bihar Sadisopur
195 SGL Sagauli Junction Bihar Sagauli
196 SHC Saharsa Junction Bihar Saharsa
197 SKJ Sahibpur KML Junction Bihar Sahibpur KML
198 SKI Sakri Junction Bihar Sakri
199 SLNA Salauna Bihar Salauna
200 SPJ Samastipur Junction Bihar Samastipur
201 SAI Sarai Bihar Sarai
202 SSM Sasaram Bihar Sasaram
203 STJT Sathajagat Bihar Sathajagat
204 SMO Semapur Bihar Semapur
205 SPP Shahpur Patoree Bihar Shahpur Patoree
206 SHK Sheikpura Bihar Sheikpura
207 SVRP Shivanarayanpur Bihar Shivanarayanpur
208 SIHO Siho Bihar Siho
209 SILO Silao Bihar Silao
210 SLT Silaut Bihar Silaut
211 SAE Simaria Bihar Simaria
212 SBV Simri Bakhtiyarpur Bihar Simri Bakhtiarpur
213 STL Simultala Bihar Simultala
214 SRY Sirari Bihar Sirari
215 STLR Sitalpur Bihar Sitalpur
216 SMI Sitamarhi Bihar Sitamarhi
217 SV Siwan Junction Bihar Siwan
218 SEB Son Nagar Bihar Son Nagar
219 SBM Sonbarsa Kacheri Bihar Sonbarsa Kcheri
220 SEE Sonpur Junction Bihar Sonpur
221 SUD Sudhani Bihar Sudhani
222 SOW Suhsarai Bihar Suhsarai
223 SGG Sultanganj Bihar Sultanganj
224 TKN Tankuppa Bihar Tankuppa
225 TEA Taregna Bihar Taregna
226 TRS Tarsarai Bihar Tarsarai
227 TGA Teghra Bihar Teghra
228 THA Tehta Bihar Tehta
229 TETA Telta Bihar Telta
230 THB Thana Bihpur Junction Bihar Thana Bihpur
231 TIA Tilaya Bihar Tilaya
232 TWG Twining Ganj Bihar Twining Ganj
233 UJP Ujiarpur Bihar Ujiarpur
234 UREN Uren Bihar Uren
235 VPN Vidyapatinagar Bihar Vidyapatinagar
236 WRS Waris Aleganj Bihar Waris Aleganj
237 WZJ Wazerganj Bihar Wazerganj
238 WENA Wena Bihar Wena

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