Search and find railway stations and railway station codes in Gujarat. A complete list of Gujarat Train Stations. There are 149 Railway stations in the state of Gujarat. Also get information about trains passing through any station in Gujarat.

Train Stations and Station Code of Gujarat State

Out of all the Gujarat railway stations listed here, the major railway station names are in blue color and are clickable links. Click on the names of all important and main railway stations in Gujarat to get more information. To find more information about any other Train stations in Gujarat, search using the search box given above.

#CodeStation NameStatePlace
1 AI Adipur Gujarat Adipur
2 ADI Ahmedabad Junction Gujarat Ahmedabad
3 ALB Alia Bada Gujarat Alia Bada
4 AML Amalsad Gujarat Amalsad
5 ABD Ambli Road Gujarat Ambli Road
6 ANND Anand Junction Gujarat Anand
7 ANAS Anas Gujarat Anas
8 AJE Anjar Gujarat Anjar
9 AKV Ankleshwar Junction Gujarat Ankleshwar
10 ASV Asarva Junction Gujarat Asarva
11 BDDR Badodar Gujarat Vadodara
12 BJUD Bajud Gujarat Bajud
13 BIY Bardoli Gujarat Bardoli
14 BJD Barejadi Gujarat Barejadi
15 BCOB Bhachau BG Gujarat Bhachau BG
16 BKNG Bhakti Nagar Gujarat Bhakti Nagar
17 BH Bharuch Junction Gujarat Bharuch
18 BHTA Bhatiya Gujarat Bhatiya
19 BNVD Bhaunra Gujarat Bhaunra
20 BVP Bhavanagar Para Gujarat Bhavanagar Para
21 BVC Bhavnagar Terminus Gujarat Bhavnagar
22 BLD Bhilad Gujarat Bhilad
23 BLDI Bhildi Gujarat Bhildi
24 BHUJ Bhuj Gujarat Bhuj
25 BIM Bilimora Junction Gujarat Bilimora
26 BIO Bordi Gujarat Bordi
27 BTD Botad Junction Gujarat Botad
28 CPN Champaner Rd Junction Gujarat Champaner Rd
29 CLDY Chandlodiya Gujarat Chandlodiya
30 CHP Chhapi Gujarat Chhapi
31 CE Chharodi Gujarat Chharodi
32 CVR Chorvad Road Gujarat Chorvad Road
33 DHD Dahod Gujarat Dahod
34 DL Daladi Gujarat Daladi
35 DRL Derol Gujarat Derol
36 DAS Dhasa Junction Gujarat Dhasa
37 DLJ Dhola Junction Gujarat Dhola
38 DJI Dhoraji Gujarat Dhoraji
39 DHG Dhrangadhra Gujarat Dhrangadhra
40 DISA Disa Gujarat Disa
41 DEOR Diyodar Gujarat Diyodar
42 DGI Dungri Gujarat Dungari
43 DWK Dwarka Gujarat Dwarka
44 GIMB Gandhidham BG Gujarat Gandhidham BG
45 GNC Gandhinagar Capital Gujarat Gandhinagar Capital
46 GDA Godhra Junction Gujarat Godhra
47 GTT Gomta Gujarat Gomta
48 GDL Gondal Gujarat Gondal
49 GOP Gop Jam Gujarat Gop Jam
50 HVD Halvad Gujarat Halvad
51 HAPA Hapa Gujarat Hapa
52 HMT Himmatnagar Gujarat Himmatnagar
53 ITA Itola Gujarat Itola
54 JKA Jakhvada Gujarat Jakhvada
55 JDH Jam Jodhpur Junction Gujarat Jam Jodhpur
56 WTJ Jam Wanthali Gujarat Jam Wanthali
57 JAM Jamnagar Gujarat Jamnagar
58 JLR Jetalsar Junction Gujarat Jetalsar
59 JVN Jorawarnagar Junction Gujarat Jorawarnagar
60 JND Junagadh Junction Gujarat Junagadh
61 KLL Kalol Gujarat Kalol
62 KNLS Kanalus Junction Gujarat Kanalas
63 KBRV Kanjariboriyav Gujarat Kanjariboriyav
64 KSD Keshod Gujarat Keshod
65 KMBL Khambhaliya Gujarat Khambhaliya
66 KRSA Kharsaliya Gujarat Kharsaliya
67 KHD Khodiyar Gujarat Khodiyar
68 KIM Kim Gujarat Kim
69 KDMR Kodiyar Mandir Gujarat Kodiyar Mandir
70 KSB Kosamba Junction Gujarat Kosamba
71 LTR Lakhtar Gujarat Lakhtar
72 LPJ Lalpur Jam Gujarat Lalpur Jam
73 LTD Lathidad Gujarat Lathidad
74 LMO Liliya Mota Gujarat Liliya Mota
75 LM Limbdi Gujarat Limbdi
76 LMK Limkheda Gujarat Limkheda
77 MID Madhi Gujarat Madhi
78 MHD Mahemdavad Kheda Road Gujarat Mahemdavad
79 MHV Mahuva Junction Gujarat Mahuva
80 MLHA Maliya Hatina Gujarat Maliya Hatina
81 MALB Maliya Miyana Gujarat Maliya Miyana
82 MAM Mangalmahudi Gujarat Mangalmahudi
83 MAN Maninagar Gujarat Maninagar
84 MRL Maroli Gujarat Maroli
85 MSH Mehsana Junction Gujarat Mehsana
86 MTHP Mithapur Gujarat Mithapur
87 MYG Miyagam Karjan Gujarat Miyagam Karjan
88 MVI Morbi Gujarat Morbi
89 MOL Muli Road Gujarat Muli Road
90 NIU Nabipur Gujarat Nabipur
91 ND Nadiad Junction Gujarat Nadiad
92 NUD Navagadh Gujarat Navagadh
93 NWU Navapur Gujarat Navapur
94 NVS Navsari Gujarat Navsari
95 NGA Ningala Junction Gujarat Ningala
96 OKHA Okha Gujarat Okha
97 PDH Paddhari Gujarat Paddhari
98 PNU Palanpur Junction Gujarat Palanpur
99 PLJ Palej Gujarat Palej
100 PAO Panoli Gujarat Panoli
101 PAD Pardi Gujarat Pardi
102 PPD Piplod Junction Gujarat Piplod
103 PBR Porbandar Gujarat Porbandar
104 RDHP Radhanpur Gujarat Radhanpur
105 RJT Rajkot Junction Gujarat Rajkot
106 RLA Rajula Junction Gujarat Rajula
107 RWO Ranavav Gujarat Ranavav
108 RUR Ranpur Gujarat Ranpur
109 SBI Sabarmati Junction Gujarat Sabarmati
110 SBT Sabarmati Junction Gujarat Sabarmati
111 SCH Sachin Gujarat Sachin
112 SKR Sakhpur Gujarat Sakhpur
113 SIOB Samakhiali B G Gujarat Samakhiali B G
114 SMLA Samlaya Junction Gujarat Samlaya
115 SAU Sanand Gujarat Sanand
116 SJN Sanjan Gujarat Sanjan
117 SOA Sanosra Gujarat Sanosra
118 SAT Sant Road Gujarat Sant Road
119 SNLR Santalpur Gujarat Santalpur
120 SDGM Sardargram Gujarat Dehegam
121 SVKD Savarkundla Gujarat Savarkundla
122 SYN Sayan Gujarat Sayan
123 SID Siddhpur Gujarat Siddhpur
124 SOJN Sihor Gujarat Gujarat Sihor Gujarat
125 SMNH Somnath Gujarat Somnath
126 SGD Songadh Gujarat Songadh
127 ST Surat Gujarat Surat
128 SUNR Surendranagar Gujarat Surendranagar
129 SRGT Surendranagarg Gujarat Surendranagarg
130 THAN Than Junction Gujarat Than
131 UDN Udhna Junction Gujarat Udhna
132 UVD Udvada Gujarat Udvada
133 UJ Ujalvav Gujarat Ujalvav
134 UBR Umbargam Road Gujarat Umbargam Road
135 UJA Unjha Gujarat Unjha
136 UA Upleta Gujarat Upleta
137 BRC Vadodara Junction Gujarat Vadodara
138 BL Valsad Gujarat Valsad
139 VAPI Vapi Gujarat Vapi
140 VTJ Vartej Gujarat Vartej
141 VDA Vasad Junction Gujarat Vasad
142 VRL Veraval Gujarat Veraval
143 VG Viramgam Junction Gujarat Viramgam
144 VRR Virpur Gujarat Virpur
145 VS Vishvamitri Gujarat Vishvamitri
146 VYA Vyara Gujarat Vyara
147 WC Wadhwan City Gujarat Wadhwan
148 WKR Wankaner Junction Gujarat Wankaner
149 WSJ Wansjaliya Gujarat Wansjaliya

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