Search and find railway stations and railway station codes in Maharashtra. A complete list of Maharashtra Train Stations. There are 205 Railway stations in the state of Maharashtra. Also get information about trains passing through any station in Maharashtra.

Train Stations and Station Code of Maharashtra State

Out of all the Maharashtra railway stations listed here, the major railway station names are in blue color and are clickable links. Click on the names of all important and main railway stations in Maharashtra to get more information. To find more information about any other Train stations in Maharashtra, search using the search box given above.

#CodeStation NameStatePlace
1 ADVI Adavali Maharashtra Adavali
2 ANG Ahmednagar Maharashtra Ahmednagar
3 AJNI Ajni Maharashtra Ajni
4 AKOR Akkalkot Road Maharashtra Akkalkot Road
5 AK Akola Junction Maharashtra Akola
6 AN Amalner Maharashtra Amalner
7 ABLE Ambale Maharashtra Ambale
8 AGN Amgaon Maharashtra Amgaon
9 AMI Amravati Maharashtra Amravati
10 ADH Andheri Maharashtra Andheri
11 ANK Ankai Maharashtra Ankai
12 AVRD Aravalli Road Maharashtra Aravalli Road
13 AWB Aurangabad Maharashtra Aurangabad
14 BDU Badnapur Maharashtra Badnapur
15 BD Badnera Junction Maharashtra Badnera
16 BPQ Balharshah Maharashtra Balharshah
17 BDTS Bandra Terminus Maharashtra Bandra
18 BTW Barsi Town Maharashtra Barsi
19 BMF Basmat Maharashtra Basmat
20 BAP Belapur Maharashtra Belapur
21 BUX Bhandak Maharashtra Bhandak
22 BRD Bhandara Road Maharashtra Bhandara Road
23 BVNR Bhavani Nagar Maharashtra Bhavani Nagar
24 BGVN Bhigwan Maharashtra Bhigwan
25 BVQ Bhilavdi Maharashtra Bhilavdi
26 BIRD Bhiwandi Road Maharashtra Bhiwandi Road
27 BOKR Bhokar Maharashtra Bhokar
28 BSL Bhusaval Maharashtra Bhusaval
29 BHBK Bodhadi Bujrug Maharashtra Bodhadi Bujrug
30 BDWD Bodwad Maharashtra Bodwad
31 BOR Boisar Maharashtra Boisar
32 BVI Borivali Maharashtra Borivali
33 CSN Chalisgaon Junction Maharashtra Chalisgaon
34 CAF Chanda Fort Maharashtra Chanda Fort
35 CD Chandrapur Maharashtra Chandrapur
36 CND Chandur Maharashtra Chandur
37 CCH Chinchvad Maharashtra Chinchvad
38 CHI Chiplun Maharashtra Chiplun
39 DR Dadar (Central) Maharashtra Dadar (Central)
40 DDR Dadar (Western) Maharashtra Dadar (Western)
41 DRD Dahanu Road Maharashtra Dahanu Road
42 DLB Daulatabad Maharashtra Daulatabad
43 DD Daund Junction Maharashtra Daund
44 DEHR Dehu Road Maharashtra Dehu Road
45 DVL Devlali Maharashtra Devlali
46 DLGN Dhalgaon Maharashtra Dhalgaon
47 DMN Dhamangaon Maharashtra Dhamangaon
48 DXG Dharangaon Maharashtra Dharangaon
49 DAB Dharmabad Maharashtra Dharmabad
50 DDE Dondaicha Maharashtra Dondaicha
51 DUD Dudhani Maharashtra Dudhani
52 GNH Gangakher Maharashtra Gangakher
53 GVD Gholvad Maharashtra Gholvad
54 GPR Ghorpuri Maharashtra Ghorpuri
55 G Gondia Junction Maharashtra Gondia
56 HTK Hatkanagale Maharashtra Hatkanagale
57 HEM Himayatnagar Maharashtra Himayatnagar
58 HGT Hinganghat Maharashtra Hinganghat
59 HNL Hingoli Deccan Maharashtra Hingoli Deccan
60 HG Hotgi Maharashtra Hotgi
61 IGP Igatpuri Maharashtra Igatpuri
62 ITR Itwari Maharashtra Itwari
63 JM Jalamb Junction Maharashtra Jalamb
64 JL Jalgaon Junction Maharashtra Jalgaon
65 J Jalna Maharashtra Jalna
66 JOA Janwal Maharashtra Janwal
67 JSV Jarandeshwar Maharashtra Jarandeshwar
68 JSP Jayasingpur Maharashtra Jayasingpur
69 JJR Jejuri Maharashtra Jejuri
70 JEUR Jeur Maharashtra Jeur
71 KYN Kalyan Maharashtra Kalyan
72 KP Kamptee Maharashtra Kamthi
73 KKW Kankavali Maharashtra Kankavli
74 KRD Karad Maharashtra Karad
75 KJT Karjat Maharashtra Karjat
76 KEK Karkheli Maharashtra Karkheli
77 KSRA Kasara Maharashtra Kasara
78 KATL Katol Maharashtra Katol
79 KAYR Kayar Maharashtra Kayar
80 KDG Kedgaon Maharashtra Kedgaon
81 KEM Kem Maharashtra Kem
82 KK Khadki Maharashtra Khadki
83 KAD Khandala Maharashtra Khandala
84 KHED Khed Maharashtra Khed
85 KNVT Kinwat Maharashtra Kinwat
86 KOV Kirloskarvadi Maharashtra Kirloskarvadi
87 KOP Kolhapur CSTM Maharashtra Kolhapur
88 KPG Kopargaon Maharashtra Kopargaon
89 KRG Koregaon Maharashtra Koregaon
90 KWV Kurduvadi Maharashtra Kurduvadi
91 LS Lasalgaon Maharashtra Lasalgaon
92 LSR Lasur Maharashtra Lasur
93 LUR Latur Maharashtra Latur
94 LTRR Latur Road Maharashtra Latur Road
95 LNT Lingti Maharashtra Lingti
96 LTT Lokmanya Tilak Terminus Maharashtra Lokmanya Tilak
97 LNN Lonand Maharashtra Lonand
98 LNL Lonavala Maharashtra Lonavala
99 MA Madha Maharashtra Madha
100 MJRI Majri Junction Maharashtra Majri
101 MKDI Makudi Maharashtra Makudi
102 MKU Malkapur Maharashtra Malkapur
103 MNI Mangaon Maharashtra Mangaon
104 MAGH Manikgarh Maharashtra Manikgarh
105 MMR Manmad Junction Maharashtra Manmad
106 MVO Manwath Road Maharashtra Manwath Road
107 MSR Masur Maharashtra Masur
108 MRJ Miraj Junction Maharashtra Miraj
109 MLB Modnimb Maharashtra Modnimb
110 MO Mohol Maharashtra Mohol
111 MUE Mudkhed Maharashtra Mudkhed
112 MME Mul Marora Maharashtra Mul Marora
113 CSTM Mumbai Maharashtra Mumbai
114 BCT Mumbai Central Maharashtra Mumbai
115 MZR Murtajapur Maharashtra Murtajapur
116 NSL Nagarsol Maharashtra Nagarsol
117 NAB Nagbhir Junction Maharashtra Nagbhir
118 NGP Nagpur Maharashtra Nagpur
119 NED Nanded Maharashtra Nanded
120 NGN Nandgaon Maharashtra Nandgaon
121 NAN Nandgaon Road Maharashtra Nandgaon Road
122 NN Nandura Maharashtra Nandura
123 NDB Nandurbar Maharashtra Nandurbar
124 NRKR Narkher Maharashtra Narkher
125 NK Nasik Road Maharashtra Nasik Road
126 NRL Neral Maharashtra Neral
127 NB Nimbhora Maharashtra Nimbhora
128 NR Niphad Maharashtra Niphad
129 NIRA Nira Maharashtra Nira
130 UMD Osmanabad Maharashtra Osmanabad
131 PC Pachora Junction Maharashtra Pachora
132 PLG Palghar Maharashtra Palghar
133 PVR Pandharpur Maharashtra Pandharpur
134 PNF Pangaon Maharashtra Pangaon
135 PNVL Panvel Maharashtra Panvel
136 PS Paras Maharashtra Paras
137 PBN Parbhani Junction Maharashtra Parbhani
138 PRLI Parli Vaijnath Maharashtra Parli Vaijnath
139 PSD Parsoda Maharashtra Parsoda
140 PTU Partur Maharashtra Partur
141 PMKT Pimpalkhuti Maharashtra Pimpalkhuti
142 PMP Pimpri Maharashtra Pimpri
143 POZ Potul Maharashtra Potul
144 PLO Pulgaon Junction Maharashtra Pulgaon
145 PUNE Pune Junction Maharashtra Pune
146 PB Puntamba Maharashtra Puntamba
147 PAU Purna Junction Maharashtra Purna
148 RMP Rahimatpur Maharashtra Rahimatpur
149 RAJP Rajapur Road Maharashtra Rajapur Road
150 RN Ratnagiri Maharashtra Ratnagiri
151 RV Raver Maharashtra Raver
152 ROHA Roha Maharashtra Roha
153 RGO Rotegaon Maharashtra Rotegaon
154 RKD Rukadi Maharashtra Rukadi
155 SHSK Saharsrakund Maharashtra Saharsrakund
156 SKS Salekasa Maharashtra Salekasa
157 SGR Sangameshwar Maharashtra Sangameshwar
158 SLI Sangli Maharashtra Sangli
159 SGLA Sangola Maharashtra Sangola
160 SAH Saphale Maharashtra Saphale
161 STR Satara Maharashtra Satara
162 SVX Savarda Maharashtra Savarda
163 SAV Savda Maharashtra Savda
164 SWV Sawantwadi Road Maharashtra Sawantwadi Road
165 SELU Selu Maharashtra Selu
166 SEGM Sevagram Maharashtra Sevagram
167 SEG Shegaon Maharashtra Shegaon
168 SNSI Shirdi (Sainagar Shirdi) Maharashtra Shirdi (Sainagar Shirdi)
169 SIW Shirravde Maharashtra Shirravde
170 SNDD Sindhudurg Maharashtra Sindhudurg
171 SNI Sindi Maharashtra Sindi
172 SNK Sindkheda Maharashtra Sindkheda
173 SVJR Sivajinagar Maharashtra Sivajinagar
174 SUR Solapur Junction Maharashtra Solapur
175 SNV Sondad Maharashtra Sondad
176 TVL Tadwal Maharashtra Tadwal
177 TKR Takari Maharashtra Takari
178 TGN Talegaon Maharashtra Talegaon
179 TAZ Targaon Maharashtra Targaon
180 TR Taru Maharashtra Taru
181 TNA Thane Maharashtra Thane
182 TRO Tirora Maharashtra Tirora
183 TGP Tuljapur Maharashtra Bijapur
184 TMR Tumsar Road Maharashtra Tumsar Road
185 UDGR Udgir Maharashtra Udgir
186 UMRI Umri Maharashtra Umri
187 URI Uruli Kanchan Maharashtra Uruli Kanchan
188 VBW Vaibhavwadi Rd Maharashtra Vaibhavwadi Rd
189 VV Valivade Maharashtra Valivade
190 VGN Vangaon Maharashtra Vangaon
191 VNA Varangaon Maharashtra Varangaon
192 BSR Vasai Road Maharashtra Vasai Road
193 VEER Veer Maharashtra Veer
194 VID Vilavade Maharashtra Vilavade
195 VR Virar Maharashtra Virar
196 VRB Vishrambag Maharashtra Sangli
197 WSA Wadsa Maharashtra Wadsa
198 WANI Wani Maharashtra Wani
199 WR Wardha Junction Maharashtra Wardha
200 WRR Warora Maharashtra Warora
201 WHM Washim Maharashtra Washim
202 WTR Wathar Maharashtra Wathar
203 VHGN Wihirgaon Maharashtra Wihirgaon
204 WIRR Wirur Maharashtra Wirur
205 YL Yeola Maharashtra Yeola

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