Search and find railway stations and railway station codes in Karnataka. A complete list of Karnataka Train Stations. There are 121 Railway stations in the state of Karnataka. Also get information about trains passing through any station in Karnataka.

Train Stations and Station Code of Karnataka State

Out of all the Karnataka railway stations listed here, the major railway station names are in blue color and are clickable links. Click on the names of all important and main railway stations in Karnataka to get more information. To find more information about any other Train stations in Karnataka, search using the search box given above.

#CodeStation NameStatePlace
1 LMT Almatti Karnataka Almatti
2 LWR Alnavar Junction Karnataka Alnavar
3 AMSA Ammasandra Karnataka Ammasandra
4 ANF Anandapuram Karnataka Anandapuram
5 ANKL Ankola Karnataka Ankola
6 NGR Annigeri Karnataka Annigeri
7 ASK Arsikere Junction Karnataka Arsikere
8 BDM Badami Karnataka Badami
9 BGK Bagalkot Karnataka Bagalkot
10 BSRX Bagevadi Road Karnataka Bagevadi Rd
11 BAND Banaswadi Karnataka Banaswadi
12 BNC Bangalore Cantonment Karnataka Bangalore
13 SBC Bangalore City Junction Karnataka Bangalore
14 BNCE Bangalore East Karnataka Bangalore East
15 BWT Bangarapet Karnataka Bangarapet
16 BNTL Bantawala Karnataka Bantawala
17 BKJ Barkur Karnataka Barkur
18 BGM Belgaum Karnataka Belgaum
19 BAY Bellary Junction Karnataka Bellary
20 BDVT Bhadravati Karnataka Bhadravati
21 BHLK Bhalki Karnataka Bhalki
22 BNP Bhanapur Karnataka Bhanapur
23 BID Bidadi Karnataka Bidadi
24 BIDR Bidar Karnataka Bidar
25 BJP Bijapur Karnataka Bijapur
26 BIJR Bijoor Karnataka Bijoor
27 RRB Birur Junction Karnataka Birur
28 BYD Byadgi Karnataka Byadgi
29 BYNR Byndoor Karnataka Basrur
30 CRLM Carmelaram Karnataka Karamelaram
31 CLR Castle Rock Karnataka Castle Rock
32 CPT Channapatna Karnataka Channapatna
33 JRU Chikjajur Junction Karnataka Chikjajur
34 CKR Chikodi Road Karnataka Chikodi Road
35 CNC Chinchli Karnataka Chinchli
36 CT Chitapur Karnataka Chitapur
37 DVG Davangere Karnataka Davangere
38 DWR Dharwar Karnataka Dharwar
39 DBU Dodballapur Karnataka Doddaballapur
40 GDG Gadag Junction Karnataka Gadag
41 GUR Ganagapur Road Karnataka Ganagapur Road
42 GBD Gauribidanur Karnataka Gauribidanur
43 GPB Ghatprabha Karnataka Ghatprabha
44 GKK Gokak Road Karnataka Gokak Road
45 GOK Gokarna Road Karnataka Gokarna Road
46 GR Gulbarga Karnataka Gulbarga
47 GED Guledagudda Rd Karnataka Guledagudda Rd
48 HRR Harihar Karnataka Harihar
49 HAS Hassan Karnataka Hassan
50 HVR Haveri Karnataka Haveri
51 HLAR Hole Alur Karnataka Hole Alur
52 HLN Hole Narsipur Karnataka Hole Narsipur
53 HNA Honnavar Karnataka Honnavar
54 HPT Hospet Junction Karnataka Hospet
55 UBL Hubli Karnataka Hubli
56 IDR Indi Road Karnataka Indi Road
57 KBPR Kabakaputtur Karnataka Puttur
58 DRU Kadur Karnataka Kadur
59 KMNR Kamalnagar Karnataka Kamalnagar
60 KGX Kanginhal Karnataka Kanginhal
61 KJG Karajgi Karnataka Karajgi
62 KAWR Karwar Karnataka Karwar
63 KGI Kengeri Karnataka Bangalore
64 KNP Khanapur Karnataka Khanapur
65 KBL Koppal Karnataka Koppal
66 KSN Krishna Karnataka Krishna
67 KRNR Krishnarajanagara Karnataka Krishnarajanagara
68 KJM Krishnarajapuram Karnataka Krishnarajapuram
69 KUD Kudachi Karnataka Kudchi
70 KT Kumta Karnataka Kumta
71 KUDA Kundapura Karnataka Kundapura
72 KQT Kurgunta Karnataka Kurgunta
73 LD Londa Junction Karnataka Londa
74 MAD Maddur Karnataka Maddur
75 MQR Malkhaid Road Karnataka Malkhaid Road
76 MLP Mallapur Karnataka Mallapur
77 MWM Malleswaram Karnataka Malleswaram
78 MLO Malur Karnataka Malur
79 MGF Mandagere Karnataka Mandagere
80 MYA Mandya Karnataka Mandya
81 MAQ Mangalore Central Karnataka Mangalore
82 MAJN Mangalore Junction Karnataka Mangalore
83 MTU Matmari Karnataka Matmari
84 MULK Mulki Karnataka Mulki
85 MRB Munirabad Karnataka Munirabad
86 MRDW Murdeshwar Karnataka Murdeshwar
87 MYS Mysore City Junction Karnataka Mysore
88 NW Nalwar Karnataka Nalwar
89 NRPD Narayanpet Road Karnataka Narayanpet Road
90 PCH Pachhapur Karnataka Pachhapur
91 PDD Padubidri Karnataka Padubidri
92 PANP Pandavapura Karnataka Pandavapura
93 RC Raichur Karnataka Raichur
94 RMGM Ramanagaram Karnataka Ramanagaram
95 RNR Ranibennur Karnataka Ranibennur
96 RBG Raybag Karnataka Raybag
97 SRF Sagar Jambagaru Karnataka Sagar Jambagaru
98 SKLR Sakleshpur Karnataka Sakleshpur
99 SEM Seram Karnataka Seram
100 SDB Shahabad Karnataka Shahabad
101 SED Shedbal Karnataka Shedbal
102 SME Shimoga Karnataka Shimoga
103 SMET Shimoga Town Karnataka Shimoga
104 S Shrirangapatna Karnataka Shrirangapatna
105 SVHE Sisvinhalli Karnataka Sisvinhalli
106 SBHR Subrahmanya Road Karnataka Subrahmanya Road
107 SL Surathkal Karnataka Surathkal
108 TLGP Talguppa Karnataka Talguppa
109 TKE Tarikere Junction Karnataka Tarikere
110 TTR Tiptur Karnataka Tiptur
111 TNGL Toranagallu Karnataka Toranagallu
112 TK Tumkur Karnataka Tumkur
113 UD Udupi Karnataka Udupi
114 UGR Ugar Khurd Karnataka Ugar Khurd
115 ULL Ullal Karnataka Ullal
116 WADI Wadi Karnataka Wadi
117 WFD Whitefield Karnataka Whitefield
118 YG Yadgir Karnataka Yadgir
119 YLG Yalvigi Karnataka Yalvigi
120 YNK Yelahanka Junction Karnataka Yelahanka
121 YPR Yesvantpur Junction Karnataka Yesvantpur

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