Search and find railway stations and railway station codes in Jharkhand. A complete list of Jharkhand Train Stations. There are 97 Railway stations in the state of Jharkhand. Also get information about trains passing through any station in Jharkhand.

Train Stations and Station Code of Jharkhand State

Out of all the Jharkhand railway stations listed here, the major railway station names are in blue color and are clickable links. Click on the names of all important and main railway stations in Jharkhand to get more information. To find more information about any other Train stations in Jharkhand, search using the search box given above.

#CodeStation NameStatePlace
1 ADTP Adityapur Jharkhand Adityapur
2 BJMD Bara Jamda Jharkhand Bara Jamda
3 VAA Bhaga Junction Jharkhand Bhaga
4 BJE Bhojudih Junction Jharkhand Bhojudih
5 BKRO Bokaro Thermal Jharkhand Bokaro Thermal
6 CBSA Chaibasa Jharkhand Chaibasa
7 CPDR Chhipadohar Jharkhand Chhipadohar
8 DPS Dangoaposi Jharkhand Dangoaposi
9 GHQ Garhwa Jharkhand Garhwa
10 GRD Giridih Jharkhand Giridih
11 GJD Gujhandi Jharkhand Gujhandi
12 GMIA Gumia Jharkhand Gumia
13 JGD Jagadishpur Jharkhand Jagadishpur
14 MMD Maheshmunda Jharkhand Maheshmunda
15 MHQ Mahuda Jharkhand Mahuda
16 MOU Manoharpur Jharkhand Manoharpur
17 MGME McCluskieganj Jharkhand McCluskieganj
18 MQX Meralgram Jharkhand Meralgram
19 NUQ Nagar Untari Jharkhand Nagar Untari
20 NKM Namkon Jharkhand Namkon
21 NOMD Noamundi Jharkhand Noamundi
22 PSB Parsabad Jharkhand Parsabad
23 PEH Pathardih Junction Jharkhand Pathardih
24 PNW Pundhag Jharkhand Pundhag
25 RKSN Rajkharsawan Junction Jharkhand Rajkharsawan
26 RHE Rakha Mines Jharkhand Rakha Mines
27 RMT Ramgarh Cantonment Jharkhand Ramgarh
28 RMF Ramna Jharkhand Ramna
29 RRME Ranchi Road Jharkhand Ranchi Road
30 SLF Silli Jharkhand Silli
31 SINI Sini Junction Jharkhand Sini
32 TIS Tatisilwai Jharkhand Tatisilwai
33 TET Tetulmari Jharkhand Tetulmari
34 ARGD Arigada Jharkhand Ramgarh
35 BHKD Bhurkunda Jharkhand Bhurkunda
36 BRMO Bermo Jharkhand Bermo
37 DNEA Danea Jharkhand Danea
38 KLP Kotalpukur Jharkhand Kotalpukur
39 KND Kandra Jharkhand Kandra
40 PLJE Phulwartanr Jharkhand Phulwartanr
41 PUS Phusro Jharkhand Phusro
42 RAY Ray Jharkhand Ray
43 SLJ Sakrigali Junction Jharkhand Sakrigali
44 URD Untare Road Jharkhand Untare Road
45 GUD Galudih Jharkhand Galudih
46 MDJ Muhammadganj Jharkhand Muhammadganj
47 BHME Bhandaridah Jharkhand Bhandaridah
48 GMH Gamharia Jharkhand Gamharia
49 HDN Haidarnagar Jharkhand Haidarnagar
50 TLJ Taljhari Jharkhand Taljhari
51 SWR Sonua Jharkhand Sonua
52 JAN Jarangdih Jharkhand Jarangdih
53 MUW Mathurapur Jharkhand Mathurapur
54 KYF Kajrat Nawadih Jharkhand Kajrat Nawadih
55 CNPR Chainpur Jharkhand Chainpur
56 SDBH Sindriblock Hut Jharkhand Sindriblock Hut
57 PKF Pokla Jharkhand Pokla
58 GBX Govindpur Road Jharkhand Govindpur Road
59 GOL Goilkera Jharkhand Goilkera
60 DVM Dalbhumgarh Jharkhand Dalbhumgarh
61 GMAN Gumani Jharkhand Gumani
62 BANO Bano Jharkhand Bano
63 ORGA Orga Jharkhand Orga
64 TELO Telo Jharkhand Telo
65 BHW Barharwa Junction Jharkhand Barharwa
66 BRKA Barkakana Jharkhand Barkakana
67 BRWD Barwadih Junction Jharkhand Barwadih
68 CKP Chakradharpur Jharkhand Chakradharpur
69 CNI Chandil Junction Jharkhand Chandil
70 CRP Chandrapura Jharkhand Chandrapura
71 DTO Daltonganj Jharkhand Daltonganj
72 GHD Garwa Road Jharkhand Garwa Road
73 GTS Ghatsila Jharkhand Ghatsila
74 HTE Hatia Jharkhand Hatia
75 HZD Hazaribagh Road Jharkhand Hazaribagh Road
76 JMT Jamtara Jharkhand Jamtara
77 JPL Japla Jharkhand Japla
78 LTHR Latehar Jharkhand Latehar
79 PTRU Patratu Jharkhand Patratu
80 SBG Sahibganj Junction Jharkhand Sahibganj
81 TPH Tinpahar Junction Jharkhand Tinpahar
82 TORI Tori Jharkhand Tori
83 VDS Vidyasagar Jharkhand Vidyasagar
84 KTH Katrasgarh Jharkhand Katras
85 KMME Kumardubi Jharkhand Chirkunda
86 KLRE Khalari Jharkhand Khelari
87 BKSC Bokaro Steel City Jharkhand Bokaro Steel
88 DHN Dhanbad Junction Jharkhand Dhanbad
89 GMO Gomoh Junction Jharkhand Gomoh
90 JSME Jasidih Junction Jharkhand Jasidih
91 KQR Koderma Jharkhand Koderma
92 MDP Madhupur Junction Jharkhand Madhupur
93 MURI Muri Jharkhand Muri
94 PKR Pakur Jharkhand Pakur
95 PNME Parasnath Jharkhand Parasnath
96 RNC Ranchi Jharkhand Ranchi
97 TATA Tatanagar Junction Jharkhand Tatanagar

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