Search and find railway stations and railway station codes in Haryana. A complete list of Haryana Train Stations. There are 59 Railway stations in the state of Haryana. Also get information about trains passing through any station in Haryana.

Train Stations and Station Code of Haryana State

Out of all the Haryana railway stations listed here, the major railway station names are in blue color and are clickable links. Click on the names of all important and main railway stations in Haryana to get more information. To find more information about any other Train stations in Haryana, search using the search box given above.

#CodeStation NameStatePlace
1 AST Asaoti Haryana Asaoti
2 BMLL Bamla Haryana Bamla
3 RAA Barara Haryana Barara
4 BZO Barsola Haryana Barsola
5 BU Baswa Haryana Baswa
6 BWL Bawal Haryana Bawal
7 BHT Bhattu Haryana Bhattu
8 BNWC Bhiwani City Haryana Bhiwani
9 CKD Charkhi Dadri Haryana Charkhi Dadri
10 DKT Dhulkot Haryana Dhulkot
11 FDN Faridabad New Town Haryana Faridabad New
12 GHH Garhi Harsaru Haryana Garhi Harsaru
13 GRA Gharaunda Haryana Gharaunda
14 HNS Hansi Haryana Hansi
15 HSR Hisar Haryana Hisar
16 HDL Hodal Haryana Hodal
17 ISM Ismaila Haryana Haryana Ismaila Haryana
18 JNA Julana Haryana Julana
19 KIP Khalilpur Haryana Khalilpur
20 LHLL Lahli Haryana Lahli
21 LHU Loharu Haryana Loharu
22 MHRG Mahendragarh Haryana Mahendragarh
23 ADR Mandi Adampur Haryana Mandi Adampur
24 MBY Mandi Dabwali Haryana Mandi Dabwali
25 NNL Narnaul Haryana Narnaul
26 NLKR Nilokheri Haryana Nilokheri
27 RDDE Rathdhana Haryana Rathdhana
28 SPZ Sampla Haryana Sampla
29 SHDM Shahbad Markanda Haryana Shahbad Markanda
30 SSA Sirsa Haryana Sirsa
31 TRR Taraori Haryana Taraori
32 KLK Kalka Haryana Kalka
33 KHRK Kharak Haryana Kharak
34 KNL Kalanwali Haryana Kalanwali
35 UCA Uchana Haryana Uchana
36 KLNK Kalanaur Kalan Haryana Kalanaur
37 BGZ Bahadurgarh Haryana Bahadurgarh
38 BVH Ballabgarh Haryana Ballabgarh
39 BNW Bhiwani Haryana Bhiwani
40 GNU Ganaur Haryana Ganaur
41 JUDW Jagadhri Wshop Haryana Jagadhri Wshop
42 JHL Jakhal Junction Haryana Jakhal
43 JIND Jind Junction Haryana Jind
44 NRW Narwana Junction Haryana Narwana
45 PWL Palwal Haryana Palwal
46 PTRD Pataudi Road Haryana Pataudi Road
47 SMK Samalkha Haryana Samalkha
48 TUN Tohana Haryana Tohana
49 UBC Ambala City Haryana Ambala
50 FDB Faridabad Haryana Faridabad
51 GGN Gurgaon Haryana Gurgaon
52 JUD Jagadhri Haryana Jagadhri
53 KUN Karnal Haryana Karnal
54 KKDE Kurukshetra Junction Haryana Kurukshetra
55 PNP Panipat Junction Haryana Panipat
56 RE Rewari Haryana Rewari
57 ROK Rohtak Junction Haryana Rohtak
58 SNP Sonipat Haryana Sonipat
59 UMB Ambala Cantonment Haryana Ambala

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