Search and find railway stations and railway station codes in Punjab. A complete list of Punjab Train Stations. There are 89 Railway stations in the state of Punjab. Also get information about trains passing through any station in Punjab.

Train Stations and Station Code of Punjab State

Out of all the Punjab railway stations listed here, the major railway station names are in blue color and are clickable links. Click on the names of all important and main railway stations in Punjab to get more information. To find more information about any other Train stations in Punjab, search using the search box given above.

#CodeStation NameStatePlace
1 AHH Ahmadgarh Punjab Ahmadgarh
2 ANSB Anandpur Sahib Punjab Anandpur Sahib
3 ATT Attari Punjab Attari
4 BRZ Bareta Punjab Bareta
5 BSPN Bassi Pathanam Punjab Bassi Pathanam
6 BAT Batala Junction Punjab Batala
7 BLZ Budhlada Punjab Budhlada
8 CHA Chawapall Punjab Chawapall
9 DHPR Dappar Punjab Dappar
10 DDL Dhandari Kalan Punjab Dhandari Kalan
11 DHW Dhariwal Punjab Dhariwal
12 GJUT Gangsar Jaitu Punjab Gangsar Jaitu
13 GANL Ghanauli Punjab Ghanauli
14 GDB Giddarbaha Punjab Giddarbaha
15 GNA Goneana Punjab Goneana
16 GRY Goraya Punjab Goraya
17 GVG Govindgarh Punjab Govindgarh
18 GSP Gurdaspur Punjab Gurdaspur
19 HSX Hoshiarpur Punjab Hoshiarpur
20 JGN Jagraon Punjab Jagraon
21 JNL Jandiala Punjab Jandiala
22 KXH Kapurthala Punjab Kapurthala
23 KKP Kot Kapura Punjab Kot Kapura
24 KTKL Kotli Kalan Punjab Kotli Kalan
25 LHA Lehra Gaga Punjab Lehra Gaga
26 LNK Lohian Khas Junction Punjab Lohian Khas
27 MDPB Madhopur Punjab Punjab Madhopur Punjab
28 MXH Makhu Punjab Makhu
29 MWX Mallanwala Khas Punjab Mallanwala Khas
30 MOT Malout Punjab Malout
31 MQS Malsian Shahkht Punjab Malsian Shahkht
32 MSZ Mansa Punjab Mansa
33 MAUR Maur Punjab Maur
34 MRTL Mirthal Punjab Mirthal
35 MOGA Moga Punjab Moga
36 MRND Morinda Punjab Morinda
37 NRO Nakodar Junction Punjab Nakodar
38 NLDM Nangal Dam Punjab Nangal Dam
39 NNGL Naya Nangal Punjab Naya Nangal
40 NRM Nurmahal Punjab Nurmahal
41 PTK Pathankot Junction Punjab Pathankot
42 RMN Raman Punjab Raman
43 PUL Rampura Phul Punjab Rampura Phul
44 RPAR Rupnagar Punjab Rupnagar
45 SNL Sanahwal Punjab Sanahwal
46 SGF Sangat Punjab Sangat
47 SJNP Sujanpur Punjab Sujanpur
48 SQR Sultanpur Lodi Punjab Sultanpur Lodi
49 SFM Sunam Punjab Sunam
50 TWB Talwandi Punjab Talwandi
51 TAPA Tapa Punjab Tapa
52 VKA Verka Junction Punjab Verka
53 BCU Bhuchchu Punjab Bhucho Mandi
54 DNN Dinanagar Punjab Dinanagar
55 DOA Doraha Punjab Doraha
56 FGSB Fatehgarhsahib Punjab Fatehgarh Sahib
57 KART Kiratpursahib Punjab Kiratpur Sahib
58 KUPR Khurdpur Punjab Khurdpur
59 SCQ Sham Chaurasi Punjab Sham Chaurasi
60 BLND Bolinna Doaba Punjab Bolinna Doaba
61 NAS Nasrala Punjab Nasrala
62 QRP Kila Raipur Punjab Kila Raipur
63 KRLI Kurali Punjab Kurali
64 SASN Sahibzada Asngr Punjab Sahibzada Asngr
65 ABS Abohar Punjab Abohar
66 BNN Barnala Punjab Barnala
67 DZA Dasuya Punjab Dasuya
68 DUI Dhuri Junction Punjab Dhuri
69 FDK Faridkot Punjab Faridkot
70 KNN Khanna Punjab Khanna
71 MET Malerkotla Punjab Malerkotla
72 MEX Mukerian Punjab Mukerian
73 NBA Nabha Punjab Nabha
74 PTA Patiala Punjab Patiala
75 SAG Sangrur Punjab Sangrur
76 TDO Tanda Urmar Punjab Tanda Urmar
77 FZR Firozpur Cantonment Punjab Firozpur cantonment
78 KRE Kartarpur Punjab Kartarpur
79 ASR Amritsar Junction Punjab Amritsar
80 BEAS Beas Punjab Beas
81 BTI Bhatinda Junction Punjab Bhatinda
82 CHKB Chakki Bank Punjab Chakki Bank
83 JRC Jalandhar Cantonment Punjab Jalandhar
84 JUC Jalandhar City Punjab Jalandhar
85 PGW Phagwara Junction Punjab Phagwara
86 PHR Phillaur Junction Punjab Phillaur
87 RPJ Rajpura Junction Punjab Rajpura
88 SIR Sirhind Junction Punjab Sirhind
89 LDH Ludhiana Junction Punjab Ludhiana

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